Women, Shouldn't We Be Supportive Of Each Other?


How come its not the norm, women being supportive of each other?  That backing each other up is barely a thing? Why aren't we one big community proud of each other, worshiping each other, loving each other?

We share the same sex, of course that should not be the only reason to stand together, but we all know that we have huge challenges in this world. Why don't we stick together, speak up and take action for justice?

How did this happen to become reality? And why do we let it? Has it always been like this? Since the human race was created?

Its been bothering me for ages as long as I can remember Ive been an observer and victim of the evilness inhabiting some or many women. Thus we are raving for equal rights, yet we dont really do that much about it on a regular basis, a few might speak up every now and then in media.

 I, friends of mine and women all around the world face these subtle but hurtful attacks from other women everyday. I think a good word to describe it is through the word "frenemies". Perhaps you get a clearer picture of it by this word.

The worst are those who pretend to be supportive, shouting out their supportive words in social media always smiling and hugging, but then behind the curtains they do everything they can to pull the person down, talking behind their back and never lending out a helping hand, keeping things secret etc. 

This might be difficult to believe for some men I guess, as women are known for their emphatic and community feeling characteristics. But actually women look at each other as rivals. Feeling threatened by other women.

l think this is a result of insecurities and being afraid of not being liked by others? Fear is the underlying fact here, I guess. But how come fear can make people cruel? Why do we let ourself be controlled by fear, acting upon it? Why cant we just accept the fear and move on, why do we have to let it be in charge, do what it please? Because we dont know thats taking back control is an option? Because we dont learn how to become friends with our feelings in school? And because we have so much fear, this is because of low self-esteem? So then, how come so many girls and women suffer from low self-esteem? Where does this self-hatred come from? Are we simply born with it? Is it in our genes? Do we get it from our parents, the way they talk to us and behave towards us, dress us, address us? That we watch our mothers behave the same, talking bad about other women? TV? I wonder how it would be in a world where girls were raised the same way as boys. Talked to in the same ways, same clothes, same encouragement for doing and executing stuff etc?
Studies actually shows that girls are being raised different. Why does this happen? Why should we differentiate between girls and boys even immediately when they get out of the womb, or I mean, actually from the day the parents know the sex of their baby.

Well, one thing is for sure, women can't continue to step on other women. We cant have both men and women doing so. This way we, girls, will never get all the way up to the same level as all the brohs out there. Go ahead and support each other, ladies. All year around, not only 8th of March. Where is the sisterhood culture, similar to the broh culture we see in men being supportive of each other always?

Its a tragedy that this is not the normal standard amongst women. As you would think otherwise but its like women never fully understood that its place for everyone on the top. Not just one person. 

I have one wish for this female birthday, lets celebrate together the whole year, shall we? 

We are stronger together. 

If we dont lift each other up. Then who will?