March For Science

This is insane. #savescience

Trumps federal budget includes big cuts to science and research (say what?!)
If the budget proposal pass the congress, The National Institute of Health would lose $6 billion (!!!!!). Futuristic batteries, metal and energy are eliminated from funding. And climate change research is apparently wasted time, according to Trump. Wow. 

22nd of April, there will be a protest in DC, if you're there, join in, if not there will be local protests everywhere in the world. Just as the Womens March! If not you can donate your time, money or words. Let's stick together and speak up for what's important and create that revolution we are all awaiting.

If Trump had the opportunity to make America like North Korea I'm sure he'd jump on it.
Science is the key in order for the world to develop. .

And I'm just saying, Trump is the last snowflake launching an avalanche.