Instant Learning, Yes, I Mean Fast Pace Instant Learning, Is Not Far Away.

I, as probably the most of us, love to learn, I'm extremely curious and want to binge on everything all the time. But, there is one challenge, I've always felt that today's way of absorbing information has been way too time consuming, yes, pure hassle. To me, our present biological way is unnecessary and complicated, there is no way we can keep up with the constant loop of knowledge thrown at us 24/7. 

Since an early age I’ve had this underlying sentiment that this is not how it’s supposed to be, it's not completely natural, that this is not how the universe really works. 

That for sure has been an endless frustration, all those hours at school, reading all these books,  so much time spent while learning so little. I’ve always believed that the reality is this magical landscape we just can't seem to neither see nor touch, because we, humans, are too dumb.

However, according to inventions and discoveries that has taken place lately, the future is promising, we're even on the track to learn 1000 times faster than before, with nano boots and chips planted in our brain, says Chief Futurist at Google Ray Kurzweil. The March of the AI and the understanding of neural networks and deep learning is making "sci-fi" possible. Things are starting to making sense. We are about to catch a glimpse of the mystic. Scratching the surface of the what the universe is all about.

So, what I've always felt was possible is becoming real.
I'm super excited about getting the ability to become super smart. How do you feel about that? 

 Check out some of the things happening in the articles above and below.

Instant learning as it is of today by DAQRI

In a 2013 experiment Rats linked together though the internet making them able to learn from each other instantly, called the first “organic computer". Read about that here

We will also be able to control things with our mind, and communicate through our brains (awesome!)