Happy Valentines Y’all <3

On my schedule today this 14th of February. I’ve got a date with the best person I know at the best place ever. The most important person in my life in fact, if it wasnt for this person I wouldn't be alive and here to celebrate today. It's a person with whom I’ve shared almost 29 years and I couldn’t be happier. I would and could never go one day without you. Thank you so much for being by my side every fucking day. Thank you for sharing your home with me. Thank you for having me wake up every morning, for delivering me a healthy body and a graceful smiling soul. Thank you for what you are, every cell, bone and neruon signal you make and keeping my consciousness alive. No one below and no one above. There is only you. I love you. From here to eternity. 

And no, its not my mum(all though she gives my life an extended meaning way beyond what only myself can do), its me. Me, myself and I, Yrja will have a big celebration from within my precious brain and body today, eat whatever the fuck we want and do whatever we want. Yay!

Who is the most significant person in your life?


Shouldn't it be you ?

Previously this was the anniversary of my ex and I's relationship. We were on our second date 14th of February 2013.

But today I am lucky to have this day all to myself. The day of love. And I am lucky to be in a place where I love myself profoundly and embrace who I am, what I look like, what I am capable of and what I am for others to the fullest.  I cherish myself and do whatever I can to keep my mind and body in a healthy place. I live as consciously as possibly for a human to live, after my opinion.
I am incredibly lucky as I see many people who despise themselves and act towards themselves as their own worst enemy, talking shit towards themselves, bot taking care of themselves, not grateful at all with whom they share every second of the day with and can’t escape from, every day. A life like that is death to me. It seems like hell not being able to wake up filled with bliss and gratitude for waking up healthy another day. Waking up filled with chaos and negative thoughts beating you up from within having you live in misery and feelings of failing everyone and everything every day. What kind of life is that?

Yourself should be the most highly valued and most deeply loved person in your life and you should take perfect care of this home of yours. Be good. Be kind. Be your own best friend and your life will smile to you and you’ll gain so much energy and joy and laughter will fill your lungs and ears. Wonderful people who is in a good place as well will be thrown your way. What you are you attract. Feel it, give it, love yourself.

Self-love should be on the menu not only today but everyday. 

Who are you celebrating with?

<3 Happy Valentines Day From Me <3
Much Love & Hearts Will Come Your Way.
Perhaps you'll feel it?

** Update **

So random, but right after I wrote this I turned on my favorite podcast and you know what? It was about self love. You should definitely check it out if this is something you need to practice which it probably is cause we all should continue reminding ourself on this every day.
Here it is "Shawn Stevenson(The Model Health Show) on "How Your Level Of Self-Love Impacts Your Health, Happiness, And Success".

You’ve Got Time Left To Start Living Consciously

This is the man in MY mirror. What does your tools of change look like?

This is the man in MY mirror. What does your tools of change look like?

Don't you think? Or do you share this common excuse that you are too old to change your habits?

Today in the intense unavoidable stream and fireworks of information hitting you every second it might seem unnecessary and infesable to search for information on topics you do not care too much about. Most of us only consume what we get straight into our feeds and email and thats about it. Which is fine, the only problem is that peoples feeds and newsletters might be completely mind dumbing and beholding no healthy facts or info on society at all. This has us all living in ignorance of what kinds of lives we are truly living. Our habits, thinking patterns, which industries and causes we are supporting, what our ways of eating are contributing towards, how we exercise affects us and our society, what products we buy and how we buy them and what we do with them, how we trash, work, spend our money, what environment does to our brain and body etc.

I believe in a conscious world, a world where we are enlightened and base our actions and habits on facts, values and wellbeing. I’m tempted to write love but that might be too overwhelming for some of you.  But to be able to do so and get there, blindness must be fought. We need to figure out a way to sneak healthy information into peoples minds and that is the question. How to do that one a mass scale. Any suggestions?

Regarding the dairy and meat industry one of my best friends Helene Steffensen posted a great article today on Facebook with a great caption post(added below) Which was the factor triggering me into writing this blogpost. «Make your own choice on which kind of milk you want to drink, but if you AT LEAST acquire the knowledge and information described quite clearly and accurate in this article in the Guardian; you can base your choice on fair ground rather than on ignorance :)

Actually, if you find cows milk just soo good and feel that you can't go without it; It is just because your body has become accustomed to the stuff in the milk meant to get the calf addicted to it, to come back for more.

After not drinking cows milk for a while, it suddenly tastes slimy and disgusting.. Just try! 🍦🥛🧀🐮»

I highly recommend you to, and I would love if you did read this article. Here it is.

Don’t contribute to a better world because you can’t do everything. Small things helps tremendously. If everyone just did one simple change we would change so much. Cut your chocolate milk, ice cream binges on dairy ice cream or that yellow cheese. You will find a substitute. You will! Nut cheeses are so delicious you’ll never want to go back, so Is raw food cakes, or the vegan version of Ben & Jerrys. Cut one product out of your diet and bring one healthy thing in. At least try. There is a whole wide world of nutrition out there which I guess you haven't discovered yet because of your traditional eating habits. But believe me its gonna amaze you if you dig into it.

Or start sharing knowledge with the people you like and other acquaintances of Facebook. Get the best sources into peoples feeds. That helps a lot! Start caring meaning start sharing. 

As one famous man put it (you know who): «be the change you wish to see, start with the man in the mirror» 

Conscious living is the answer.

This is all about asking yourself questions on how you think, you habits, actions, choices etc. Become aware of how you've build up your life, what values you carry and if you really follow them, what fundamentals and philosophy you've based it all on. And all is based on solid ground of knowledge or just something you assumed because it was in the news, someone told you or in a youtube video you saw once. Etc..
You’ve got plenty of years left, its not too late to start living consciously. Take responsibility, live your values, stay true to who you are and what you stand for and I guess deep deep inside you are a kind person who just wish for the best for us all, earth, animals and humans alike. Why not start taking action based on your heart. Start by acquire knowledge and see for yourself, so that your choice is based on facts and not ignorance.  

Oh ok, just in the very end here.. Watch this.. :)

Healthy Stress, You Say?


We all know by now I guess (hopefully you do) how damaging stress it to both your brain and you body. There is no worse "disease trigger" actually, well, except aging of course. It breaks your neurons down and shut don your immune and internal organ system and it has your cells age faster and even kill them. You can read more about that here.

For about 9 years now I've been allergic to stress. One day, I decided, I can not do this anymore. «This tears my body down too much in such a young age, how will this affect me in the long run? With this lifestyle I wont survive until I'm 100 (or longer which is my wish).» I just couldn't accept that kind of future and I couldn't bare with the present state of mind and physical body. I was so stressed out that I simply couldn't cope with life. I was completely handicapped. So I decided, stress is way too dangerous to keep carrying in my body and it will destroy me if I do. Most likely get me killed. And, I, I wont let it.
And from that day on, I took control. I became the captain of my mind, the editor or author if you wish(to give a visual image). I claimed full control and the CEO position of my mind, really. Of course it took sometime to change and develop new habits and thinking patterns to stop avoiding my body creating that poison and pumping it out through my veins. But in a few months I managed and it haven't entered since. If I can feel tendencies to it, something in my environment or mind is on the wrong track and I study everything in detail to figure it out. Most times it's an obvious cause, so I kinda know quite easily what it might be because both my gut and intuition has a good overview at this point. What I do then is the following, I take action to have it go away as quickly as possible and start questioning myself and observe my daily habits, body language, eating pattern. Am I exercising enough? Am I eating too much sugary foods? Is it work? Or a situation at work? Or is it personal? A new friend? Or lover? Sleeping enough? Have I've been seeing grateful and inspiring people lately? Had any meaningful conversations or have I been mostly alone the past days and weeks? What is really on my mind? I'm studying every thought passing by, if there is some negativity in there that causes it, its time to switch that up with a positive one. Whats the gift in this negative though or the cause of the negative thought? Whats the instructions it gives me? Why is it there in the first place? Whats the opposite thought of this, what really is the positive in this thing? You can always, always find a reason of why this thought or event is a gift. I assure you. And mostly it is the guidance towards a better you who is the answer, but you'll always find what it concerns if you just give it some thoughts. But, I mean, nervousness before you enter a stage to do some public speaking, or do a presentation, or before a date or such things to me that is not considered stress. Thats just actually a healthy adrenaline shot that makes you more alert and focused, really. Or, at sometimes it can also blank you out, like it did with me the other day when I had the presentation on stage in front of 250. Haha. So, nervousness is just good, it doesn't last for too long either. Of course, if you're constantly trembling of nervousness thats not too beneficial for the neither the brain nor the body.

So, No entry in this body, stress. Has always been my policy. Until lately. Ive been thinking is all kinds of stress really bad? It's been a question in the back of my mind for a few weeks now. But haven't given it much thought really, hasn't even occured to me to google it. But, all of a sudden, I click play on the most recent podcast episode by Shawn Stevenson at the Model Health show, and guess what. Here's the title to have you understand: 

Stress Activated Foods, Intermittent Fasting, & The Principles Of Stress - With Ori Hofmekler

Wtf, right there, on a silverspoon delivered straight into my mouth I got some answers to the question. Thanks universe!

"Stress can be ruthless. It’s a silent assassin that can break down your brain, screw up your internal organs, and pack fat onto your body. But… That’s only one face of stress. Stress can also be invigorating. It’s capable of making you more physically fit, biologically stronger, and literally keep your brain decades younger. So, how in the world can it be so good, yet so treacherous at the same time? Today we’re going to dissect the value of stress to maximize the benefits, and minimize the potential downfalls."

So it got me thinking, have I been missing out on something? Hm.. The right kind of stress is magically enough beneficial. I wish it was called something else though as I see stress as a relativily negative word. Excitement. Yeah, thats better. Not healthy stress but excitement. I am and always shall be excited to be alive.

What do you think about the concept of healthy stress? Is it really beneficial? Would you name it something else?

**Note; I might at some point write an in depth analytical post about this topic do not know when though so do not keep your expectations for that on default. **

Week In Review - 11th of February


Falcon Heavy, Starman and Tesla are basically the sum-up of the week.
As usually Elon Musk triumphs it all. Really, If there is one man that I admire and look up to, that is Elon. Elon Musk. Involved in 18 companies in 8 various industries (what?) and CEO in both Tesla and Space X (WHAT!). Inside of him inhibits a grand vision of changing the world. How amazing is this man? Anyways..

I'm at my family's cabin at Haukelifjell. Put on my skis for the first time in a year and taken them for a cross country stroll. 2,5 hours yesterday and 3 today. The technique is not all good but damn it was a sweaty exercise. Recommendable. 

Lets dig into the happenings of the week


Falcon Heavy
Musks initial plan was to launch the Falcon Heavy Rocket in 2013 but that was apparently way too ambitious but 6th of February, finally it was ready. And the very first launch of the world’s most technologically advanced rocket took place.

Watch Starmans first hours in space below. 

Awesome starman making and bringing our history to outerspace. Lets hope someone will find the car, starman and data hidden in the backs of the car at somepoint in time.. :)

If Humans Disappear

Found this video today by my fav Hashem Al-Ghaili. I found it quite astonishing so was thinking you might too. If this scenario happens within 10,000 years there will be no trace left by us except buildings made in stone. So, how do we really know then that the history we have managed to map out of our ancestors is true? What if i.e  20.000 years ago super intelligent beings actually lived on earth, all traces have just completely vanished? When that is said, no one knows when the pyramides were build, it's still a mystery, it could be 20,000 years ago. 

So what do you think? Are we the smartest civilisation ever to have lived on earth?

I do not believe so. But thats just me.. :)

Week In Review - 4th of February

Them weeks passes by quickly these days without sunshine and constant mix of snow and heavy rain everyday. Today its sunny for the first time in weeks. Nothing feels better to me than having the sun licking my face. It makes me feel more alive than ever.

Lets go through this week: Altered Carbon, Human Ubers, facebook is banning cryptocurrency ads etc..

Starting with The One and Only Altered Carbon, Netflix most expensive TV series this far launched 2nd of February, I've been waiting for months. It's a sci-fi ten episode 1 hour crime series. Too me it isn't even sci-fi, because this is technology soon to exist in our worlds too. Not different from other futuristic movies, it's got a negative view point on where we are heading. Altered carbon is illustrating worst case scenario where the richest are immortal and in control of basically everything. And they are bored. The plot is no other than solving a murder. Finding the murderer who killed the person in his previous sleeve as they call it. Sleeve meaning body. Consciousness is backed up and secure but the body can die usual deaths so if one die a new clone is made or another persons sleeve is to be used. I watched all the episodes in two days. Traditionally I've never been into sci-fi. But this sci-fi is not really Fiction, this is just science. Which I love. Wanna se the trailer? Click here

Coco was also released this week, as I'm a Disney lover, that was kinda exciting news. So had to share it and add it, incase you were to...


World Economic Forums Davos event also wrapped up this week. You can read about the key takeways here


As, Usual, Futurisms Weekly Video Wrap up of This Week in Science is added:


COSMOS.. This is fascinating.. The video below shows us the most detailed simulation of the cosmos up to ever made. 


Two Women will undergo three parent baby therapy in the UK. Regulators in the United Kingdom have this week given doctors green light to perform mitochondrial donation therapy. Hmm this is super exciting and weird. What do you think? Read more about it here

How it Works:

I'm waiting and waiting for the day that when we no longer have to do surgery, not even touch the body when something happens if something happens you simply just swallow a small pill or drink a liquid and then it makes the wound go away just by sending in nano boots or intelligent stem cells or something. Or just radiating particles from outside of the body. And now it seems like we are on our way to get there.
Researchers just invented a tiny "minimalist robot" that looks like a caterpillar and can perform a wide range of movements, including jumping, crawling through tunnels, and climbing out of a pool. It is designed to deliver drugs to specific targets in the human body.

This robot should one day allow it to patrol the human body from the inside, according to researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Stuttgart, Germany, who describe their work in a Nature paper. Below you can watch a short video on the concept. 
Read about it here


Canada is trialing blockchain! 
Canada announced that it will trial the use of blockchain to add transparency to government funding and research grants. Other countries are onto it as well.
This means that every time the NRC creates or alters a grant, that information is added to the blockchain, which will be connected to a publicly accessible online database. TRANSPARANCY! YES. YES!

For Video of Future of Blockchain Click here


Check out this awesome renewable energy ship.
Eco Marine Power has announced plans to test their patented solar sails next year. These EnergySails would utilize solar and wind energy simultaneously. 
Lets upgrade all boats to this solution, ASAP! It runs on both wind and solar energy. Whop whop!



I just managed to put down into words my definition of a good life this week. It is basically ;

"My definition of a good life is a life without any physical pain"

I am so grateful. SO grateful for having a well functioning body without feeling physical pain on a constant basis. Only if I'm eating stuff my body can't handle I'm filled with pain but that is usually my own choice. So THANK YOU! I am so grateful everyday for waking ut painless. And this is a life I wish for everyone. Hopefully we will get there someday.  Bliss, happiness and contentment definitely comes from within anyways but life without bodily pain sure is a golden ticket!!

Checked out a new Cocktail bar in Oslo this week. "Bar ISM". They have a photobooth. We took a lot of fliiiicks. Caroline Sandermoen is on my right. I'll tell you more about what shes up to these days someother time. 

What's The Gift In This?


Changing your thinking pattern for the better can be a rough job as we, human beings, are hard wired to survive, meaning we are constantly on the hunt looking for some dangerous and negative things that can hurt us. That's how our ancient brain was made to think, if we want to be happy, new neural pathways needs to be created. This, you can only train yourself to attain. Treat your brain like a muscle and exercise it to the point of a deep constant knowing, feeling and sensation of content and gratitude. Yes, this is possible.

And, when other people manage to do this you can too. 

It can start as simple as this;

When something that seems bad in the moment happens to you, how often do you ask yourself what is the gift in this? And.. How do you even know that an event occurring to you really is negative?
Because it doesn't have to be. Failure, unfavorable, big and small mistakes, heartbreaks, illness,  a bad email or phone call, or someone talking behind your back, someone bullying you, being broke, or saying something ludicrous and ridiculous to another person, or simply not getting what you want etc. Whatever you can think of that makes you not feel good about yourself. When you think about what happened, replace all depressing, frustrating, angry, thoughts with:
"What are the teachings, whats the guidance coming out from this? Really, what is the gift in this?"

Just do it. Let me know how it goes. Keep doing it. Because everything is really a gift, I might sound religious if being a kind and grateful person is what you associate with religion (which is absurd in the first place). Life itself is a gift and we all need guidance to get better at being who we are supposed to be and to serve ourself, others and earth as we are supposed to. So follow the signs to become a better human by saying, what is the gift in all of this?

Book of The Month "Deep Work"


I'm not too much of a book reader as I mainly feed on articles and podcasts... All though I wish that I was able to take some time off each day to read books, because nothing inspires me more than reading a good book. Seriously Yrja, 15 minutes a day, thats doable? No excuses is allowed really but until now I can't seem to find too much time. 
I have friends who swallows books for breakfast and I've always felt envious about all the knowledge they gain from those books, but then again, its not that I don't read, I simply consume shorter texts, so should it really matter? How many books do you read a month?
I guess so, cause if you read something in depth over a few hours this stimulates deep work state which is super beneficial for your brain and wellbeing, I'll get back to that..
What I like the most about reading great (non fiction) books is exactly that I get this sense of flow, and diving into another universe.
 At the moment I'm reading this book called "Deep Work" by Cal Newport which quickly has become one of my favourites. It's incredible full of the teachings I was in need of at the moment. Having me remember with what and what type of work life I thrive the most. Really its such a good indication on how we are supposed to work and what makes us people thrive and produce quality work efficiently.

Here is the definition of deep work;
Deep work is the ability to focus without distraction on a cognitively demanding task. It's a skill that allows you to quickly master complicated information and produce better results in less time.

Another one from wikipedia.
"Deep work is the ability to focus without distraction on a cognitively demanding task. It’s a skill that allows you to quickly master complicated information and produce better results in less time. Deep work will make you better at what you do and provide the sense of true fulfillment that comes from craftsmanship. In short, deep work is like a super power in our increasingly competitive twenty-first century economy. And yet, most people have lost the ability to go deep—spending their days instead in a frantic blur of e-mail and social media, not even realizing there’s a better way."

Tempting or scary? Could you go a day without interacting with anyone, not being online? Just doing work in a deep concentrated state? Would that be possible, or has the habits of social media got to the core of your everyday life? Do you own it or does it own you?
And what do you prefer? Control of social media or social media controlling you? 

I always have my phone on silent and only have notifications on for messenger and email, as it can pop up "urgent" texts there (I never use SMS) but even though I have notifications on it doesnt ping or anything, it's silent notification that pop up on the screen and that's it.
I do not have notifications for mail or any other things on my computer screen either. Which is completely liberating. This was a choice I made when I got my first phone. No other than me is going to choose how I spend my time. No one is going to control my schedule with a call or a text. I'll see it when I care too. 
Lately I've been starting to put my phone on flight mode when I want think and worktime and peace to myself. And its super liberating, hard at first as I constantly probably like you want to reach for my phone, but now I'm getting used to it and I love it.

Maybe you'd enjoy it too?

In the book Cal Newport points out that research actually shows that it makes us happier. Which makes perfect sense to me. I actually feel more calm and content when I'm distraction free. I thrive in solitude as I get to think deeply which makes me much more aware and energized. So what I like the most is to work from home when my roomate is out. Sometimes I wish that I had my own little dollhouse in could escape to everyday to read and write and work, just like Roald Dahl. No wonder he managed to come up with such a magic universe, he was rarely or never interrupted during his work hours as it was strictly forbidden to enter. When I get to work deeply I feel way more satisfied and I get things done. I actually feel more creative and smarter because my nerual pathways get to flow freely. So that research I definitely is definitely true after my experience. 

How often do you put in some hours of deep work? 

If you don't care to pick the book up for a read then the video below is for you. But seriously. I highly recommend you downloading the book from kindle now as we speak!



all of a sudden I remembered that I didn't post my showreel here. So about time! 
I got it a month ago, it's a feel good one. Have a look for yourself :D What do you think?

Photo from the episode when I met amazing Kari Schibevaag in Lofoten.

The video photo is from the live talkshow I hosted with Anders Lier, Silvija Seres and Elin Nørve as guests.

My Chaga Adventure Just Got Started


So here I am, sipping on my Chaga Tea, which I carefully prepared for like 50 minutes.. (yeh, i know it sounds like a hassel but it’s actually ok when you get into it) Chaga has been in the back of my mind for 10 years but from this day and everyday I'm gonna manifest my thoughts. Let get on with the habit of drinking a cup of chaga every singel day(mostly)
Not sure what took me so long but better late than never, no?
It's not too bad really. To be honest after my opinion it tastes rather good( but lets mention that I’m used to eating healthy things with a taste of bitterness. It's sort of the same flavour and texture like espresso. It feels and looks the same too when drinking it allthough its way more beneficial.

The reason why I finally give into this habit is because Tim Ferriss says it lights you up like a Christmas tree and Shawn Stevenson from the Model Health Show never goes a day without it. According to all health gurus Chaga is the shit. It's the king of all foods. It's a must to consume it if you're a person who cares about yourself, mind and body alike. It's apparently a true magic wonder mix.


Research claims Chaga is even preventing and treating cancer and tumours and its boosting your immune system like crazy. It' got high amount of antioxidant and melanin. So I guess my skin, hair and nails are gonna look smoooth in a few weeks..

Oh but you might think what the heck is this Chaga? It’s a mushroom! It's a mushroom growing on birch trees in the wilderness of Skandinavia, North America, Canada and Russia. Its been used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes. So no doubt there is something too it. Chaga needs boiling in order for us to break down and infuse all the godness into our cells.

Fun fact, we share 50 % of our DNA with Mushrooms...

Tomorrow I'll add in a photo with me and my chagaaaa.

Want to learn more?

So here's a podcast episode from the Model Heath Show you should definitely put on while commuting. The Founder of Foursigmatic will tell you all about the goodness power of Chaga.


Week In Review - January 28th

So, whats been up this week?
Well, I can't avoid mentioning Davos. Sadly I wasn't there in person, and I'm actually starting to wonder if that is most likely never going to happen, so it's good news that World Economic Forum is generous with sharing their content. It is possible to stay up to date on whats been going on. Click here to view videos from talks or read latest news.

But first, Futurism's weekly video, this week in #SCIENCE

Singularity Hub Serves this #WrapUp of the week. 
Take a look

I discovered this ladys website yesterday, GolubkaKitchen. Seriously, if everyone became vegan we would cut our carbon footprint by half (and hospital bills in half as well, I'm pretty sure). Sooo. whats stopping us? Accessibility and knowledge and understanding... How to prepare this fucking green grass? Well.. I found an amazing website for ya. Check it out. And if you don't know Deliciously Ella by now.. Time has come to check her out.
Foooooood yumyum.

If you had a human head transplant, would you still be you? I'm the person who things consciousness and intelligence might not only take place in the head, so too me this sounds bizzare if this is to be true. But who knows.. I'd love to figure out sometime soon. This Italian doctor have been bragging about this operation for years now.. What takes it so long?

If you missed this weeks biggest news, thats fine, cause here it is; The first monkey has been cloned. Now paving the way for humans too. The reason why this hasn't happened earlier is that ever since the sheep dolly was cloned in 1966 the technique has been tried on several animals but all have shown resistance until but now they've tweaked their method and finally a monkey could be cloned. Read more about the event here.


Ok so this is fascinating, Chinese scientists just spent 200 days pretending to live on the moon. Just read it..

"A group of Chinese student volunteers spent 200 days in a “lunar lab” simulation in Beijing as part of an experiment to test the potential psychological effects humans may experience if they were to take up residence on the Moon. The simulation is part of a program that hopes to advance the concept of Moon colonization."

This one I find rather stunning. Mosquitos can be trained not to bite specific humans. Wtf? Yes you heard me. Mosquitos!! And not only that; a new study shows that a method for training mosquitoes not to bite specific humans could be as effective as using insect repellents like DEET.

Are plants conscious? Is there any reason they shouldn't be? I believe they're inherited with intelligence we simply do not understand yet. So now researchers have mapped out how plants sense the world. Kinda cool!


Well. Interesting but not surprising news the facts has spoken 2017 was the second hottest year ever recorded.. Where are we heading people.. Still not a vegan??

Thats all for this week folks!

Hope this was food for thought and perhaps might spark a few conversations! 

Wish you all a great week.

So True, So True

Just don't.. don't go shopping.

I love this quote by Tim Ferriss. It’s well phrased and on point. I can assure you that if we look for it we can all find deep dark pain within. There are always things we?ve experienced, things people have said to us, things we?ve done to others that hurt us profoundly. The only differencedetermining how much it affects us on a day to day basis is with which perspective we look upon it.

Whatever we search for we find. Don’t let the past decide what the present and future moments bring you. Accept what you can not change, embrace it and move on. (Yes its easier said than done but you can exercise on it and it will get better)

Have a nice bright and shining day!

Love Yrja


Climate Change Is Releasing Deadly Viruses Back Into The Wild

Last year I wrote a piece about another dark side of climate change which is not too much talked about. When the ice melts, what happens? Well, it's not just the water levels rising high and the temperature increasing, but whatever has been trapped inside of it is released, and will be spreading around. Fast. Bacterias and viruses our generation has no knowledge about and possibly no resistance against, hence no vaccines or medicines to protect us. Hashem just posted this short video. Worth watching.

Per Fugellis Last Masterpiece, A Declaration of Love To Life Itself


Yesterday evening I was one of the lucky handpicked ones invited to watch the pre-screening of Erik Poppes new movie "Per Fugellis siste resept". And WOW, what a stunning experience. Exactly what I needed. Beauty. Rawness. Life. Erik Poppe was there himself, the whole film crew and everyone participating in the movie, including Pers wife Charlotte. This movie was so powerful that I believe most people had a few salty tears running down their cheeks. This kind of love story and celebration to life you have to
The screening took place in Per's and Charlottes neighbourhood Grønnland, and beautifully enough the Grønnland kirke was the place it was shown.
Pretty uncomfortable chairs though but the event surpassed it all.
You might think why I was invited to this special screening, right? Well, just to let you know.. I actually was interviewed by Erik Poppe on film for potential use in the movie. I got cut out though, as all the other interviews did, but my name remain in the credits. If you just look to the end you'll find my name; Yrja Lothe. Not my full name but fine, what can you expect :P


The movie is all about Per Fugellis last days, he was diagnosed with cancer in 2009, and has been dying since. His last 1,5 years is now documented in this movie. Slowly but surely you see him fall.. All the way to the end. So raw, so honest, so brave. Lets give a round of applause to the modesty of him and his wife for sharing their life in the most vulnerable times. We, the audience will forever be grateful for this piece of art that we all can relate to in some way. We all know someone who has died or has an experience of losing someone and seing life at its harshest. I bet all of Norway will watch this movie.

One thing that had me react though was that the whole crew were men. When the movie was over the people behind the movie was asked to come onto the stage to get some credits and applause. 6 men walked onto the stage, and the wife of Per Fugelli. Wtf? It made me a bit sick knowing that this movie had no female perspective at all and had me lose a bit of my respect towards the crew and movie itself. What was even weirder was that he called two foreign girls onto the stage that features in the film for like 30 seconds, saying he hadn't seen them since that moment but would like to have them come to the stage. That was a bit odd though, what was the agenda with that? Just so that there could be a girls and diversity next to all the male people? That was just funny and bizzare. Kinda embarassing. What was the agenda? Just having him not looking way to #metooish? Trying to save him from people thinking that? Nope, didn't work. Way too corny, he would get better off without. Unprofessional after my opinion

.Anyways, perhaps you don't even have any idea who this magical man Per Fugelli is, is so; he was norwegian philosopher, physician, writer and doctor. And was a frequent contributor to the public debate on health and medical questions. He is famously known for his wise life quotes. Whenever he opens his mouth some golden words about existence flows out. He is real, raw, hones and open, the way he explains human life itself. He looks a things with humour and optimism but is surely brutally realistic.
A man I share mostly the same perspective on life with. Which is why I like him so much.

We need to take care of and serve each other. And not take life so seriously. Live, enjoy, love!
Is his core saying.

Read some of his quotes in norwegian here

Week in Review - 21st of January 2018

I haven't been writing my usual week in review wrap up in months. But I guess its about time to start doing so again, at least to write a small piece. So, that's what I'm doing today by sharing Futurism "This Week In Science" Video. 2018 is certainly off to a jump start!


Good, good news. Y Combinator, one of the worlds leading accelerators are now starting their own Life Sciences Department, YC BIO, which will solely focus on curing aging. This means that they will accept, fund and develop longevity startups they believe in. YAS! I'm still positive that within 2050 we have a way to cure aging or at least live healthier and longer. 

Folk Oslo - Norways First Problem Solving Hub

Co-Founder and General Manager Ida Pernille Hatlebrekke next to Preben from Trigger.

Tuesday this week, Trigger, one of Norways most recognisable and leading PR companies opened their newest venture, "Folk Oslo". Folk Oslo is to this date the very first Problem Solving Hub in Norway.
What this means in their own words:

"A problem workshop where people and businesses meet to solve societal challenges by developing products and companies jointly"

Folk aims to deconstruct together with talented and competent people and businesses UN 17 SDGS into doable and implementable tasks and solutions. Their vision is to make Oslo a better place to be.

It might sound vague and intangible but after their launch party, hearing it all more in detail I'm able to grasp it, sort of. The idea is amazing but how will this work in reality? 
I am a member. In fact I'm a proud and humble member amongst all those competent high profile leaders across all industries in Norway. I was asked if I wanted to be one of their first founding 50 members and was even asked to be in the advisory board. What? I have no idea why they saw me as a key person but I guess they value my experience, expertise and drive more than I can seize.

I think this is going to rock but we need more people in. It's open to everyone who wants to make a change in this world, to the better. It is for those who wants to participate and work together in teams to do so. And the ones who see sustainability as a key factor certainly.

To figure out how and what to attack, they've put up this Oslo Dugnad Web Page. where people can submit challenges they face in daily life in Oslo. Live in Oslo? Have anything on top of your mind? Or just stay updated on what fellow Osloers find annoying? Click here

You can read more about the project here:

Kampanje - Trigger-Prebens nye super nettverk

Dagens Næringsliv

What do you think, will this work?
I really hope we are able to maximise this potential outcome. All odds says that its possible. So. Let go shape the future!

Join me? Click her

Past Lives Recognition

fibionacci stairs

Is there such a thing as past lives? Have you ever thought of this as a possibility? Can you see yourselves in a different life? Perhaps you've had any weird visions coming to you that you can not seem to get a grip on why it's happening? Like a glimpse of feeling or memories, which you know didn't happen? Perhaps something that has been following you for your whole life? Have you ever met someone that you simply know you've met them before but which isn't the case? Or met someone you have a really really deep connection or belonging too when you really are strangers to eachother in this life?

Even though most people find it quite funny and hard to belive, I've always known deep within that there must be something to this "past life thing" some religious, spiritual and freaky people are talking about. There is no way that it's provable yet but perhaps in the future? We still do know very little of science and how it all is put together; this life, our minds, the universe and beyond. We even use only 10 % of our brain some people say, and we know even less of how it works than that.
My logical part of the brain, the part that is shaped by our society, of course are in doubt of all this but the wise and intuitive part of me knows it is true.. in a way.. If the flashes I see and the people I believe were a part of my previous life is real? Wow.. That would be just so magical if it really was true.. But at the moment it's just such vague visions. Why, why aren't the memories clear?
One day we will be able to figure it out, it might just take years and years, centuries, thousands of years. Perhaps AI will prove its true but we won't believe it cause we won't still be able to understand the way they show it to us?
I've never read much about it and never been interesting doing so, but perhaps that time has come to learn more? I also know this lady who claims to be able to do past life regression, help me go back in time and remember. A fortune teller.. What if she is really able to do so? Perhaps I should give it a try? I'm tempted. I'll update this post later if I do so.

Some friends of mine went to this fortune teller and what she said blew their minds. It was so accurate that it was not impossible being fake. This woman knew nothing about them before they came. Not even their names. She then told my friend exactly how both of his patents died. What the fuck? This guy is from Australia, there is no way to find this kind of info online etc. I’ve also been to a fortune teller, she knew nothin of me but used her tarot cards to litterally tell me who I was and tell me my story. I didnt open my mouth once, just in awe and astonishment.

Anyways, since I was a child And for as long as I can remember I’ve had these visuals and sensations of me waliking quietly in a forest at night on a brown horse. Its super quiet and I’m carefully looking and listening for potential dangers. I’ve always got a hunch from this being a past life. Being a spy in te woods or something, in the medieval ages or whenever. I have no idea but far back in the times. Pretty interesting, right? And, another thing following me like this is whenever I see or walk past a dog I see and feel it jump up and bite my left tigh, like real hard and not letting go. Quite a terrifyinh sight and perception. Thats why Ive never been to fond of dogs cause this memory is so strong and weirdly enough it hasn’t happen in this life. its the same with dark sea water. I’ve always been fearful of it. And ive never enjoyed going to the beach. And ive never understood why this is the case. That whenever I think of the dark sea I see this storm and dark blu scary water just waiting to eat me. I’m not afraid of drowning or anything ts just this strong weird sensation that intensly crawls back in an instant. Thats basically some of the stronges super natural sensation thats been a part of me forever and wont let go. And I believe the dog and the deep sea might be extreme experiences from past lives. So strong that I possibly died from it. I died from that dog biting me or leaving me with an infected wound. And on the deep see I drowned. I do not have any negative experiences with the visuals from the woods. Those are super positive and brings with them exitement whenever they enter my head and body. What do you guys think? Why do I have these continuous experiences poping into my head and body?

They say that not everyone has lived several lives before this one but many of us have.

There are also at least two people I feel Ive been connected to for many lives or whatever one can call it. perhaps just across time and space, that our atoms belong togethet or something might also be a thought. Oh well. Perhaps I got too supernatural in this post. But I find it kinda interesting. Eagerly waiting for quantum physics to tell the truth.

All this might also be an explanation of multiple universes. Or just be our molecules touching other peoples lives throughouy history. Or what do you think? Is it just nonsense? 

There is a thought thats been crossing my mind.. All the people that feel they are born in the wrong body witht wrong sex. What if they in their previous life were the opposite sex and they were so attached to their physical body in that life that their unconsiciousness did’t manage to let it go when they were reborn anew? That Something within just cant manage to rewire?  oh well..

Lenge Leve

The Root of Happiness is Altruism - the Wish to be of Service to Others
— Dalai Lama

Dette innlegget er egentlig en fortsettelse på å få ut min frustrasjon fra forrige post.


På et vis så prøver vi alle å redde oss selv, men det er dem som kun bryr seg om seg og sitt også stopper det der. Helt greit at man passer på seg selv og skaper et godt fundament for eget liv, det er helt essensielt det, men man lever på en klode full av masse, masse mennesker og et samfunn som må gå rundt. Da vil jeg si at det er hver og ens plikt å være et godt menneske. Et menneske som stiller opp, tar ansvaret som ligger på alle våre skuldre og hjelper til å bære. Man kan ikke bare forvente at andre skal gjøre jobben, at andre skal holde hjulene i gang, at alle andre skal fikse problemene og utfordringene vi står ovenfor. At alle andre skal redde en når man ber om hjelp.. Men omvendt, det er det ikke snakk om. 

"Vi som redder oss selv"

Det er flere som meg. Min kategori er ikke ukjent, snarere normalen.
Det er vi som har det godt, men er ulykkelige innvendig. 
Oss som smiler, ler og gjør helt vanlige ting, men som bærer på en meningsløs tomhet og lever i uvisshet om hvordan å fylle rommet.
Vi som ikke klarer å finne mening, i mangel på perspektiv, kunnskap og visdom.
Vi som ikke er nysgjerrige nok til å leve.
Det er oss som klager og ikke tenker større enn oss selv. Vi som ikke ønsker, eller rett og slett ikke bryr oss om å gjøre verden til et bedre sted. Vi som gir faen i alt og alle andre enn oss selv, vår familie og nære venner. Vi som gir blaffen, men forventer at andre og samfunnet stiller opp, gjør jobben og tar seg av alle utfordringer.
Det er vi som klamrer oss til vårt ego og styres av tanker og følelser.
Vår kategori ikke ukjent, vi er normalen. Og lenge leve.