Health & Time - Value number 1

It’s easy to get caught up in what people think thus end up doing things you do not want. Either its buying stuff so that you can show people that you represent something, that your identity is attached to some kind of materialistic shit, or not to say no to things you really do not want to spend your time and energy doing but end up letting everybody else control your agenda regardless.

To me thats the worst. My time, energy and health is precious. Health is the only home I have and I have to treat it well. When all is all, and if we look at everything in a high end perspective.. Time & health is all we got… So be mindful!

So.. Today I wont write a long piece on this topic as I actually am exhausted after a week of no sleep, meaning as this is a Saturday I am still spending it in bed. For the first time in months I slept until 11 am. How amazing was that!!!!!!

Anyhow. My biggest priority in life is health & time, cause I know - that if I do not feel good I wont be as productive and have a great mind as I normally would. And mostly that is entirely up to me. So gotta water my plants and treat my garden with love and it will flourish and stay fresh, nurtured and smell crazy good!

This should be your top priority too.. I mean …