If Trump Brings Jobs Back, Will They Go To People Or Robots?

If Trump brings jobs back to America, will they go to people or robots?

Trump are blaming the immigrants, especially the Mexicans for unemployment but data shows that automation is the real threat. Why he didn't mention the exponential future approaching us in high speed at all is really weird but those reflections will be saved for another blogpost.

Over the coming years and decades, artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to usher in a new era of automation. In total, one study projected that 57 percent of the world’s jobs are at risk of being replaced by automated systems. Financetransportationmanufacturinginformation technology, and even law are among the first industries that will be affected. But in not too long, neither you doctor or surgeon will be a person.
The automation is extremely beneficial as it's way cheaper, it increases efficiency and limits or altogether eliminate human error. The access to technology is growing and the computing system are reduced to almost no cost. Everyone of us can now be a wizard of change if we do the work.
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But how we shall master what some people has named "The Fourth Industrial Revolution" is still an unsolved issue even though top scientists, politicians, finance and business people are working on it. It's  going to be chaotic, crazy, unpredictable and if you don't manage to find your comfortable surfing style you'll be swallowed by a big big wave.

Our structure of society needs to reorganize, completely rebuilt. Will we even need money? How will we trade? How will we live? 

Meanwhile It's time to start experimenting and tap into our collective intelligence for answers by educating people, encourage participation in creating new jobs and new society structure.

For sure most of the job thats known today will be occupied by AIs, but new ones will be invented. It will be jobs that take care of the basic human needs. Care, community, entertainment and experiences. 

Many of these will only be possibly to do by humans for a while, afterall we like to stick to our tribe, be understood and  valued by our own people. 

So, the jobs Trump claims to bring back, what kind of jobs are they? And will they be for people or robots?