It's Greener Because It's Fake

Yes, it's absolutely easy to vision that the grass is greener on the other side and who doesn't do that sometimes? We are constantly exposed to these gardens appearing so perfect. But how often do we go check it, touch it, feel it to see if its actually real? How come we don't do that too often? How come we keep living within that dream of the awesomeness of another persons life or the perfect life you could have if only.. 

Isn't it about time to get out of that fantasy bubble and start watering and growing your own real grass? Comparing yourself to the greenness off fake grass will only make you miserable but remember, real grass has a wonderful touch, it smells good, every grass straw is different and it can even grow flowers, plants and food! You just have to do it not use your time looking at tour neighbor's color.  Go make your garden beautiful, water it, nurture it, love it. Its entirely up to you how valuable and stunning you want it to be.  

Remember, you can't do whatever you want. There is no recipe. Even though your culture, religion, country's norms and rules and standard expectations says so. Don't listen. What makes you smile? What makes you laugh? What makes you excited? What fires you up? Go do that on a daily basis and you'll fuel yourself with nutrition and love, and you'll be an example the world needs to see. The world is a playground, it's your playground. You have a great opportunity all you have to do is to take it! 

For reference, by garden I mean both your own mind and your physical life. If you dont have a healthy mind you'll never be content no matter which life situation, if you have a healthy mind you can be content anywhere and also figure out how to change your life to a more optimal you.  If wanted.

Go love it.