Genetic Magic - The Stem Cell Revolution

The magic of stem cell editing (CRISPR) is blowing my mind. It's so fascinating how our knowledge and equipment on genetic engineering is on an exponential take off.
Bye bye disease, and hello longevity. We are in for a great future in many ways but seriously, how awesome is it to be diseaseless and young forever, designed to be able to live on other planets and galaxies, and basically unbeatable to a life in misery.
What I love the most is that we will cure the worst illness of them all, which is after my opinion aging (further reading and here)

I'm not gonna dig deeper into it in this post but my goal is to get you to watch this short movie on Genetic Engineering this weekend. It's 16 minutes filled with graspable information on the topic. The video is made by the Youtube Channel Kurzgesagt which is also wort a long visit.

I'm obsessed, and you'll get why.