How Come We Do Not Learn In School What Being A Human Is All About?

Why is it so that we don't have a subject in school focusing on the human mind, body and how we interact with society, today?

Why is it so that we shall grow up and enter adult life without knowing anything about the house in which we live 24/7 and are incapable of escaping from?

Why is it so that we go to school for a major part of our life but we don't learn about who we are, why we behave the way we do, what our feelings, emotions and sensations is all about, why we think the way we do, how our environment, behavior, thought patterns and early childhood experiences affects our present moment and future?

Why don't we learn to interact with each other in best possible ways so that we can skip conflicts due to misunderstanding in our communication? 

Why don't we learn that everyone has a unique point of view because of how they grew up, with whom, where, culture and different experiences and language?

Why don't we learn that 80% of physical human communication is body language, and that even the pitch of our voice make the person immediately judge us or put us in a box?

Why don't we learn to see the world from a openhearted and non judgmental perspective?

Why don't we learn that neither of what we think nor feel is real, that most of it is formed by society? And that we don't have to agree?

Why don't we learn
 to be the observer of our own minds, to take a step back and perceive ourself like we're in a movie, observing what we think, how we speak and behave in all situations?

Why don't we learn to manipulate ourselves to the better, when we know that smiling, physical contact, exercising, eating healthy, body posture it all affects how we feel inside? Why don't we learn to manipulate ourself happy when its absolutely possible?

Why don't we learn to keep playing, smiling and laughing as much as we did as children?

Why don't we learn that by serving others, lifting others up we lift ourselves too? 

Why do we have to be occupied by unnecessary stress, anxiety and internal mess, when we don't have to?

If we learned all this in school wouldn't that free up our time, clear our mental space and give us energy to learn, focus and actually perceive learning as fun?
Wouldn't we perform better, when in peace, at ease and contentment with ourselves? 
Doesn't this foster curiosity and creativity for futher learning?

Why is it so that we are not to be taught this unless we seek it ourselves?

Do we really have to be trapped in other peoples or our own dogma?

And most important of all, why don't we learn to love ourselves?