Pixar's New Short Film To Take On Toxic Workplace Bro Culture

Welcome to BRO Capital!

Synes slik Fast Company beskrev denne videoen var så fint oppsummert at jeg like gjerne kopierer det inn her:

“Purl follows a plucky ball of yarn on her first day at a new job at B.R.O. Capital, a fast-paced startup dominated by white men. Purl’s excitement quickly fades into frustration and disappointment when, despite her best efforts, she fumbles on water cooler banter, gets talked over and literally pushed aside in a meeting, and is shut out of lunch with the guys. Thinking her only option is to become a bro herself, Purl changes not only her physical appearance, but also her attitude, which quickly gets her the respect she wants. However, when a new ball of yarn named Lacey joins the team, Purl has to decide if she’s going to continue her ascent up the food chain or reach out a helping hand to someone who’s in the same position she was.”