Communication Gets Easier With New Translation Tools

Nooo more.

For as long as humans have existed communication across cultures and countries has been a challenge. Many times our only communication method has been interpretation of body language. Even though body language has 80 % to say in a conversation those last 20 % is pretty important if we don't speak the same language. It's such and unnecessary and sad barrier keeping us at a distance from each other.
There are roughly 6,500 languages in the world of today and only a few know english. Damn it has been hard to travel sometimes, I guess we all can sign up on that. 

But things are rapidly changing, more and more gadgets are entering the market helping us to fulfill this need. Because of this, some of us now have the opportunity to communicate clearly and efficiently in an instant. Live time. Great, huh!

However, hopefully there will be a universal language in the near future, preferably english..

Here are some of the gadgets thats available on the market now

Megaphonyaku is a translation service that uses a megaphone-shaped translator. For now it is only available to translate from Japanese to english, chinese and korean.

Made by Megaphonyaku


  • Waverly Labs is developing an earbud translator. It's called Pilot and it's the world’s first smart earpiece language translator available in French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and English next May 2017. The founder fell in love with a french girl and this is how the idea crossed his mind.
    Waverly Lab is a tech startup in NYC at the convergence of wearable technology and machine translation. 


  • Good old Google Translate is also getting better with AI and can translate more and more languages. Google can also translate voice to text in controlled environments.


  • Skype also has instant translation