Gary Vaynerchuck

Why The World Needs Gary Vaynerchuck

When I first came across Gary Vaynerchuck a couple of years ago I felt he was kind of noisy. Who'd listen to a guy swearing angrily when delivering a message? Although I understood how extremely important his words was, he didn't appeal to me at all. Lately he seems to be everywhere. His internet fame is skyrocketing and now, I guess I like him better. His voice is ultra important and the way he does it is actually pretty smart. Cause when you listen to him, it feels like your dad is giving you a lecture and I can therefore see why lots of people get that little extra push to go do the things they love and are hesitant with in the first place. He is an excellent coach, who encourages the best he can and is one of the best out there, next to Tony Robbins who has the same energy, more gentle way of speaking though but its the same energetic lecturing way of being, no evil, not a know it all kind of guy, he does it out of pure love. He wants us people to have a better life, and I guess he also does it with a bigger vision that if people do what they want and live from their heart the world will be a better place. It will be more love and harmony and the world will be driven forward because the sheep culture will keep decreasing, More people will start leading themselves and not be working at some factoryish job with their voice meaning nothing to the society.
I can't say enough how important it is for the world and our society that people start thinking for themselves and that people like Gary keep popping up and that we all start trusting and listening to our inner voices of curiosity and passion and get rid of fear. Do what we love. When more and more people will do this we will jump a giant leap forwards in the development of our society.
What we know looking back throughout history is that we most likely will die being somewhere in between 80-100 years old. Why the fuck shall we live for so long and hesitating and shovel down our inner guide?
Wouldn't you enjoy to stay happy and content for all those years? Live a fulfilling life? No?
I believe the factory culture and pushing people down to stay obedient and quiet just to keep peace within our society is still ruining our lives. We're ignorant and are not taught in school how be the best version of ourself, be a resource to ourselves and our environment in the best possible way. This must change. It doesn't have to be this way, you are worth something, your life is worth a ton. Your time is so valuable.
If you'd like to be of service to others, the world and yourself, keep sending videos about Gary to your friends. Go do a Gary!! We all gotta spread the word to create a movement.

Here is his YouTube channel

He is also on the panel of Apples new tv-series planet of the apps.