The Future To Come

“I’m blown away about how palpable the feeling exponential change have become. I'm also certain that 99,9 % of humanity doesn’t understand or appreciate the ramification of whats coming”

This was said by Peter Diamandis in his recent ebook about the Tech Trends of 2016 transforming the humanity.

And it hit my mind, oh man, is it really so? Is it so that 99,9 % do not know of or pay attention to what’s going on? 


Am I just living in my own little real bubble of what that’s happening, completely obsessed by the breakthroughs that's right around the corner?

I just realized that I am, cause I do not check in on the daily news which most people do, which fuels us with terrible events, depressing situations, negative words and hopelessness. All the exceptions, that’s what is being served to the masses. 

I’m on a quest to spread awareness and knowledge about what’s coming but I can help but wonder; how come people are not paying attention to the most exciting thing about being alive, growth, change and walking towards a better way of living, for us all?

You see, the future is so bright (sorry for this terrible joke but I just had to) we should all put on shades. Hah. Seriously, I'm about to explode from within of ecstacy because of this, and.. I can’t share it with anyone. Cause most of the people I meet in my daily life is apparently in the 99,9 % of humanity category. 

Why aren’t people thrilled about this? Don’t people want a higher living standard?
I know most people live in their own little ego-bubble. But this is even ego beneficial! It’s a complete upgrade, of our life, our friends' lives, our families and the people in Africa we don’t even know. It’s gonna improve the human race times 1 trillion + , and also, our holy mother earth is gonna reach heaven.

I’m not being optimistic, I’m talking facts here. If you don’t believe me I really hope that we will cure aging (reverse the illness of cells dying) before you die so that you might be able to stay alive until the times of the complete exponential turnaround. It’s gonna blow your brains out. You won’t even be able to grasp what's going on. That’s only someone as smart as an super AI who can. A Cyborg, a transhumanist. I’m not even sure we will reach that level of intelligence or awareness ever, regardless we are in for a hell of a ride. 

I swear. It's wild.

Don’t believe me?

Dig into Michio Kaku, Ray Kurzweil, Peter Diamandis among others and MIT Technology ReviewFuturism, Singularity Hub and Big Think for some updates to level up your comprehension. We are just scratching the surface of what yet to come, not even that.

Just have a look at this awesomeness