Climate Change Is Releasing Deadly Viruses Back Into The Wild

Last year I wrote a piece about another dark side of climate change which is not too much talked about. When the ice melts, what happens? Well, it's not just the water levels rising high and the temperature increasing, but whatever has been trapped inside of it is released, and will be spreading around. Fast. Bacterias and viruses our generation has no knowledge about and possibly no resistance against, hence no vaccines or medicines to protect us. Hashem just posted this short video. Worth watching.

Why We Eat Meat

Do you ever reflect on why you do the things you do?

Whenever I see or think about meat, I see dead animals and I think to my self, I shall certainly not be a grave yard and I certainly shall not contribute to suffering of neither animals nor our planet which is what the entire meat industry does, every second. Almost 1 million animals are slaughtered every minute. Wtf?

I'd rather be of service to earth, I already am a huge burden, so when I actually have the possibility to choose for the better, I will do so.

This video is worth your time.

Week In Review - April 30th

I haven't had that much time to read this week due to my new (amazing!!) job. I've learned a ton but mostly from my own experiences. I held my first podcast and did some smaller interviews, and yes indeed went to Trondheim I've been researching a lot and I've actually done some sweet social media work. I shared my Trondheim interview on Facebook. And I've reached 10k on 35 hours. Not too bad! The wonders of Social Media outshine everything.

So what's happened this week out and about in the whole wide world?
Well, this week Trump celebrated his 100th day as a President. How do you think he is doing?

I hope this sparks some good reflections and conversations and I wish you a good week :)


Uber just promised flying taxis to life in the 3 years. Incredible. Read more here

And yeah, in case you missed it, Elon Musk has revealed what his Boring Machine Company is up too. He is officially digging tunnels under LA. Say good bye to traffic.



A robot just taught another robot to read. Times they are a-changening.


Within 30 years, your CEO probably most likely actually will be a machine. At least according to clever Jack Ma, The Chinese billionaire and the founder and chairman of popular e-commerce service Alibaba. He has had some accurate predictions earlier and if I could give my vote in this case thats what I believe as well. I will even go further.. Believing that one day our Presidents and Prime Ministers and other leaders will actually be machines too. No doubt. They're smarter, faster, has better memory and can work 24/7. And are not even driven by their inner feelings. They just follow logic basically. Or a logic they will understand but we won't. We would just have to trust them.
“The Time Magazine cover for the best CEO of the year very likely will be a robot. It remembers better than you, it counts faster than you, and it won’t be angry with competitors.”
Perhaps this will be the new saying, "Why trust a man when you have a machine"


Next List 2017: 20 People Who Are Creating the Future
"Microsoft will build computers even more sleek and beautiful than Apple’s. Robots will 3D print cool shoes that are personalised just for you. (And you’ll get them in just a few short days.) Neural networks will take over medical diagnostics, and Snapchat will try to take over the entire world. The women and men in these pages are the technical, creative, idealistic visionaries who are bringing the future to your doorstep."

I'm really pro the Venus project (Watch video below) I've been it since I first heard of it. I haven't yet share what this is all about with you so in my feed this week the video popped up again so I thought I should share it. It's bruning man way of an economic system. Yep NO money. A world without money. It functions very well in Burning Man. All we need to do is alter our mindset towards how a society structure is "supposed to" be.


Are you one of the Universal Basic Income sceptics? Well, then this article is for you. Its also for you guys who'd like to back up your opinion and thoughts with facts. Read it and save it.
You should also check out the Infographics Futurism has made on the topic.
Further reading here and here.

Silicon Valley executives are hiring philosophers to teach them to question everything. Not a bad idea when people now really have to change and adapt rapidly.



CRISPR Pill May Be Key in Fight Against Antibiotic Resistance

It's no news that lack of sleep may lead to mental disorders. So, scientists are constantly searching for ways to improve our sleep. This blanket, Gravity, I totally believe in. It's actually a thing I do myself if I want to assure myself a good night sleep, I find as many doves and blankets as I can so that I can get lots of pressure on my body. So, MIT studies have shown that it can treat anxiety while you sleep! If you suffer from sleep disabilities and other psychological issues go buy this! The science behind it



Amazon’s Plan to Dominate the Shipping Industry—With Almost No Humans Involved—Is Taking Shape
In the future, it could be possible to place an Amazon order and have it show up at your door without a single human touching it.


The Very Hungry Plastic-Eating Caterpillar
"People produced 311 million tons of plastic in 2014, and that figure is set to double in the next 20 years. Around 40 percent of that consists of polyethylene, in the form of plastic bags, containers, and other products, much of which ends up in landfills. Could the waxworms help to break down that mountain of persistent trash?"


Engineering the Perfect Astronaut

Experiments have begun to alter human cells in the lab. Can they be made radiation-proof? Can they be rejiggered to produce their own vitamins and amino acids?

So, the first head transplantation happened and it apparently went well. Check it out



Facebook Launches "Moon Shot" Effort to Decode Speech Direct From the Brain

"If all goes according to plan—and that’s a big if—Building 8’s neural prosthetic would strap onto a person’s head, use an optical technique to decode intended speech and then type those thoughts on a computer or smartphone at up to 100 words per minute. This would be an order-of-magnitude faster than today’s state-of-the-art speech decoders."



Google brings the world to life in the new version of Google Earth.


Feeling extra adventurous ? You can now visit Titanic..

Exponential Growth In Oslo Startup Scene

Hardly a day goes by without 2-3 future/startups/tech related events are being held here in Oslo. Not only that but coworking spaces keep popping up EVERYWHERE. Huge conferences are arranged and people are even mapping the startup communities in books here. Pretty crazy. And now, this TV and socialtainment concept Office X is going mainstream. To me, that says a LOT about Norway and where we are heading. I'm amazed. It's such a difference from when I first entered the startup scene a few years back, really, I had to leave for The Bay Area to enter a real startup community. But.. Now, It's like we woke up from years of sleep in a cave and when we first woke up we got really really excited and now its running around trying to learn everything. We fail and we succeed, every day feels like a completely new journey And best of all, I feel nation wise that we are togehter, I feel more community amongst people now than ever its really minimal but I can see things are changing, slowly but steady.

I just had to write this cause I'm so amazed of how rapid the movement are hitting us as a positive wave. Even though the future might be scary, if we stick together it's less so.

The country I once fled away from is surprisingly enough becoming a country I'd like to spend time in. Oslo and California. Right Now, best places on earth.

Let's keep up the good work Norway <3

Announcement, A Cool One!

I just got elected as one of four communicators in the Nordic Screens production Office X which is a social media and TV series concept initiated by NHO, Finans Norge, Rederiforbundet, Virke, Spekter and Civita.
It's an amazing project aiming to figure out where the future lies for Norway now when the exponential technology shift is marching towards us and how to prepare for it. 
If you are curious about this too - definitely follow us on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and my Facebook page and my Instagram profile will be updated frequently. But! I'll also sometimes post here and on my own youtube channel :) I hope you'd like to join in on our journey!

It starts this Monday with live streams on Facebook and Youtube and will continue until July 2017. Only ten weeks sadly... Well! Let's Rock it when we can!
We will arrange weekly talkshows and podcasts and miniseries and a weekly one. Tune in or come by our office at Skøyen, Oslo, if you like! We'd love that!


And yes.. Btw, our last interviewer and final decision maker was The Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg. How crazy is that? Pretty absurd if you ask me. So the the interviewing process was heavy enough with the CEO of NHO and Visma and so on. I'm flattered that I manage to stick through. It was heavy..!

Why Trump's Win Might Actually Be A Good Thing

Trump is all over the media these days, and here I am, contributing to his ever rising fame, but I actually have something to say which is empowering and not only focusing on the negative side of it all.

You see, I can’t help but wonder, when we think long term, isn't this simply beneficial madness for us all?

Not that I am pro this unabashed demagogue of a person, his decisions and executions. But there is something quite fascinating about the whole situation we as a global community find ourselves in at the moment. I think there is a reason for him becoming a president. The time for a switch in our earthly collective consciousness has arrived with him as the tipping point. The world now has a place to point our fingers.

Yes, he has taken some radical and weird actions the past 11 days, and he is all over the news because of his tyranny. In all his glory he demonstrates his power. Its all so absurd and unexpected that we’re filled with chaos and fear. 

  • People are being deported from the country and banned to enter. People are divorced from their families because they’re “immigrants” event though they have US citizen ship. (It seems like trump has forgotten that his country is built up by immigrants, that the most successful companies located in has been built by immigrants even that two of his wives(including Melanie Trump) is immigrants.)
  • He has gotten rid of Obamacare
  • And more

I get that there is a reason for this panicking behavior of the masses, but is it just me that find this whole situation interesting? Is it just me that sees this wackiness as an insane opportunity for true global change and a strong community to arisen?

Humanity as a whole is longing for justice, so, perhaps now is a perfect time we all can stop the passive talking and stop watching, and start engaging? Perhaps now is the time where its possible to practice what we preach? Now when we finally have a direction in which to focus our anger?

There is not much chatter in the news or online yet(check more about the media below) about possible solutions and actions we together can take but I guess there is a lot going on among the world leaders and behind locked doors. We are being forced to rationalize our minds. Humanity is now forced to think. All at once. Because it can´t just skyrocket in this direction for years, which is a possibility if he is not being stopped, cause we can all clearly see that Trump rather belongs to a psychiatric institution, but meanwhile until then he is roaming the streets with immense power accompanied by delusional events.

While we all were hoping(and still do I guess)for his Presidency to be one big joke, anticipating for Ashton Kutcher to jump out of nowhere and say “gottcha, you’ve all been massively pranked. moahaha” (feel free to skip this mind wandering paragraph about what Trump's is all about)

  • Or hoping that is was just a big PR stunt to get Hillary Clinton closer to a win
  • Or that it was merely a genius episode of black mirror happening live where we all were actors. Just to prove a point.
  • Or that a group of people with lots of control are behind him and just want to play around for fun with us.. To See how far it can go for what to happen. 
  • or maybe he is with ISIS and wanted to get his hands on the nuclear weapon industry to blow us all up in once, wipe humanity away 
  • Or that Trump is just a straw man being pushed in a corner by aliens or Gods
  •  Or that he actually is an alien which came to earth just to have some fun and experiment with us all. (an extraterrestrial from a super advanced civilization where we still can’t imagine what is possible when altering the laws of physics 
  • Or that its we, humans on earth are a big experiment and what is happening now is arranged just to measure something… like reactions, behavior, intelligence, stupidtitiy, energy or sense of community, kindness and love. or just to see how fast we can adapt to change and what we can allow to happen.
  • Or maybe he is a machine going amok, perhaps its the start of the AI crisis, its just not being told to the masses cause its all out of control
  • Or we are (our universe or earth solely) is in a video game and about to level up? Or down? 
  • (My mind can flow forever like this filled with amusement but lets continue.)

This is not the case, as far as we know, Trump is here to stay and his presidency do not has a fulcrum.

Even though polls said that Hilary was going to win, I was sure that wouldn’t be the case.
Injustice and instability is on the menu all over the world, we have the refugee crisis, the richer that is getting richer and visa versa, in addition to that many people are loosing their jobs due to technology and the age of antibiotics is soon over. As usual, people are suffering from poverty and diseases eats a lot of people. We all want the climate change to reverse and we can’t handle no more religious conflicts. People are so thirsty so we jump on every possibility to alter our reality.

Another factor is that because of the rise of technology we can discover how vast the differences in the world truly are. Of course because of the news and everything, but interesting fact is that online we are all one big happy community where we all feel belonging. The whole world is our neighbor and we can find people similar to ourselves just a click away. Being online is magic, but when that bubble burst and we’re back to the offline reality, it all seems even more unfair. We feel isolated and miserable, we feel that we do not have the same rights and living condition as others and it makes us furious. Trump is a visible sign of how people experience the world at the moment, loaded with anxiety and negative feelings.

Of course a lot people will suffer because him being president, but doesn’t a lot of people suffer already? What’s great about this whole situation is that now everyone has someone to point their finger at. We have been missing a concrete and clear picture of all the disasters happening. But now, we have a scapegoat, finally, we have somewhere we all can direct our voices, our anger, our frustration, our energy. A visible and safe place with easy access for everyone. It's like picking up the phone calling a service and say how much you dislike them and if they don't change you will go to somewhere better. Until now we’ve had too many choices on how to deal with the misery of the world making us paralyzed, unable to do anything cause we haven’t known where to start and everything seems unaccessible and far away. Like where should we start? Who should we attack? Our country politicians? Them big companies like Marlboro, Nestlé or H&M? Or perhaps the intermediaries who delivers the product or the different people who collects the different parts needed for a product to be made? Or maybe the man who is actually right now tearing down trees in Amazonas in order to be able to feed his own family with his almost no money salary? Or should we point at those who work at the factory where they release harmful waste making the habitants close by get cancer and other diseases? Or perhaps the people who build the factory or the man who owns the land where its being built? You see, the list can go on and on. We can even blame the supermarkets for world hunger cause they throw away 40 % of their food. Which is food that has not gone bad, they just dont look “perfect”. My point being, there are way too many choices, too many people to blame! Making us end up just caring about our own little ego bubble, feeling helpless. But times are changing. Now there is a possibility for a rebellion, cause now we have someone to rebell towards. And a sense of community is gradually being built. As a global community we get a common voice, a high voice we all now can direct somewhere. This is how optimism, hope and meaning can start cultivating.

Lets reminisce a bit about Martin Luther King and how he perfectly points to the type of change makers and activists our world needs.

“And I say to you, I have also decided to stick with love, for I know that love is ultimately the only answer to humankind’s problems. And I’m going to talk about it everywhere I go. For I have seen too much hate. […] and I say to myself that hate is too great a burden to bear. I have decided to love. If you are seeking the highest good, I think you can find it through love. And the beautiful thing is that we aren’t moving wrong when we do it, because John was right, God is love. He who hates does not know God, but he who loves has the key that unlocks the door to the meaning of ultimate reality. And so I say to you today, my friends, that you may be able to speak with the tongues of men and angels; you may have the eloquence of articulate speech; but if you have not love, it means nothing. Yes, you may have the gift of prophecy; you may have the gift of scientific prediction and understand the behavior of molecules; you may break into the storehouse of nature and bring forth many new insights; yes, you may ascend to the heights of academic achievement so that you have all knowledge; and you may boast of your great institutions of learning and the boundless extent of your degrees; but if you have not love, all of these mean absolutely nothing.”

So, Who's gonna do the first I have a dream speech? When will it happen? In a few years or weeks? Are spokesmen randomly going to disappear from the earth or be imprisoned? As I empty my mind of reflections by writing this article I can’t help but wonder, what if some one pro-trump or some of his secrets agents will trace me and come knock on my door and.. vops there I am, no longer existing. Vaporized to nothing. That would be quite hilarious if that is how far is gonna get, but, you neve know where the valley will hit its bottom these days.

Anyhow, demonstrations and executions are popping up around the globe right now. Join in and do not be scared to speak up.

Here you can get an update on some of what is happening

  • The Tech Industry is furious about the new immigration law:


  • UK is furious and do not want him to be able to visit Great Britain at all

Will you join forces with one of these or create your own? 

I do not think Donald Trump is in complete safety from now on. So much disgust and distrust can make people do inhuman things towards him. Which in this case I think will be looked at and admired as heroic in the eyes of several people. Someone is right now probably already mapping out a master plan on how to get rid of him, wether it will be with or without violence. I think someone eagerly will sacrifice their life to get rid of him.

So as we saw from the first day where he was president people gathered to rebell. We will continue to rebell. We will connect with our friends and befriend strangers.
We now have a common purpose, a meaning of existence. An anchor for us all, a feeling of togetherness. From now on, we are part of something bigger then ourselves.

This might be the wakeup call we need. Losing hope in one of our “leaders” might be the trigger we need to restore faith in ourselves and each other. 

Wether it takes 5 or 100 years of this craziness. It will probably end in a world way better than then one we see today. (Unless the AI's comes ad  exterminates us.) This is a catalyst for world change. And what I hope will come out of this all in the end is following

  • World Police
  • World Laws
  • Open boarders 
  • Universal Basic Income
  • World wide democracy
  • Even more focus on technology, and money for science
  • No more using way too much money on war and weapons 

I see this as a happening at some point during our time as humans or consciousness in machines. And I believe this is the start towards this. So lets cross our fingers. It might take 5 or 100 years, but from now on, we are walking towards it.

Anyways, no one knows how this all will turn out in the end,  but I keep on my glasses made of optimism on. 
If not this collective awareness starts a global movement, I have no longer faith in human beings. 
And if it all end in a disaster (Of course, it might totally end a disaster, if Trump gets mad and want to commit suicide, he might want to bringe the whole human race with him and then put nuclear bombs in every part of the whole world so that we all get wiped out at once..) at least we have been spectators to an extremely entertaining and ludicrous happening.

But I think,
the collective consciousness are a-wakening next to a rebellious global movement.
And times, as Bob Dylan says, times they are a-changin’

Rebellion for president ! High five for humanity. This will all be alright and form a stronger global community.

Ps: Want to laugh? check out this