Why Don't We Create the Subject "How To Be Human" and Make it Mandatory in School, ASAP


Why? Cause we can't continue neither reading nor writing about these kinds of situations in the media (a girl being spit in the face by her teacher) plus live next to people suffering because of lack of knowledge what the human mind is all about. 

If it is something that can make me truly furious it's this, shortage in comprehension regarding mental health. So many people suffer from different mental illnesses yet there still is too much ignorance out walking.

After my observations of close friends which is diagnosed this just worsen it all. The absence of love and understanding from their surrounding fils the affected person up with shame and anxiety. And in most of the cases it just tear things further apart instead of brick by brick restoring it back together. Boom the person, relatives and other relationships are trapped in this mess for a long time, maybe even forever.

If you ask me, the education of psychology, psychiatry and the human mind in general should start in an early age, already in kindergarten and follow throughout elementary school. The subject could for instance be called “How to be human” and should be at least once a week. As highly prioritized as any other subject. Meditation, empathy, mindfullness, cognitive learning, how to build better relationships etc, all these tools to get to know yourself, your body and others better. To widen our perspective of the world and society and how everything functions and fits together.

When employees up until this day working hands on with humans ends up spitting children in the face because of little understanding of what mental health really is all about, then something is wrong. 
Get rid of prejudice, shame and ignorance,  ASAP.

All though, I think the future is bright, we evolve too slow. It shouldn’t be taboo no more, but it demands science to join forces with school and the masses.