Announcement, A Cool One!

I just got elected as one of four communicators in the Nordic Screens production Office X which is a social media and TV series concept initiated by NHO, Finans Norge, Rederiforbundet, Virke, Spekter and Civita.
It's an amazing project aiming to figure out where the future lies for Norway now when the exponential technology shift is marching towards us and how to prepare for it. 
If you are curious about this too - definitely follow us on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and my Facebook page and my Instagram profile will be updated frequently. But! I'll also sometimes post here and on my own youtube channel :) I hope you'd like to join in on our journey!

It starts this Monday with live streams on Facebook and Youtube and will continue until July 2017. Only ten weeks sadly... Well! Let's Rock it when we can!
We will arrange weekly talkshows and podcasts and miniseries and a weekly one. Tune in or come by our office at Skøyen, Oslo, if you like! We'd love that!


And yes.. Btw, our last interviewer and final decision maker was The Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg. How crazy is that? Pretty absurd if you ask me. So the the interviewing process was heavy enough with the CEO of NHO and Visma and so on. I'm flattered that I manage to stick through. It was heavy..!