Must Watch TV-Series

Hashem Al-Ghaili is a person I've been following for a few years because of his knowledge on future society. Now he has made his own TV show "2070 Edge of Science" where he takes us deeper into the field. Sign up and you'll receive the first episode

If you have The Nathional Geographic channel you are extremely lucky. Year Million just started airing and I'm dying to watch it. If anyone of you know how I can watch it without being in the US let me know!

Another must watch show is Jason Silva's new TV series on Nathional Geographic called "Origin". Jason Silva is a futurist, public speaker and filmmaker. I first started to follow him when I came across his YouTube Channel "Shots of Awe".
Check the TV-series out here

There is also another channel you definitely should check out and it is Curiosity Stream which Michiu Kaku is behind. It discuss all of the interesting things happening in science. 

If you haven't checked out Black Mirror yet, you definitely should. It's fiction but it's not to far away from whats to become our reality.