The Future Belongs To The Most Adaptable

"You Can't"
Ever been told that annoying statement? 
28 years and still hearing it in various forms and frases. "What do you mean I can't?"
"Keep your head down, follow the rules, do what you are told, play it safe, wait your turn, ask permission, learn to compromise"
This is terrible advice. After my opinion those are the words of the people who simply misunderstood what life is all about and how this world works. 
Sure, it has made a barrier to my own life but I must say with laughter that its just... pure tragedy. 
Imagine if all those people jumped in and started creating, making the world a huge playground. Oh what a magical world it would be?

YouTube Star Casey Neistat just made this genius video (below) pin pointing that we live in the days of "yes, you can". And that we don't have to stop ourselves by the words of the "no you can't sayers", which many of us has.
Ive been raised by grownups in fear of change, in fear of scarcity with a "do what you're told, do what the society says" kind of mindset. Not only has its been limiting my creative flow but with this collective thinking pattern its been a barrier for many!
Fortunately more and more people are breaking free from these imprisoning chains and set out to fly.
Those are the people who change the world, who's the openers to the sluice of the exponential craziness that are shaping our future in high speed. It blow all the nay sayers away. Literally.

As Casey explains in his own words:

"The haters, the doubters are all drinking champagne at the titanic, and we are the fucking iceberg"

The future belongs to the creators and innovators, the scientists and tech developers, the ones who wants to change the society to the better, cure human diseases and heal our earthly nature and make it better place. We are moving into an area now where its no longer survival of the fittest nor survival of the smartest. Its the survival of the most adaptable. The time of the adaptable has arrived and if your not willing to embrace what the exponential future behold you'll be wiped away pretty fast. It will be unpredictable, chaotic, crazy, creepy, far from understandable, and yes we will have no clue about what tomorrow will bring. 
If you won't manage to find your comfortable spot in this time, if you are not able to surf the wave with excitement, sadly you will be swallowed by the tsunami in not too long. Keep your eyes open, be curious, learn how to ride the waves. Join the party and have no expectations. Simply live, live in the moment, participate and enjoy. It will make your life easier and more fun.

I guess that perhaps when we cure aging, the people who are not born adaptable, and simply can't cope with living like this, will be the ones who's gonna have their death arranged or commit suicide. They are also the ones who will refuse to merge with machines.
And this is the way homo sapiens die out for good.

As Casey says in the video below, Do What You Can't.