Week In Review - 11th of February


Falcon Heavy, Starman and Tesla are basically the sum-up of the week.
As usually Elon Musk triumphs it all. Really, If there is one man that I admire and look up to, that is Elon. Elon Musk. Involved in 18 companies in 8 various industries (what?) and CEO in both Tesla and Space X (WHAT!). Inside of him inhibits a grand vision of changing the world. How amazing is this man? Anyways..

I'm at my family's cabin at Haukelifjell. Put on my skis for the first time in a year and taken them for a cross country stroll. 2,5 hours yesterday and 3 today. The technique is not all good but damn it was a sweaty exercise. Recommendable. 

Lets dig into the happenings of the week


Falcon Heavy
Musks initial plan was to launch the Falcon Heavy Rocket in 2013 but that was apparently way too ambitious but 6th of February, finally it was ready. And the very first launch of the world’s most technologically advanced rocket took place.

Watch Starmans first hours in space below. 

Awesome starman making and bringing our history to outerspace. Lets hope someone will find the car, starman and data hidden in the backs of the car at somepoint in time.. :)