Thoughts on a Sunday Afternoon

Ok, so, I've been hit by a virus again (I even had to stay in bed the whole of 17th of May, Norway's national day...That was ok though, as I don't like too much celebrating that day with all that madness that involves). This pathogen attacked me and haven't left,  three days in a row in bed, bathing in my own sweat with my lungs and throat soar as crazy. Hope this was the very last round of it.
But I've now established the habits of eating as much ginger as possible. I've learned that ginger is a nutrient you definitely shouldn't avoid having in your diet as it is super anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal it helps to fight colds, flu, nausea, irritable bowl syndrom and even cancer. It boosts the immunsystem tremendously. Basically its the bomb of health. Really, all the things we need to fight different diseases and prevent them are all here in our environment, we are just to slow and ignorant to actually figure everything out. But perhaps in not such distant times.. we will..
So, I haven't been able to write much on the week in review today but will publish the full one tomorrow. 

But as an evening enjoyment I share with you a new episode of a show I really like. Year Million on National Geographic. I thought I wouldn't be able to watch it for a long time since I don't have the TV channel. But thanks to amazing internet I found this link to stream it, woho.

It talks about all the things that I see coming in the future, so I find it really entertaining, mainly because it might open up some peoples eyes. These thoughts has to be broadcasted to the masses. Watch it :D

Here is the link

Random thoughts I have, that I just want to get out and now seemed as an ok time.

  • I really would like to go to space but I'd rather not go to space in my humanly body. When I can become a machinelike molecule and travel or teleport anywhere without being scared of getting hurt in space time, then we are talking. Really really really. Please keep me alive for at least 100 years more because then.. then we can become immortal.
  • What happens when the AI think they know whats best for us? ... The negative outcome of an AI takeover is that they will might end up pay back time (what goes around comes around) and just treat us the way we today treat the cows, chickens and all this other animals we just think of as delicious foods not living beings. They might end up killing us cause they want to do research or use something we have in our bodies which is beneficial for them. So there is a lot of think that might happen but I guess mainly we will just end up as ants to them, first become as pets and then become totally ignored, like bugs to us. Or maybe the only one who will be spared from such a grotesque event is all the vegans in the world ha ha ha. The ones who actually do not treat others as harsh and submissive. 
  • What defines humanity?
  • Who owns our thoughts?
  • And as I closure of today, I'll let you think about this one. How absurdly cool isn't it that some researchers thought of that maybe some particles on a frogs back could be used in the medicine for the flu?
    Its so insane ha ha. Well, apparently all the remedies are out there somewhere...