Week In Review - January 28th

So, whats been up this week?
Well, I can't avoid mentioning Davos. Sadly I wasn't there in person, and I'm actually starting to wonder if that is most likely never going to happen, so it's good news that World Economic Forum is generous with sharing their content. It is possible to stay up to date on whats been going on. Click here to view videos from talks or read latest news.

But first, Futurism's weekly video, this week in #SCIENCE

Singularity Hub Serves this #WrapUp of the week. 
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I discovered this ladys website yesterday, GolubkaKitchen. Seriously, if everyone became vegan we would cut our carbon footprint by half (and hospital bills in half as well, I'm pretty sure). Sooo. whats stopping us? Accessibility and knowledge and understanding... How to prepare this fucking green grass? Well.. I found an amazing website for ya. Check it out. And if you don't know Deliciously Ella by now.. Time has come to check her out.
Foooooood yumyum.

If you had a human head transplant, would you still be you? I'm the person who things consciousness and intelligence might not only take place in the head, so too me this sounds bizzare if this is to be true. But who knows.. I'd love to figure out sometime soon. This Italian doctor have been bragging about this operation for years now.. What takes it so long?

If you missed this weeks biggest news, thats fine, cause here it is; The first monkey has been cloned. Now paving the way for humans too. The reason why this hasn't happened earlier is that ever since the sheep dolly was cloned in 1966 the technique has been tried on several animals but all have shown resistance until but now they've tweaked their method and finally a monkey could be cloned. Read more about the event here.


Ok so this is fascinating, Chinese scientists just spent 200 days pretending to live on the moon. Just read it..

"A group of Chinese student volunteers spent 200 days in a “lunar lab” simulation in Beijing as part of an experiment to test the potential psychological effects humans may experience if they were to take up residence on the Moon. The simulation is part of a program that hopes to advance the concept of Moon colonization."

This one I find rather stunning. Mosquitos can be trained not to bite specific humans. Wtf? Yes you heard me. Mosquitos!! And not only that; a new study shows that a method for training mosquitoes not to bite specific humans could be as effective as using insect repellents like DEET.

Are plants conscious? Is there any reason they shouldn't be? I believe they're inherited with intelligence we simply do not understand yet. So now researchers have mapped out how plants sense the world. Kinda cool!


Well. Interesting but not surprising news the facts has spoken 2017 was the second hottest year ever recorded.. Where are we heading people.. Still not a vegan??

Thats all for this week folks!

Hope this was food for thought and perhaps might spark a few conversations! 

Wish you all a great week.