Week in Review - May 21st

Latest updates from around the web !
Twin Peaks The Return starts tomorrow - Whoop Whoop. When I was in SF in 2014 I secretly got to know that they were working on it. And that's long ago. So finally it arrives!

Googles developers conference, I/O '17,  was held this week and they had some interesting news.

Ok back to Elon Musk this week as normal. To me, this year he has really established himself as a huge inspiration. When he started Neuralink, Open AI and the Boring company. He basically reaches for the stars and does everything in his power to help create a better world and save humanity from extinction. Thats his biggest mission in live. To help change the world to the better for both the planet and humans. Man, I really fond this guy.  I'm starting to get really jealous on Amber Heard, his present girlfriend. 


NASA just discovered a manmade space bubble around earth. Makes sense though!


This was probably the most mind blowing I read this week: Googles AI is better at making AI than their engineers. Future is here folks.

"At its I/O '17 conference this week, Google shared details of its AutoML project, an artificial intelligence that can assist in the creation of other AIs. By automating some of the complicated process, AutoML could make machine learning more accessible to non-experts."

Elon Musk Just unveiled breakthrough research
"Elon Musk co-founded artificial intelligence non-profit OpenAI just announced it has created an AI system that can learn to complete a task in reality after watching just one demonstration of that task in a simulated environment."

YES GOOGLE YES, things are haaappening for us normal peeps!


Here are five ways Elon Musks Brain computer interface could transform the world.

#smartliving #3Dprinted house

Give me this house. If I could set this house up anywhere I'd be so happy.


Scientists have found a low cost way to produce the worlds cleanest energy source. 
"Scientists have discovered a low-cost, efficient catalyst for splitting water to create hydrogen. This means that the world's cleanest form of energy, hydrogen, may be more easily and cheaply produced."


I came across this webside this week. If you're interested in living smart and simple. This is a blog for you