Will We Ever Be Smart Enough To Understand Reality?

Was Albert Einstein onto something?

Will we ever be smart enough to understand reality? Even with the help of artificial super intelligence as an implant in our brains or through altered neurons, will we ever be able to grasp it all, the fundamental theory of the universe and basically the fundamental theory of everything?
To use a metaphoric example, will we continue to carve the path of the ants, just become slightly smarter ants? Or will we also reach this universal super intelligence?

This is something I wonder about, I feel just smart enough to understand a lot of things but then there is like this stop when it comes to the truth of existence, truth of the universe and whats outside the universe, basically everything humans still cannot fully understand neither explain, I have this sensation which is pretty weird, its a limiting sensation, like hands pushing inside my brain and it's just clouds and it cant go any further upwards, its a stop, a force limiting it all, pushing downwards, like gravity. I've always felt so alienated about all these thoughts and sensations which I've been having since I was a kid but then suddenly the HBO TV series Westworld got out and all of a sudden I felt understood, I am just like Dolores, we are Dolores, human beings are Dolores, Dolores is just missing one little code in her system to understand it all, to understand all of her existence.  Is this us humans?
Will we ever be able to comprehend it? Some scientists say no but no one has really done any research on transhumanism, cause we haven't got there yet, there is no way to do the research cause the merge hasn't happened, the technology is just not there yet.

I seriously hope we will acquire this knowledge and wisdom and that I manage to stay alive until we do. I'm certain this huge revelation of it all will take place at some point but its not so soon, or is it?
If we humans manage to find a way within the next 50 years to keep our consciousness alive wether as a human or in a machine, DNA or whatever, at least for 50 or 100 more years (cause then most certainly we will have figured out a way to keep us alive for even longer) maybe we all will be able to enter that time?
This is super interesting. I have many thoughts around this subject and like to play around with it. For instance what if we actually are made by something/someone else just as a research project to see how fast the human beings can reach higher intelligence and understand what that is all going on, that we actually were a part of this wicked research project. Just like we study mice. And that they do not have the same physical laws or spacetime as us, so like 1 million years is like seconds for them if they choose, like they can speed up and slow down according to when they check in on us? And that they also can visit us and walk among us, just take shape in a form which is either visible or invisible for us. That they know how to manipulate physics to their own benefits, true scientists. What if even they started as human beings and now they planted us just to understand where they came from?

One thing is for sure, we humans are not that special - its a vast space out there, and even outside the universe something must take place. We have so many limitations, we can only see, hear, and feel in some frequencies, maybe the universe is full of life, we just simply can't see it? We just dont have the senses to discover it?

Here we touch The Fermi Paradox, Ill write about this some other time, in the meanwhile, you can read this by Tim Urban.

What do you guys think? Do we, humans, have limitations nothing will solve? Or will we be able to understand The Fundamental Theory of Reality at some point?