Does Psychosis Have a Touchpoint in Noetic Sciences?

Synchronicity or a fortunate stroke of serendipity within madness?

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Ever experienced that? Them odd coincidences leaving you a bit perplexed for a few seconds? Like, when you think of a person you haven't thought of in a while, maybe even years, and then right away or a few hours later he/she calls, write you on Facebook or you bump into the person on the street. These psychic phenomenas goes under the term Noetic Sciences. I'm sure you have had a glimpse of it, can you recall it? 

Anyhow, I once knew this person who's been entering psychosis a few times. What has been kind of astonishing is that one of these times, this person actually reached high awareness, became the observer of his thoughts, himself and his surroundings. Despite being super high, believing he was Jesus Christ and actually being convinced of having superpowers and completely fearless and, amongst other things, said he could drive in the speed of light with his rocket ship, aka tesla car, things took a fascinating turn.
What was interesting with this whole experience and time we spent together in this far out state of mind of his, was that we got connected in such a profound way, I almost couldn't believe it. Suddenly some antennas in his mind got switched on and he connected with what ever is out there that is the source of information and intelligence and the physical law of all existence (if there is such a thing).
We got so intertwined that he started to think about the same things as me exactly when I thought of it or a few minutes or hours later, first I got puzzled cause this had never happened in the 2 year of knowing this person, like a blink of an eye things altered. Not even would he just think and say to me what I was thinking about we also started to text and call each other at just the exact time, then I really mean the exact same time. He also saw things pretty clear, he saw me, for the first time he understood what I was feeling and showed so much gratitude, compassion and love for both me and everyone else. He also got interested in many existential things and focused on the bigger picture of it all. Suddenly he also had all these other strange coincidences happening to him, like getting visions happening in the news before it happened etc.
And also, I write every day, either as a journal or about things I learn or am curious about, and he actually started talking about what I was writing just when I was writing it and in precise sentences.
This freaked me out, even though I'm a firm believer of quantum physics, entangled minds and universal intelligence this was happening so fast and I was left confused. This is happening to me all the time but it never occurred to him. Some wiring in his brain must have joined forces with the quantum world. He didn't even think about it, neither notice it cause he was all into other them other circus thoughts.
Normally I never got to share all these weird things happening to me, but there it was, happening to both of us at the same time.

What do you think?
Synchronicity or a fortunate stroke of serendipity within madness?

I'm a fan of Dean Radin. If you'd like to dig into this "mystery" of Noetic Sciences(Psychic Phenomena) I recommend him highly.

More to come on this topic.