My Chaga Adventure Just Got Started


So here I am, sipping on my Chaga Tea, which I carefully prepared for like 50 minutes.. (yeh, i know it sounds like a hassel but it’s actually ok when you get into it) Chaga has been in the back of my mind for 10 years but from this day and everyday I'm gonna manifest my thoughts. Let get on with the habit of drinking a cup of chaga every singel day(mostly)
Not sure what took me so long but better late than never, no?
It's not too bad really. To be honest after my opinion it tastes rather good( but lets mention that I’m used to eating healthy things with a taste of bitterness. It's sort of the same flavour and texture like espresso. It feels and looks the same too when drinking it allthough its way more beneficial.

The reason why I finally give into this habit is because Tim Ferriss says it lights you up like a Christmas tree and Shawn Stevenson from the Model Health Show never goes a day without it. According to all health gurus Chaga is the shit. It's the king of all foods. It's a must to consume it if you're a person who cares about yourself, mind and body alike. It's apparently a true magic wonder mix.


Research claims Chaga is even preventing and treating cancer and tumours and its boosting your immune system like crazy. It' got high amount of antioxidant and melanin. So I guess my skin, hair and nails are gonna look smoooth in a few weeks..

Oh but you might think what the heck is this Chaga? It’s a mushroom! It's a mushroom growing on birch trees in the wilderness of Skandinavia, North America, Canada and Russia. Its been used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes. So no doubt there is something too it. Chaga needs boiling in order for us to break down and infuse all the godness into our cells.

Fun fact, we share 50 % of our DNA with Mushrooms...

Tomorrow I'll add in a photo with me and my chagaaaa.

Want to learn more?

So here's a podcast episode from the Model Heath Show you should definitely put on while commuting. The Founder of Foursigmatic will tell you all about the goodness power of Chaga.