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My Podcast Subscriptions

Here's basically the only podcasts I listen to. I mainly listen to Tim Ferriss, Kwik Brain, Gary Vee, The model Heath show and Big Questions.

Why are these my favourites?

Favorites: Tim Ferriss, Jim Kwik, GaryVee, Big Questions and the model health show.

Favorites: Tim Ferriss, Jim Kwik, GaryVee, Big Questions and the model health show.

  • Number 1. is definitely The Tim Ferriss Show - where Tim Ferriss interview top performers in various fields of expertise across the globe. I learn a lot from his guests. He choose the best people to interview, they are well-spoken, wise and clever - and he touch a wide range of topics. I never been disappointed by any of his episodes, he always delivers.

  • Jim Kwik has short format episodes for a "Kwik" infusion of knowledge.

  • Gary shares a lot of valuable insights on how to build your own brand.

  • Shawn Stevenson, host of the model health show, goes into detail of the health aspect of being a human. Fantastic guests.

  • Cal Fussman with his podcast Big Questions have easily absorbing conversations. He humanise all the guests and we get to know them personal. His questions are really down to earth.

One thing which is a bit disturbing is: can you see any female hosts here? Nope? Me neither cause I basically have no female podcast that I enjoy listening to. A bit tragic but truth speaking, one of the reasons I had to make up my own!

Which are your favourites?


Yrja 🥰😍 

And BOOM, Launched It Is!

POWER LADIES just arrived in all podcast apps and programs. And can now be enjoyed in your sweet ear on a morning run or whilst commuting to work. It went stright to the top right away but I'll have to work to keep it there. But we can do it! Can't we?!
I think I'll start a Facebook group - i guess this is a community that can grow and become fiercely full of power women. Lets cultivate this energy and take the world upon our chest!

It's all norwegian but give me a few years - the world is next.

Here is tha episooooode - welcome into mah audio roooom!