Stephen Hawking is dead..

Its great to see him smile like this. Makes my heart tingle. 

Its great to see him smile like this. Makes my heart tingle. 

Wow. It's so oddly strange when people you never thought would die do so. Jezes. Now it was Stephen Hawkins time. Death is really a weird concept, and he just wasn’t around long enough to even be able to extend life, which I’ve heard rumors about being possible within ten years. So.. When great minds leave the building its a big loss for humanity. Pioneers that drives our society and knowledge forward and challenges all of us… Those are the people we need to be here. Who’s gonna replace him? Hopefully he is in a better place now, I’d like to look at things a bit more spirituality and optimistically and I really wish for him to be somewhere where he is not attached to his old body, hope he is just an entity that can fly around in space or that he has been redesigned into something else.

Thank you Stephen for everything you helped out with. Without you I guess lots of things would still be a mystery to us.

Good luck.

All the best

You’ve Got Time Left To Start Living Consciously

This is the man in MY mirror. What does your tools of change look like?

This is the man in MY mirror. What does your tools of change look like?

Don't you think? Or do you share this common excuse that you are too old to change your habits?

Today in the intense unavoidable stream and fireworks of information hitting you every second it might seem unnecessary and infesable to search for information on topics you do not care too much about. Most of us only consume what we get straight into our feeds and email and thats about it. Which is fine, the only problem is that peoples feeds and newsletters might be completely mind dumbing and beholding no healthy facts or info on society at all. This has us all living in ignorance of what kinds of lives we are truly living. Our habits, thinking patterns, which industries and causes we are supporting, what our ways of eating are contributing towards, how we exercise affects us and our society, what products we buy and how we buy them and what we do with them, how we trash, work, spend our money, what environment does to our brain and body etc.

I believe in a conscious world, a world where we are enlightened and base our actions and habits on facts, values and wellbeing. I’m tempted to write love but that might be too overwhelming for some of you.  But to be able to do so and get there, blindness must be fought. We need to figure out a way to sneak healthy information into peoples minds and that is the question. How to do that one a mass scale. Any suggestions?

Regarding the dairy and meat industry one of my best friends Helene Steffensen posted a great article today on Facebook with a great caption post(added below) Which was the factor triggering me into writing this blogpost. «Make your own choice on which kind of milk you want to drink, but if you AT LEAST acquire the knowledge and information described quite clearly and accurate in this article in the Guardian; you can base your choice on fair ground rather than on ignorance :)

Actually, if you find cows milk just soo good and feel that you can't go without it; It is just because your body has become accustomed to the stuff in the milk meant to get the calf addicted to it, to come back for more.

After not drinking cows milk for a while, it suddenly tastes slimy and disgusting.. Just try! 🍦🥛🧀🐮»

I highly recommend you to, and I would love if you did read this article. Here it is.

Don’t contribute to a better world because you can’t do everything. Small things helps tremendously. If everyone just did one simple change we would change so much. Cut your chocolate milk, ice cream binges on dairy ice cream or that yellow cheese. You will find a substitute. You will! Nut cheeses are so delicious you’ll never want to go back, so Is raw food cakes, or the vegan version of Ben & Jerrys. Cut one product out of your diet and bring one healthy thing in. At least try. There is a whole wide world of nutrition out there which I guess you haven't discovered yet because of your traditional eating habits. But believe me its gonna amaze you if you dig into it.

Or start sharing knowledge with the people you like and other acquaintances of Facebook. Get the best sources into peoples feeds. That helps a lot! Start caring meaning start sharing. 

As one famous man put it (you know who): «be the change you wish to see, start with the man in the mirror» 

Conscious living is the answer.

This is all about asking yourself questions on how you think, you habits, actions, choices etc. Become aware of how you've build up your life, what values you carry and if you really follow them, what fundamentals and philosophy you've based it all on. And all is based on solid ground of knowledge or just something you assumed because it was in the news, someone told you or in a youtube video you saw once. Etc..
You’ve got plenty of years left, its not too late to start living consciously. Take responsibility, live your values, stay true to who you are and what you stand for and I guess deep deep inside you are a kind person who just wish for the best for us all, earth, animals and humans alike. Why not start taking action based on your heart. Start by acquire knowledge and see for yourself, so that your choice is based on facts and not ignorance.  

Oh ok, just in the very end here.. Watch this.. :)

If Humans Disappear

Found this video today by my fav Hashem Al-Ghaili. I found it quite astonishing so was thinking you might too. If this scenario happens within 10,000 years there will be no trace left by us except buildings made in stone. So, how do we really know then that the history we have managed to map out of our ancestors is true? What if i.e  20.000 years ago super intelligent beings actually lived on earth, all traces have just completely vanished? When that is said, no one knows when the pyramides were build, it's still a mystery, it could be 20,000 years ago. 

So what do you think? Are we the smartest civilisation ever to have lived on earth?

I do not believe so. But thats just me.. :)

Climate Change Is Releasing Deadly Viruses Back Into The Wild

Last year I wrote a piece about another dark side of climate change which is not too much talked about. When the ice melts, what happens? Well, it's not just the water levels rising high and the temperature increasing, but whatever has been trapped inside of it is released, and will be spreading around. Fast. Bacterias and viruses our generation has no knowledge about and possibly no resistance against, hence no vaccines or medicines to protect us. Hashem just posted this short video. Worth watching.

Folk Oslo - Norways First Problem Solving Hub

Co-Founder and General Manager Ida Pernille Hatlebrekke next to Preben from Trigger.

Tuesday this week, Trigger, one of Norways most recognisable and leading PR companies opened their newest venture, "Folk Oslo". Folk Oslo is to this date the very first Problem Solving Hub in Norway.
What this means in their own words:

"A problem workshop where people and businesses meet to solve societal challenges by developing products and companies jointly"

Folk aims to deconstruct together with talented and competent people and businesses UN 17 SDGS into doable and implementable tasks and solutions. Their vision is to make Oslo a better place to be.

It might sound vague and intangible but after their launch party, hearing it all more in detail I'm able to grasp it, sort of. The idea is amazing but how will this work in reality? 
I am a member. In fact I'm a proud and humble member amongst all those competent high profile leaders across all industries in Norway. I was asked if I wanted to be one of their first founding 50 members and was even asked to be in the advisory board. What? I have no idea why they saw me as a key person but I guess they value my experience, expertise and drive more than I can seize.

I think this is going to rock but we need more people in. It's open to everyone who wants to make a change in this world, to the better. It is for those who wants to participate and work together in teams to do so. And the ones who see sustainability as a key factor certainly.

To figure out how and what to attack, they've put up this Oslo Dugnad Web Page. where people can submit challenges they face in daily life in Oslo. Live in Oslo? Have anything on top of your mind? Or just stay updated on what fellow Osloers find annoying? Click here

You can read more about the project here:

Kampanje - Trigger-Prebens nye super nettverk

Dagens Næringsliv

What do you think, will this work?
I really hope we are able to maximise this potential outcome. All odds says that its possible. So. Let go shape the future!

Join me? Click her

2018, What's To Come For Us All?

Hashem Al-Ghaili(science nature), a person whom I follow on facebook who regularly posts great articles on future society and present discoveries within technology and science, published this video I've added below yesterday.
Yup, 2018 is right around the corner and its for sure going to be one exciting year if this is on the menu + more.

What do you wish to happen in the world and for humanity in 2018?
What about you own life? Whats your goals and wishes for the year to come?

Btw: here you can read about some of the mysteries in science that are yet to be solved. Perhaps we will get closer in 2018?


So happy that I got introduced to the platform... Ohlala. Loooove connecting with people sooo much!

So happy that I got introduced to the platform... Ohlala. Loooove connecting with people sooo much!

Yes, I'm STEEMINGIT up! This is almost embarrassing but it took me until yesterday to discover this blockchain based content platform where all content creators get rewarded in STEEM coins. This is SO freakin excitiiiing. You guys know how eager I am for this technology, or perhaps I didn't express that too much already. What really gives me joy about the platform is that lots of people actually started reading my posts. Not too many but my first one 135 people have seen and already and I've gotten almost 40 followers... I'm so touched. The community seems so warm, welcoming and loving. Not only that but it gives me a feeling that many of the people present there are intelligent. Nothing pleases me more than meeting likeminded people from all over the world which I can learn from and connect with. If you, like me haven't heard of it, it's worth checking out! At least if you enjoy follow me thats a platform where I'll be dedicating lots of my time . It's in BETA, meaning I'm on as one of the early adopters woho, perhaps thats also why the community seems so connected and genuine..
I'll upload posts I've posted here but some new content/versions will follow and of course I'll continue to post on my beloved website :D
You can read my introduction on the website here 

What do you think of this platform?
Where do you think the journey of blockchain will take us?
What do you think we'll be using it for? 
What kind of cryptocurrencies do you believe will take off? (I've invested in etherum and already my investment has increased several times :) Apparently Bitcoin is called the gold of internet and etherum silver.. :)...)

Find me here @yrja

Wanna Laugh & Get Some Smart Imputs? Rick & Morty Put Some Real Outbursts on The Menu.

Mirror mirror on the wall, will you ever show us any meaning at all?
Perhaps this is a frase which you've stumbled upon every now and then or maybe you ponder about it pretty often? I guess it has touched most of our brains at some point. Hasn't it?

Anyhow, we should all know by now that the meaning of our own life we have to create ourselves. There is no special purpose (that we know of this far) or sense of meaning unless we wire our brains to invent it. And to do that you got to accept the meaninglessness there is to it all.

You need to sculpt and cultivate the why of you. I'm sorry to say there is no one that will serve this to you on a silver spoon. So either you'll find it or you'll not. It all depends on your perspective on the world and on your own thoughts. 

Anyways.. Why indulge in depressing existential thoughts which brings you nothing but misery when life is full of stuff to enjoy? Redirecting our minds and start leaving the struggle of looking for a bigger picture behind. Instead, go explore and find important stuff in the things around you.

The underline of the awesome TV series Rick and Morty, which goes far into the portal of philosophy, is all about this. Almost every episode questions existence.
And apparently the message that gets through is that the only meaning there is is the one you'll have to make up yourself together with the people you love. There is no other secret than that.

Rick is the most genius scientist of the whole universe and even he struggles to figure out a reason to stay alive at times which is why he find himself burping alcohol at any time of the day. , But the TV series shows us pretty clear that Rick actually finds meaning in loving, being of service and caring for his family.
This shines through in one touching episodes where he has to risk his life to save Rick. 
That's what I enjoy the most with this show, it spreads awareness of life and deliver meaningful , valuable content which creates thoughts and activate the viewers brain in a subtle, entertaining and funny way.
Definitely worth some of your precious time. Perhaps it'll even teach you something or spark som enlightenment neurons in your mind!

My why I know, cause after observance of my own wellbeing and way of life this make the most sense (of course sometimes I have to pretend that I know it to trick my conscious self to be convinced of that's a fact. Yes indeed life can, or our head can deliver some real shit storms at times but as long as one do not pay too much attention to it, it's fine) it's loving, being of service and caring for others. Deep within I have a wish and I'm on a mission to make the world a better place, even though it's just on a tiny tony scale if that is all I can manage.

Quote from the video (weeell said)

"The only thing more terrifying than not existing or not knowing why you exist is existing and having no one to share it with."

What is your why?
Why do you wake up in the morning?
Where do you find meaning?
What really makes you smile and get a warm sensation?

Well, perhaps not think about it too much either, embrace life and enjoy it.
And really, do NOT take life too seriously. That's my one and only advice.
Really, don't.

And oh, while you're here you really need to check out this mind blowing peace of art, the trailer for Rick & Morty season 3. No words. Or one word actually: TRIPPY.COM


Ok one more video if you're super into it like I am at the moment you probably wanna watch this one as well:

If you are new to the show, you'll find it on Netflix! 

Why You Should Apply Some Stoicism To Your Life

In other words; We can't be in control over what happens but we can be in control over how we approach things. We can take control over our own minds; our thoughts, emotions and actions and be the captain steering the boat in different waters and weather. You'll have to distance yourself from your thoughts and emotions and embrace life as it happens with calmness. This is how you'll achieve peace of mind. A strong sense of self awareness is needed for this to be possible.

The name stoicism comes from the stoa Poikile the decorated public colonnade where the philosophers gathered for discussion. 

The Stoics thought that (practical) ethics was the most important component of their philosophy: it was about how to live one’s life in the best possible way.

To be honest, it's just a few years since I heard of this philosophy(even though I've been living this mindset my whole life) and boy every time I think of psychology and how to deal with our own minds and the world around us I think why the fuck didn't I learn anything about this in school. So frustrating, and still is not taught.
Well, I've been and am a firm believer in and follower of this mindset since as long as I can remember with an exception of a few years in my teens but since the age of 19 I have been extremely conscious about how I treat my mind and body, myself and others. To say it as cliché as always, I am my house which I can not escape so I better be gentle. Really, I have to treat it well or else I'll suffer like crazy and life is too short to do that.

Stoicism has just a few central teachings. It sets out to remind us of how unpredictable the world can be. How brief our moment of life is. How to be steadfast, calm, strong, and in control of yourself not matter what happens. And finally, that the source of our dissatisfaction lies in our impulsive dependency on our reflexive senses rather than logic.

So, the stoics try to deal with the world as it is, while pursuing self improvement trough four cardinal virtues:

Practical wisdom is the ability to navigate complex situations in a logical informed and calme manner.

Face daily challenges with clarity and integrity.

Treating others with fairness even when they have done wrong.

The expertise of self restraint and moderation in all aspects of life.

If this doesn't sound like a great philosophy to live life by I'm not sure which planet you're on. Then it is definitely YOU who need to implement this pattern to your daily habits. Too many people these days suffer more from their mind than what reality tells them. Life is all about perspective and if you do not realise it, good luck. Perhaps you'll figure out on your death bed but then its too late. If you are one of those who take life seriously, are easily tempered and blame others for your misfortune and misery its time to start rewire your mind. Life is way better being happy and content every minute every day, always. Embrace what happens with gratitude, meaning, purpose and love, and you'll end up with a peaceful mind.

It’s a tool that we can use to become better in our craft, better friends and better people.

Logotheraphy is also worth taking notice of, its based on stoic principles and is a concept framed by Viktor Frankel who survived a concentration camp.  Logotherapy is a term derived from the words “logos,” a Greek word that translates as “meaning,” and therapy, which is defined as treatment of a condition, illness, or neurosis. It teaches that you can find meaning in every situation you're in, even the most miserable ones. The theory is founded on the belief that human nature is motivated by the search for a life purpose.

Read the famous lettes from Seneca here
The most famous one: Shortness of Life you can find here.
Check out the video below for a brief introduction made by TED.

Tim Ferriss is such a fan and brag about it whenever he gets the chance, which is great. He spreads the word. He also have made a list of great Stoicism resources. Check it out here.

How to apply it by Tim Ferriss

Why The World Needs Gary Vaynerchuck

When I first came across Gary Vaynerchuck a couple of years ago I felt he was kind of noisy. Who'd listen to a guy swearing angrily when delivering a message? Although I understood how extremely important his words was, he didn't appeal to me at all. Lately he seems to be everywhere. His internet fame is skyrocketing and now, I guess I like him better. His voice is ultra important and the way he does it is actually pretty smart. Cause when you listen to him, it feels like your dad is giving you a lecture and I can therefore see why lots of people get that little extra push to go do the things they love and are hesitant with in the first place. He is an excellent coach, who encourages the best he can and is one of the best out there, next to Tony Robbins who has the same energy, more gentle way of speaking though but its the same energetic lecturing way of being, no evil, not a know it all kind of guy, he does it out of pure love. He wants us people to have a better life, and I guess he also does it with a bigger vision that if people do what they want and live from their heart the world will be a better place. It will be more love and harmony and the world will be driven forward because the sheep culture will keep decreasing, More people will start leading themselves and not be working at some factoryish job with their voice meaning nothing to the society.
I can't say enough how important it is for the world and our society that people start thinking for themselves and that people like Gary keep popping up and that we all start trusting and listening to our inner voices of curiosity and passion and get rid of fear. Do what we love. When more and more people will do this we will jump a giant leap forwards in the development of our society.
What we know looking back throughout history is that we most likely will die being somewhere in between 80-100 years old. Why the fuck shall we live for so long and hesitating and shovel down our inner guide?
Wouldn't you enjoy to stay happy and content for all those years? Live a fulfilling life? No?
I believe the factory culture and pushing people down to stay obedient and quiet just to keep peace within our society is still ruining our lives. We're ignorant and are not taught in school how be the best version of ourself, be a resource to ourselves and our environment in the best possible way. This must change. It doesn't have to be this way, you are worth something, your life is worth a ton. Your time is so valuable.
If you'd like to be of service to others, the world and yourself, keep sending videos about Gary to your friends. Go do a Gary!! We all gotta spread the word to create a movement.

Here is his YouTube channel

He is also on the panel of Apples new tv-series planet of the apps.

Why We Eat Meat

Do you ever reflect on why you do the things you do?

Whenever I see or think about meat, I see dead animals and I think to my self, I shall certainly not be a grave yard and I certainly shall not contribute to suffering of neither animals nor our planet which is what the entire meat industry does, every second. Almost 1 million animals are slaughtered every minute. Wtf?

I'd rather be of service to earth, I already am a huge burden, so when I actually have the possibility to choose for the better, I will do so.

This video is worth your time.

One Love

Hate from one small group of people are starting to connect the rest of us even deeper and more profoundly. We are on our way to build a world connected by love. A strong community will develop by time and we just started walking baby steps towards it. I imagine a world without borders, a world were passport no longer are needed, no visas, universal health care, universal basic income, where anyone are welcome anywhere at anytime and more. A world where we are all trusting each other and approaching everyone with love. I really really believe that this eventually will become our reality. Perhaps it will take 100 years or more, it will come, unless AI is getting in the way for us first.

Was Jesus An Extraterrestrial?

Tomorrow it's whit Monday, another work free day and once more a christian holiday celebrating one of the biggest celebs ever in history. This time we celebrate pentecost, that the Holy Spirit came to the apostles.
For years I've been wondering; was Jesus an extraterrestial being with complete power of science? Because if you think about where our future is heading we will actually be able to do what Jesus did and more. We will become "gods" with the power we get when we can manipulate matter and play along with all that science has to offer. We will become the Gods of the Gods of the Gods Gods. If we manage to tag along of course. If we chose and are able to merge with technology and become supersmart AI ourselves. 
So perhaps the human race took a left turn when we were visited by aliens, or actually someone outside of earth wanted us to move in a different direction then what we already where on.
My mind can think about these topics 24/7. Its so entertaining. So exciting!
What do you think?

Minimalist To The Core

Could you live in a container? What is luxury to you? What is success to you? Why on earth do you need and want all those products, all that stuff? What is it that you really need to be happy?

I met amazing Kari Schibevaag in Lofoten last week. Kari is a hard core kiter - world champion on both snow and water. A total rockstar! But the reason behind my visit was actually because of her living situation. She lives in a container on a beach in Lofoten far away from any big city. What makes her do that? Could I do that?
Well, after meeting Kari, who is super excited about the fact that she lives on the country side I'm not even slightly more convinced on me living far away from city life but it was super interesting to hear her brag about all the things possible to do in such a small village. She said she didn't have enough time to do all the stuff she wanted to do there. I guess thats only because of the character which she is, she has loads of ideas, she's very spontaneous, energetic, active, driven and has loads of ideas. So, of course there is no problem for her to find stuff to do. She loves to surf for hours at a time and when you live on the beach, night and day is open to your demand.

But what I really like about Kari is that she is a true minimalist, she doesn't own anything but her car and her container. All the rest she has found or been gifted, How amazing is that?
That's basically how I live too, in a way. I live super simple, and love it. The only things I own besides clothing, books and sleeping stuff is a working desk. (not counting the super important society stuff; computer and phone) I even think I have way too much. I'd like to live just in a container or mini smart house. You see, I hate owning things, I really really dislike it. Disgust it indeed. The more I own the more suffocated I feel. Totally claustrophobic. The less stuff I own the more freedom flows through my veins. That's the ideal living situation for me. Owning nothing, living smart and small and use all my money and spare time(and work) on experiences.
World Economic Forum predicts that in 2030 we wont own anything. This due to how technology will permeate the way we live and how the sharing and circular economy might pave the way for our new habits. Kari is an inspiration. But we need more pioneers to be our guides to tell us it is ok to live different.
Watch the video below to see if living simple could be something for you?

Here is a netflix film on minimalism if you'd like to give it a further check out

And a few books on minimalism by no other than "the minimalists".

Week In Review - May 14th

Week 3 of Office X is over. 7 more to go. Damn, time flies. I've had one of the best weeks in a while. Office X pluss reconnecting with the startup community. That San Francisco feeling entered my body and stuck for a bit. It's about to slowly fade but.. It was there! Times them are a-changing here in the smallest of Oslo.

So here is the wrap of what I've got across this week :)


This is why you want a robot coworker - watch the movie below.


Uber is set to deploy flying taxis in Dallas-Fort Worth and Dubai by 2020 :D

The new ET3's tube transportation concept, which is called the "mag-lev limo." would be capable of traveling from New York to Beijing in 2 hours. Amaziiiiing.
“ET3: we call it a mag-lev limo, where it’s a car-sized vehicle that operates in a network of tubes much [like] cars on a freeway,” Oster told TechRepublic at the 2017 Smart Cincy Summit. “But, it would be international and global in scope.Our vision is being able to travel from, say, here in Cincinnati to the Taj Mahal in under three hours for 50 bucks,” Oster added. Essentially, it’s a network of tubes that serve as a “freeway” which can be accessed via various points along its many routes."

Meet Horizon Public Transport, another way to be transported in the future. Whoho!

Cars with Ears
A sense of hearing is set to make cars safer and more reliable.
Startup OtoSense makes software that can listen for sirens or engine trouble.


Perhaps our telomers might the key to unlock immortality. 


Elon Musk: Tesla's Solar Roofs Will Be Cheaper Than Regular Roofs and Have "Infinity Warranty". Well isn't that aaaamazing news!
This week, Elon Musk announced that Tesla's solar roofs would be on sale starting now!

Germany breaks a record for renewable energy, generating 85% of its power from renewable sources on April 30.The country expects such days to become the norm as it continues its push toward clean energy adoption.


Omg I cant wait for the time where its normal not to own anything and if you need something you just print it on demand. Perhaps its usual to have your own 3Dprinter or you'll find one pretty close through an sharing economy app.
Well, the first awesome one is about to enter the market. Kniterate. Check out their kickstarter campaign here.


Bill Gates has 7 predictions for the future


"The Underwater Jetpack"


My First Office X Talkshow Episode! (Birthday + the amazing gift!!)

WOHO!!!😀 Crazy, but today I hosted my very first LIVE TALKSHOW episode!! 2nd version of #officetalk!!!! Not only that but it's my birthday, how amazing is this universe, giving me the perfect gift, something I've been dreaming about doing my whole life, and NOW at the age of 28 I was ready! Thank you universe!
The topic was: "What's the future of jobs?"
I had the pleasure of interviewing the amazing Silvija SeresElin Nørve and Anders H. Lier !! 
Thank you so much! I had a blast!! As we mentioned in the end - if you want to learn more check out Katapult Future Fest , Oslo Freedom Forumand Future Leaders Global !!

Exponential Growth In Oslo Startup Scene

Hardly a day goes by without 2-3 future/startups/tech related events are being held here in Oslo. Not only that but coworking spaces keep popping up EVERYWHERE. Huge conferences are arranged and people are even mapping the startup communities in books here. Pretty crazy. And now, this TV and socialtainment concept Office X is going mainstream. To me, that says a LOT about Norway and where we are heading. I'm amazed. It's such a difference from when I first entered the startup scene a few years back, really, I had to leave for The Bay Area to enter a real startup community. But.. Now, It's like we woke up from years of sleep in a cave and when we first woke up we got really really excited and now its running around trying to learn everything. We fail and we succeed, every day feels like a completely new journey And best of all, I feel nation wise that we are togehter, I feel more community amongst people now than ever its really minimal but I can see things are changing, slowly but steady.

I just had to write this cause I'm so amazed of how rapid the movement are hitting us as a positive wave. Even though the future might be scary, if we stick together it's less so.

The country I once fled away from is surprisingly enough becoming a country I'd like to spend time in. Oslo and California. Right Now, best places on earth.

Let's keep up the good work Norway <3

First Officetalk is a Wrap! Whoop!

So, first Officetalk aired today. Wow! Must say congraz to this brave young lady who nailed it first try. LIVE! Iven Opsahl is this talented woman's name. So envious actually, her perfect performance makes me pretty nervous about my own. yikes. But everyone can't be a flawless host first time out.
Topic of the show "why is innovation important and what does it mean to start a business?
Guests: Rolf Assev Pål T Naess Shafi Adan 
Follow office x on facebook for more updates

Topic of the week "How to start and run your own business!"

Tomorrow an interview I've done will be posted and I'm going to record my first podcast. Wish me luck!