Week in Review - March 12

This week has been as educational, eye-opening and inspirational as usual.
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Congress passes an act requiring NASA to get humans to Mars by 2033. With this transformative development, the space agency got a lot more than just $19.508 billion in funding. They also got a very clear mandate: Get humanity to Mars.


Humans can now scold a robot with their minds.
It's no longer only our body we can control with our thoughts but now also machines.
MIT developed a system to instantly tell a robot when it makes an error through brainwaves.


The Burger-Grilling Robot And Kitchen Assistant "FLIPPY" by Miso Robotics was introduced to us this week. CEO and co-founder David Zito says, 'We focus on using AI and automation to solve the high pain points in restaurants and food prep. That’s the dull, dirty and dangerous work around the grill, the fryer, and other prep work like chopping onions. The idea is to help restaurants improve food quality and safety without requiring a major kitchen redesign.'"


An AI just completed 360 000 hours of finance work in seconds.
In June, JP Morgan Chase & Co, the biggest bank in US, started implementing a program called COIN, which is short for Contract Intelligence. COIN runs on a machine learning system that’s powered by a new private cloud network that the bank uses.
The Bank has more than 240 000 employees, some of those employees are lawyers and loan officers who spend a total of 360,000 hours each year. Now, the company has managed to cut the time spent on this work down to a matter of seconds using machine learning.

3D printing

In just 24 hours a 38 m2 house was 3D printed with the cost of only $10.000.


Scientist have grown the first synthetic self-developing embryo.
A team of scientists from the University of Cambridge were able to synthesize mice embryos outside the womb. With the use of embryonic stem cells, developmental biologist Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz and her team at the University of Cambridge were able to replicate a living mouse embryo.


WikiLeaks Releases Trove of Alleged C.I.A. Hacking Documents
"The initial release, which WikiLeaks said was only the first installment in a larger collection of secret C.I.A. material, included 7,818 web pages with 943 attachments, many of them partly redacted by WikiLeaks editors to avoid disclosing the actual code for cyberweapons. The entire archive of C.I.A. material consists of several hundred million lines of computer code, the group claimed."

Future Society

The area of ownership is over. In the 20th century we got used to a certain way of thinking: if you needed something, you bought it. We are exponentially moving away from that, and that will be good for both us and the environment.


Tesla Unveils an Enormous Solar Farm to Replace 1.6M Gallons of Fuel a Year 
Tesla has plans for a solar plant in Kauai, Hawaii. The Kauai plant, commissioned by the Kauai Island Utility Cooperative, includes a 13 megawatt SolarCity solar farm and a 52 megawatt-hour battery installation. 


A New Clean Energy Record Was Just Set in the U.S. For the first time ever, a North American power grid produced over half its energy from wind power.

Tech Gadgets

The Return of the 3310. The Iconic Nokia 3310 mobile phone is back. Will you buy it?
The price range will be around $49. It will be available in a few months, you can pre-registrer here. 

Mixed Reality

I'd love to check out this exploration game from Doraemon in VR.