Ladies, Speak Up!

Happy Women's Day!

Let's celebrate with this quote by Malala.

"Don't wait for someone else to come and speak for you. It is you who can change the world."

It is really the only way to be heard and to be able to change what matters to you.

Being a woman with a loud voice I quickly noticed how easy it is to walk pass them whispering ladies without even hearing one word of what they are talking about. One had to strain to haul out of them what they meant. Men often didn't bother to stop at all to translate these unclear messages. Understandable, why should they stop to listen to something that might get in their way? Willingly creating more friction for themselves? Even I have done that, just continued to walk pass these low voiced women, as I knew that if I did stop, it would simply keep me from going wherever I wanted.

Take a stand girls and know that you are supported wherever you place your feet. Just put them somewhere and you'll help not only yourself by doing so but many more, of that I'm sure. As long as you are serving justice, of course.

Be an example to the world. Be of value. Stay true to yourself.