Per Fugellis Last Masterpiece, A Declaration of Love To Life Itself


Yesterday evening I was one of the lucky handpicked ones invited to watch the pre-screening of Erik Poppes new movie "Per Fugellis siste resept". And WOW, what a stunning experience. Exactly what I needed. Beauty. Rawness. Life. Erik Poppe was there himself, the whole film crew and everyone participating in the movie, including Pers wife Charlotte. This movie was so powerful that I believe most people had a few salty tears running down their cheeks. This kind of love story and celebration to life you have to
The screening took place in Per's and Charlottes neighbourhood Grønnland, and beautifully enough the Grønnland kirke was the place it was shown.
Pretty uncomfortable chairs though but the event surpassed it all.
You might think why I was invited to this special screening, right? Well, just to let you know.. I actually was interviewed by Erik Poppe on film for potential use in the movie. I got cut out though, as all the other interviews did, but my name remain in the credits. If you just look to the end you'll find my name; Yrja Lothe. Not my full name but fine, what can you expect :P


The movie is all about Per Fugellis last days, he was diagnosed with cancer in 2009, and has been dying since. His last 1,5 years is now documented in this movie. Slowly but surely you see him fall.. All the way to the end. So raw, so honest, so brave. Lets give a round of applause to the modesty of him and his wife for sharing their life in the most vulnerable times. We, the audience will forever be grateful for this piece of art that we all can relate to in some way. We all know someone who has died or has an experience of losing someone and seing life at its harshest. I bet all of Norway will watch this movie.

One thing that had me react though was that the whole crew were men. When the movie was over the people behind the movie was asked to come onto the stage to get some credits and applause. 6 men walked onto the stage, and the wife of Per Fugelli. Wtf? It made me a bit sick knowing that this movie had no female perspective at all and had me lose a bit of my respect towards the crew and movie itself. What was even weirder was that he called two foreign girls onto the stage that features in the film for like 30 seconds, saying he hadn't seen them since that moment but would like to have them come to the stage. That was a bit odd though, what was the agenda with that? Just so that there could be a girls and diversity next to all the male people? That was just funny and bizzare. Kinda embarassing. What was the agenda? Just having him not looking way to #metooish? Trying to save him from people thinking that? Nope, didn't work. Way too corny, he would get better off without. Unprofessional after my opinion

.Anyways, perhaps you don't even have any idea who this magical man Per Fugelli is, is so; he was norwegian philosopher, physician, writer and doctor. And was a frequent contributor to the public debate on health and medical questions. He is famously known for his wise life quotes. Whenever he opens his mouth some golden words about existence flows out. He is real, raw, hones and open, the way he explains human life itself. He looks a things with humour and optimism but is surely brutally realistic.
A man I share mostly the same perspective on life with. Which is why I like him so much.

We need to take care of and serve each other. And not take life so seriously. Live, enjoy, love!
Is his core saying.

Read some of his quotes in norwegian here