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POWER LADIES just arrived in all podcast apps and programs. And can now be enjoyed in your sweet ear on a morning run or whilst commuting to work. It went stright to the top right away but I'll have to work to keep it there. But we can do it! Can't we?!
I think I'll start a Facebook group - i guess this is a community that can grow and become fiercely full of power women. Lets cultivate this energy and take the world upon our chest!

It's all norwegian but give me a few years - the world is next.

Here is tha episooooode - welcome into mah audio roooom!


You’ve Got Time Left To Start Living Consciously

This is the man in MY mirror. What does your tools of change look like?

This is the man in MY mirror. What does your tools of change look like?

Don't you think? Or do you share this common excuse that you are too old to change your habits?

Today in the intense unavoidable stream and fireworks of information hitting you every second it might seem unnecessary and infesable to search for information on topics you do not care too much about. Most of us only consume what we get straight into our feeds and email and thats about it. Which is fine, the only problem is that peoples feeds and newsletters might be completely mind dumbing and beholding no healthy facts or info on society at all. This has us all living in ignorance of what kinds of lives we are truly living. Our habits, thinking patterns, which industries and causes we are supporting, what our ways of eating are contributing towards, how we exercise affects us and our society, what products we buy and how we buy them and what we do with them, how we trash, work, spend our money, what environment does to our brain and body etc.

I believe in a conscious world, a world where we are enlightened and base our actions and habits on facts, values and wellbeing. I’m tempted to write love but that might be too overwhelming for some of you.  But to be able to do so and get there, blindness must be fought. We need to figure out a way to sneak healthy information into peoples minds and that is the question. How to do that one a mass scale. Any suggestions?

Regarding the dairy and meat industry one of my best friends Helene Steffensen posted a great article today on Facebook with a great caption post(added below) Which was the factor triggering me into writing this blogpost. «Make your own choice on which kind of milk you want to drink, but if you AT LEAST acquire the knowledge and information described quite clearly and accurate in this article in the Guardian; you can base your choice on fair ground rather than on ignorance :)

Actually, if you find cows milk just soo good and feel that you can't go without it; It is just because your body has become accustomed to the stuff in the milk meant to get the calf addicted to it, to come back for more.

After not drinking cows milk for a while, it suddenly tastes slimy and disgusting.. Just try! 🍦🥛🧀🐮»

I highly recommend you to, and I would love if you did read this article. Here it is.

Don’t contribute to a better world because you can’t do everything. Small things helps tremendously. If everyone just did one simple change we would change so much. Cut your chocolate milk, ice cream binges on dairy ice cream or that yellow cheese. You will find a substitute. You will! Nut cheeses are so delicious you’ll never want to go back, so Is raw food cakes, or the vegan version of Ben & Jerrys. Cut one product out of your diet and bring one healthy thing in. At least try. There is a whole wide world of nutrition out there which I guess you haven't discovered yet because of your traditional eating habits. But believe me its gonna amaze you if you dig into it.

Or start sharing knowledge with the people you like and other acquaintances of Facebook. Get the best sources into peoples feeds. That helps a lot! Start caring meaning start sharing. 

As one famous man put it (you know who): «be the change you wish to see, start with the man in the mirror» 

Conscious living is the answer.

This is all about asking yourself questions on how you think, you habits, actions, choices etc. Become aware of how you've build up your life, what values you carry and if you really follow them, what fundamentals and philosophy you've based it all on. And all is based on solid ground of knowledge or just something you assumed because it was in the news, someone told you or in a youtube video you saw once. Etc..
You’ve got plenty of years left, its not too late to start living consciously. Take responsibility, live your values, stay true to who you are and what you stand for and I guess deep deep inside you are a kind person who just wish for the best for us all, earth, animals and humans alike. Why not start taking action based on your heart. Start by acquire knowledge and see for yourself, so that your choice is based on facts and not ignorance.  

Oh ok, just in the very end here.. Watch this.. :)

Why We Eat Meat

Do you ever reflect on why you do the things you do?

Whenever I see or think about meat, I see dead animals and I think to my self, I shall certainly not be a grave yard and I certainly shall not contribute to suffering of neither animals nor our planet which is what the entire meat industry does, every second. Almost 1 million animals are slaughtered every minute. Wtf?

I'd rather be of service to earth, I already am a huge burden, so when I actually have the possibility to choose for the better, I will do so.

This video is worth your time.

Exponential Growth In Oslo Startup Scene

Hardly a day goes by without 2-3 future/startups/tech related events are being held here in Oslo. Not only that but coworking spaces keep popping up EVERYWHERE. Huge conferences are arranged and people are even mapping the startup communities in books here. Pretty crazy. And now, this TV and socialtainment concept Office X is going mainstream. To me, that says a LOT about Norway and where we are heading. I'm amazed. It's such a difference from when I first entered the startup scene a few years back, really, I had to leave for The Bay Area to enter a real startup community. But.. Now, It's like we woke up from years of sleep in a cave and when we first woke up we got really really excited and now its running around trying to learn everything. We fail and we succeed, every day feels like a completely new journey And best of all, I feel nation wise that we are togehter, I feel more community amongst people now than ever its really minimal but I can see things are changing, slowly but steady.

I just had to write this cause I'm so amazed of how rapid the movement are hitting us as a positive wave. Even though the future might be scary, if we stick together it's less so.

The country I once fled away from is surprisingly enough becoming a country I'd like to spend time in. Oslo and California. Right Now, best places on earth.

Let's keep up the good work Norway <3

My Very First Podcast!!

Yesterday I made my veeerry first podcast! Omg I've been looking so much forward to this day!!
It turned out really really well because of my amazing guest Mathias Mikkelsen, Founder of Timely. If you are interested in learning more about starting your own business or perhaps you know someone who is about to start something or just want to you should definitely listen and/or forward it :D


Silicon Valley’s Secret Sauce: Montessori

All of Silicon Valley's most successful businessmen/women has one thing in common: their Montessori educational background. To me it seems like it's the best offer to learn and grow in the best way possible. I'm so envious. I've always been envious of people growing up in California especially on those in The Bay Area. The weather, the culture, the mentality and even the schools are better. Why the heck was I born in Norway? Where is that logic from? Well. Can't do anything about it. I'd like to see my future kids to grow up there though. I'm not sure that will ever be a possibility but.. I'll keep hoping. Meanwhile it's good to know that there are other opportunities cause the Montessori school is found here in Oslo as well.

But what is Montessori?

The Montessori is a school you can attend from a toddler age throughout high school.
Wikipedia describes it like this "The Montessori education is a system of education for young children that seeks to develop natural interests and activities rather than use formal teaching methods."

It is specialized to follow the kids natural curiosity and learn from there. Every child is unique and thus the education is.  The education has seven pillars of self-directed learning:

1. Independence
2. Responsibility
3. Self-Discipline
4. Leadership
5. Initiative
6. Academics
7. Lifelong Learning

So.. There most be something to it when all of the examples mentioned below are Montessori graduates.

  • Larry Page and Sergei Brin, the founders of Google
  • Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon
  • Will Wright, the inventor of best-selling video games series “The Sims”
  • Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia
  • Thomas Edison, the American inventor
  • Other prominent people who went through Montessori education include Taylor Swift and Beyonce Knowles, celloist Yo-Yo Ma, legendary management guru Peter Drucker, actor George Clooney, illusionist David Blaine, author Helen Keller, techno-philosopher Jason Silva and English royals Prince William and Prince Harry.

Below is a describing video of difference between conventional school and the Montessori.
It's such genius that it should've been embraced by the whole wide world long time ago.

If you want to dig deeper into the story behind it here is a documentary about the amazing woman behind the concept.

Must Watch TV-Series

Hashem Al-Ghaili is a person I've been following for a few years because of his knowledge on future society. Now he has made his own TV show "2070 Edge of Science" where he takes us deeper into the field. Sign up and you'll receive the first episode

If you have The Nathional Geographic channel you are extremely lucky. Year Million just started airing and I'm dying to watch it. If anyone of you know how I can watch it without being in the US let me know!

Another must watch show is Jason Silva's new TV series on Nathional Geographic called "Origin". Jason Silva is a futurist, public speaker and filmmaker. I first started to follow him when I came across his YouTube Channel "Shots of Awe".
Check the TV-series out here

There is also another channel you definitely should check out and it is Curiosity Stream which Michiu Kaku is behind. It discuss all of the interesting things happening in science. 

If you haven't checked out Black Mirror yet, you definitely should. It's fiction but it's not to far away from whats to become our reality.


Week in Review - April 2nd

Hey there!

Hardly one week goes by without Elon Musk being in the news. This week he launched a new company and made history by reusing a rocket. I'm such a fan of this man. Such a role model!
He is founding companies in all different fields and even if he has no knowledge on the topic that's not a problem.. Have an idea? Just go for it! Articles, blogs, youtube is right there in the tips of your hand. Just do the work, within 6 months you can be anywhere.

On a personal side this week has been a very exciting and joyful week.
I'm up to some really interesting things that I look forwards to share with you. But first, let's have a look at the awesome stories of this week!

Hope this sparks good conversations. 

Wish you a wonderful Sunday!


30th of March SpaceX made history by successfully relaunching and re-landing a used Falcon 9 rocket booster for the first time. SpaceX's orbital rocket system is already the most affordable in the world, but reusability could save companies more than $18 million per launch which is 30 % cheaper.


Elon Musk just launched a company to merge your brain with a computer.
The company which is called Neuralink. Its ultimate goal is to create a series of devices that can be implanted in the human brain.  
"For a meaningful partial brain interface, I think we're roughly 4-5 years away" Elon Musk Says.


Brain implants have allowed a quadriplegic to move his arm.
He used a system combining a brain-computer interface (BCI) and Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) technology to move his arms again just by thinking.



Research shows that 40 % of all cancers are entirely preventable.
Scientists have published new research suggesting that up to 60% of cancers could be caused by random DNA mutations, rendering those cancers completely unavoidable. The other 40%, could be prevented via diet, exercise, and other environmental factors.



Researchers from Worcester Polytechnic create working heart tissue from a spinach leaf!!
Plants could eventually help us treat heart attack patients or others whose hearts have difficulty contracting.




The U.N. Met To Negotiate A Complete, Global Ban on Nuclear Weapons.
This week, over 3,400 scientists came together in support the United Nations' nuclear ban negotiations, signing a document by the Future of Life that calls for a total disarmament. Notable signees include Freeman Dyson, Stephen Hawking, and Daniel Dennett. More than 2,500 scientists from 70 countries have signed an open letter in support of the nuclear disarmament negotiations. Neuroscience professor and Nobel Laureate, Edvard Moser, believes nuclear weapons represent one of the biggest threats to our civilization.


US Congress voted to allow internet providers to sell your browsing history/data.


Another skyscraper concept entered the news this week. Architects propose an insane skyscraper suspended from an orbiting asteroid.
Could we survive on it?

Skyscrapers of the future. You gotta check these out! I could definitely live in one of those, as long as it was co-living focused.

Dubai is going to be the home for the world's first 3D printed skyscraper. Construction firm Cazza Technologies is behind it.




Any surface can be a touch screen with this new device.


Impossible Foods  (looking like a real burger, having the texture as one and tasting like one - but is plant based) are ready to scale up and bought a huge factory in Oakland (!!) This new facility of 60,000 square feet will make 12 million pounds of plant based burgers a year.  By the end of the year they are aiming to be in 1000 restaurants all over US.
The “meat,” developed by a team led by former Stanford biochemistry professor Patrick Brown.

Still fancy "old-fashioned" meat? Why not chose Memphis Meats, it's the same meat you eat from the animal, the exception is that the animal is left out of the whole process. We are 5 years away from lab grown meat hitting store shelves. Its healthier, cheaper and way better for our planet.





You can now design your own car and change it as much as you want.

SingularityHubs Top 5 Picks of The Week

Week in Review - March 26th

There are way too many awesome stories around the web every week and especially this week I had a hard time picking. But I managed to choose a few things.

So, here we go. 

Hope this sparks good conversations.


"I said YES immediately"
Stephen Hawking is going to outer space! This week Hawking accepted the invetation by Virgin Galactic to take him to space, for free. If there is one person I'd like to see going to space, of course he is the guy.
At 75 years of age, Hawking won’t be the oldest astronaut ever (that designation belongs to John Glenn, who went to space at the age of 77), but he will definitely be the first person to go to space with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis(ASL) disease.
"Professor Stephen Hawking is one of the people I admire most in the world, an undisputed genius who has opened our eyes to the wonders of the universe, while also happening to be a kind and delightful man. He is the only person I have given a free ticket with Virgin Galactic, and he is signed up to fly as a Future Astronaut with us if his health permits it." Sir Richard Branson says.


Swedish Startup Wheelys opens up its first test store in Shanghai, its the world's first unmanned Convenience Store.
No Clerks Required in World's First Unmanned Convenience Store
"The customer installs an app on their phone, which allows them to access the store. When inside they simply scan the bar code of the goods they want and upon leaving the store their credit card will be charged for their purchases. ...Much like Wheelys' strategy selling its bike-cafes, the company's ultimate goal is to license the technology so any retailer can integrate it into their pre-existing stores. In the company's words, "What Uber did for taxis, we do for retail."


Google created an AI that can learn almost as fast as humans. 
Their method mimics the processes of learning that occur in human and animal brains.

If you could create a digital version of yourself to stick around long after you've died, would you want to?
If you've binged on all the episodes in Black Mirror you probably remember the one where the boyfriend dies and his girlfriend decides for a company to collect all his data and recreate his personality virtually. Well, not fiction anymore. This service exist in our reality too.
"In November 2015, Eugenia Kuyda's best friend Roman unexpectedly passed away. She created an experiment to bring parts of him back to life...Using artificial intelligence, she created a computerized chatbot based off his personality."

Chatbots are getting more and more real.

IBM Infographics
I love the company IBM, to me it seems like they are in the forefront within every field, from machine learning, quantum computers, blockchain, medical research etc everything. 
This week Futurism published an infographic, so I give you the pleasure to check it out!

An emotionally intelligent computer might already have an EQ higher than yours.


A river in New Zealand was just granted the same legal rights as a human being.



Disney Researchers Catch a Real Ball in Virtual Reality
Disney is in the forefront of technology and dedicated to Mixed Reality
Now Disney's researchers have made catching a real ball while immersed in VR possible.
"It's very difficult to convey touching something in the virtual world with physical feedback. But what if you could interact with real world objects that appear in the virtual world. Disney Research decided to carry out just such an experiment by asking the question: can you catch a real ball in virtual reality?"


You can now control your VR game with your brain waves


Blockchain is helping us feed the poor.
"The World Food Programme (WFP) is using the Ethereum blockchain to securely and transparently distribute cash assistance to the hungry.
The WFP's pilot program, Building Blocks, is demonstrating how blockchain can empower humanitarian organizations to quickly and safely send aid to undeveloped nations."
Blockchain will revolutionize every industry. I'm certain of that.


The world's firt head transplant will take place in December 2017..



The Amazing Hela Cells
I found the story about the Hela cells great and important. And I can't help but wonder how come we didn't learn about this study in school. In fact, 

Breast Cancer
A new drug destroys breast cancer tumor within 11 days without the use of chemotherapy.

An anti aging drug might be on the market within 2020. 



Animal cyborgs


According to a recent study done by UN Norway is the happiest country in the world. Well I got lucky. I'm a citizen of this beautiful country but I'm not sure where all this happiness is, I'd rather say we are content. Perhaps thats also why we are not the most innovative country?


Researchers created a new type of Li-fi system thats 100 times faster than Wi-fi. So, it might replace Wi-fi in not too long hopefully...


SingularityHubs Top 5 Picks of The Week

March For Science

This is insane. #savescience

Trumps federal budget includes big cuts to science and research (say what?!)
If the budget proposal pass the congress, The National Institute of Health would lose $6 billion (!!!!!). Futuristic batteries, metal and energy are eliminated from funding. And climate change research is apparently wasted time, according to Trump. Wow. 

22nd of April, there will be a protest in DC, if you're there, join in, if not there will be local protests everywhere in the world. Just as the Womens March! If not you can donate your time, money or words. Let's stick together and speak up for what's important and create that revolution we are all awaiting.

If Trump had the opportunity to make America like North Korea I'm sure he'd jump on it.
Science is the key in order for the world to develop. .

And I'm just saying, Trump is the last snowflake launching an avalanche. 

Week In Review - March 19th

South By South West, an annual festival that should be high up on priority if you are interested in tech and future, music and film. Latest news and the pioneers in the field will be there.

Hope this weekly wrap-up sparks great conversations!

The annual SXSW was held in Austin this week, which is one of the ultimate festivals to go to. Ive been wanting to go for years but it's way to expensive if you dont travel for business purpose. I have a goal to be able to go there in 2018.
Haven't heard of it? Well you should definitely put that on the map travel destination if you are into tech, film and music. Its a massive festivals and the whole of California camp in Austin for a week to participate and get an update on the latest news in the field and where we are heading. If you are working on something, this is the best place to go to show case. Luckily many of the talks were live streamed so if you have some time, go watch a few!

Want more in dept information and news? Sign up to my weekly newsletter!


China unveils working on a rocket that will land people on the moon by the early 2020s
Their announcement comes shortly after the US announced plans to fly two private citizens around the Moon by late 2018, under private aerospace company SpaceX.
China is working to develop a new spaceship that can both fly in low-Earth orbit and land on the moon.

NASA release the first images of the Trappist-1s planets
The Earth Like planet was discovered by the Kepler telescope as part of its K2 mission.


At the SXSW he announced for the masses that the singularity will take place in 2045 and human level intelligence will be reached by 2029. For people who's been diving into Ray Kurzweils material this is nothing new, but now it seems to have been picked up by the masses as its been all over the news. 
The Singularity happens when the Artificial Intelligence in machines surpass human intelligence.
He us super optimistic, and so am I :)

Sustainable Energy

We can officially collect solar energy without solar panels.
Science has now figured out a molecular "leaf" that can harvest sun power.
The molecular leaf is the most efficient method of carbon reduction to date.

Lab Grown Chicken by Memphis Meats, one of the many startups focusing on lab grown meat production. The firm's approach to what it calls “clean meat” is to culture animal cells in the lab, feed them nutrients until they grow into pieces large enough to cook and eat. Fried chicken might never be guilt-free. But you may soon be able to remove at least part of the remorse the next time you chow down, because it might not have required a single bird to be harmed.


Scientist are fully close to creating a fully human genome by the end of the year.
Prior to this announcement, the team had been able to completely synthesize one of yeast’s 16 chromosomes. And now they have discovered 5 more. They say they’re on track to finish the remaining ten chromosomes to form a completely synthetic genome by the end of this year.

“What if a cell’s DNA could be edited just like the text of a document so that you could actually erase letters, you could erase whole sentences, [you could] replace sentences, and you could do things that would enable scientists to change the mutations that might cause genetic disease, make changes that allow us to understand the function of DNA and different kinds of organisms and perhaps, enable us to really direct the way that organisms are evolving on the planet?”
Watch Jennifer Doudna's talk at SXSW


It's now possible to detect cancer through a blood test.
It screens the DNA through dying blood cells which then detects tumor and where it is.

Nanotech gets smaller and smaller, so the nano boots get better and better. Swimming in your bloodstream and entering molecules and cells. Pretty amazing. Read a detailed article about it here.

Assisted suicide? This roller coaster will make you die blissful.

Please make these ambulance drones mainstream asap!


The Levis and Google collaboration has been released. It's a smart denim jacked where you can answer calls and lower the volume and etc..
The future of wearable is no more devices but its smart clothes.


An AI just completed 360 000 hours of finance work in seconds.
In June, JP Morgan Chase & Co, the biggest bank in US, started implementing a program called COIN, which is short for Contract Intelligence. COIN runs on a machine learning system that’s powered by a new private cloud network that the bank uses.
The Bank has more than 240 000 employees, some of those employees are lawyers and loan officers who spend a total of 360,000 hours each year. Now, the company has managed to cut the time spent on this work down to a matter of seconds using machine learning.

Here is the weekly sum-up video of this weeks happenings by Singularity Hub!

Week in Review - March 12

This week has been as educational, eye-opening and inspirational as usual.
Hope this post will spark some great conversations! If you'd like more of the weekly goodies and news sign up for my weekly newsletter to get a good read!


Congress passes an act requiring NASA to get humans to Mars by 2033. With this transformative development, the space agency got a lot more than just $19.508 billion in funding. They also got a very clear mandate: Get humanity to Mars.


Humans can now scold a robot with their minds.
It's no longer only our body we can control with our thoughts but now also machines.
MIT developed a system to instantly tell a robot when it makes an error through brainwaves.


The Burger-Grilling Robot And Kitchen Assistant "FLIPPY" by Miso Robotics was introduced to us this week. CEO and co-founder David Zito says, 'We focus on using AI and automation to solve the high pain points in restaurants and food prep. That’s the dull, dirty and dangerous work around the grill, the fryer, and other prep work like chopping onions. The idea is to help restaurants improve food quality and safety without requiring a major kitchen redesign.'"


An AI just completed 360 000 hours of finance work in seconds.
In June, JP Morgan Chase & Co, the biggest bank in US, started implementing a program called COIN, which is short for Contract Intelligence. COIN runs on a machine learning system that’s powered by a new private cloud network that the bank uses.
The Bank has more than 240 000 employees, some of those employees are lawyers and loan officers who spend a total of 360,000 hours each year. Now, the company has managed to cut the time spent on this work down to a matter of seconds using machine learning.

3D printing

In just 24 hours a 38 m2 house was 3D printed with the cost of only $10.000.


Scientist have grown the first synthetic self-developing embryo.
A team of scientists from the University of Cambridge were able to synthesize mice embryos outside the womb. With the use of embryonic stem cells, developmental biologist Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz and her team at the University of Cambridge were able to replicate a living mouse embryo.


WikiLeaks Releases Trove of Alleged C.I.A. Hacking Documents
"The initial release, which WikiLeaks said was only the first installment in a larger collection of secret C.I.A. material, included 7,818 web pages with 943 attachments, many of them partly redacted by WikiLeaks editors to avoid disclosing the actual code for cyberweapons. The entire archive of C.I.A. material consists of several hundred million lines of computer code, the group claimed."

Future Society

The area of ownership is over. In the 20th century we got used to a certain way of thinking: if you needed something, you bought it. We are exponentially moving away from that, and that will be good for both us and the environment.


Tesla Unveils an Enormous Solar Farm to Replace 1.6M Gallons of Fuel a Year 
Tesla has plans for a solar plant in Kauai, Hawaii. The Kauai plant, commissioned by the Kauai Island Utility Cooperative, includes a 13 megawatt SolarCity solar farm and a 52 megawatt-hour battery installation. 


A New Clean Energy Record Was Just Set in the U.S. For the first time ever, a North American power grid produced over half its energy from wind power.

Tech Gadgets

The Return of the 3310. The Iconic Nokia 3310 mobile phone is back. Will you buy it?
The price range will be around $49. It will be available in a few months, you can pre-registrer here. 

Mixed Reality

I'd love to check out this exploration game from Doraemon in VR.

The Future To Come

“I’m blown away about how palpable the feeling exponential change have become. I'm also certain that 99,9 % of humanity doesn’t understand or appreciate the ramification of whats coming”

This was said by Peter Diamandis in his recent ebook about the Tech Trends of 2016 transforming the humanity.

And it hit my mind, oh man, is it really so? Is it so that 99,9 % do not know of or pay attention to what’s going on? 


Am I just living in my own little real bubble of what that’s happening, completely obsessed by the breakthroughs that's right around the corner?

I just realized that I am, cause I do not check in on the daily news which most people do, which fuels us with terrible events, depressing situations, negative words and hopelessness. All the exceptions, that’s what is being served to the masses. 

I’m on a quest to spread awareness and knowledge about what’s coming but I can help but wonder; how come people are not paying attention to the most exciting thing about being alive, growth, change and walking towards a better way of living, for us all?

You see, the future is so bright (sorry for this terrible joke but I just had to) we should all put on shades. Hah. Seriously, I'm about to explode from within of ecstacy because of this, and.. I can’t share it with anyone. Cause most of the people I meet in my daily life is apparently in the 99,9 % of humanity category. 

Why aren’t people thrilled about this? Don’t people want a higher living standard?
I know most people live in their own little ego-bubble. But this is even ego beneficial! It’s a complete upgrade, of our life, our friends' lives, our families and the people in Africa we don’t even know. It’s gonna improve the human race times 1 trillion + , and also, our holy mother earth is gonna reach heaven.

I’m not being optimistic, I’m talking facts here. If you don’t believe me I really hope that we will cure aging (reverse the illness of cells dying) before you die so that you might be able to stay alive until the times of the complete exponential turnaround. It’s gonna blow your brains out. You won’t even be able to grasp what's going on. That’s only someone as smart as an super AI who can. A Cyborg, a transhumanist. I’m not even sure we will reach that level of intelligence or awareness ever, regardless we are in for a hell of a ride. 

I swear. It's wild.

Don’t believe me?

Dig into Michio Kaku, Ray Kurzweil, Peter Diamandis among others and MIT Technology ReviewFuturism, Singularity Hub and Big Think for some updates to level up your comprehension. We are just scratching the surface of what yet to come, not even that.

Just have a look at this awesomeness


Instant Learning, Yes, I Mean Fast Pace Instant Learning, Is Not Far Away.

I, as probably the most of us, love to learn, I'm extremely curious and want to binge on everything all the time. But, there is one challenge, I've always felt that today's way of absorbing information has been way too time consuming, yes, pure hassle. To me, our present biological way is unnecessary and complicated, there is no way we can keep up with the constant loop of knowledge thrown at us 24/7. 

Since an early age I’ve had this underlying sentiment that this is not how it’s supposed to be, it's not completely natural, that this is not how the universe really works. 

That for sure has been an endless frustration, all those hours at school, reading all these books,  so much time spent while learning so little. I’ve always believed that the reality is this magical landscape we just can't seem to neither see nor touch, because we, humans, are too dumb.

However, according to inventions and discoveries that has taken place lately, the future is promising, we're even on the track to learn 1000 times faster than before, with nano boots and chips planted in our brain, says Chief Futurist at Google Ray Kurzweil. The March of the AI and the understanding of neural networks and deep learning is making "sci-fi" possible. Things are starting to making sense. We are about to catch a glimpse of the mystic. Scratching the surface of the what the universe is all about.

So, what I've always felt was possible is becoming real.
I'm super excited about getting the ability to become super smart. How do you feel about that? 

 Check out some of the things happening in the articles above and below.

Instant learning as it is of today by DAQRI

In a 2013 experiment Rats linked together though the internet making them able to learn from each other instantly, called the first “organic computer". Read about that here

We will also be able to control things with our mind, and communicate through our brains (awesome!)

Why Don't We Create the Subject "How To Be Human" and Make it Mandatory in School, ASAP

Why? Cause we can't continue neither reading nor writing about these kinds of situations in the media (a girl being spit in the face by her teacher) plus live next to people suffering because of lack of knowledge what the human mind is all about. 

If it is something that can make me truly furious it's this, shortage in comprehension regarding mental health. So many people suffer from different mental illnesses yet there still is too much ignorance out walking.

After my observations of close friends which is diagnosed this just worsen it all. The absence of love and understanding from their surrounding fils the affected person up with shame and anxiety. And in most of the cases it just tear things further apart instead of brick by brick restoring it back together. Boom the person, relatives and other relationships are trapped in this mess for a long time, maybe even forever.

If you ask me, the education of psychology, psychiatry and the human mind in general should start in an early age, already in kindergarten and follow throughout elementary school. The subject could for instance be called “How to be human” and should be at least once a week. As highly prioritized as any other subject. Meditation, empathy, mindfullness, cognitive learning, how to build better relationships etc, all these tools to get to know yourself, your body and others better. To widen our perspective of the world and society and how everything functions and fits together.

When employees up until this day working hands on with humans ends up spitting children in the face because of little understanding of what mental health really is all about, then something is wrong. 
Get rid of prejudice, shame and ignorance,  ASAP.

All though, I think the future is bright, we evolve too slow. It shouldn’t be taboo no more, but it demands science to join forces with school and the masses.