AlphaGo is coming for ya Ke Jie.

Another run down to come. Sorry Lee and sorry Ke.

Another run down to come. Sorry Lee and sorry Ke.

"Future of Go Summit" - a five-day festival of Go and artificial intelligence starts tomorrow.

Tomorrow, 23rd of May, AlphaGo will face the world's top-ranked Go player, China's 19-year-old Ke Jie and I'm super excited for this. Once more man vs machine in the most advanced game ever invented by humans. Last year the machine beat the world champion go master 2 to 1. This time AlphaGo and the world’s top-ranked Go player Ke Jie will face off in a three-game match under tournament conditions in China.

Read more about previous match here, the landmark of AI.

Although Ke Jie, which describes himself as a "pretentious prick" is certain of his winnings, Google's artificial intelligence programme AlphaGo is expected to end in another victory for rapid advances in AI but I'm slightly nervous about it, what if it don't? I think now though, one year later, it must be able to beat this guy man completely. 
AlphaGo uses two sets of "deep neural networks" containing millions of connections similar to neurons in the brain. It is partly self-taught—having played millions of games against itself after initial programming.

Go is an ancient two-player board game that was invented in China some 3,000 years ago.
It involves two players alternately laying black and white stones on a grid. The winner is the player who seals off the most territory.

** Update **

Alphago has become a god of go and defeated Ke Jie with ease.