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Week In Review - 19th of March

Uh-oh. Sorry to say that this time I didn't do a weekly wrap up in English. BUT if you still wanna go read it (I believe there is a translation app somewhere that might make it easier for you ;D ) click here.

But what I didn't put in there was the IBM Client Center launch event I went to this week at Tøyen, so I thought I should add a note to it here instead. If you'd like to have a look for yourself what it was all about I embedded a video below for ya! As I was one of the very few not all covered up in clean tight suits I, of course, had to be put in the movie clip from the happening. Kinda fun though.
I've got "head of x", within their title, friends at IBM which turned out not to be a dumb thing to have when things like this happen. I kinda feel a little honored that they chose to add me to the evening. So, to finally inform you in written form what IBM Client Center is all about here you go; Its a showroom open to the public. Kind of like a museum!
And oh yes, they are doing quite interesting work you can go have a look at any day you want, except you'll have to book in advance. 

Have a niiiice week yall!

And what I am still thinking about it whether I should continue writing in English or not. I do not feel comfortable or able to express myself through writing in Norwegian. I feel all pretentious, like I'm writing as I was 13 years old or something. Hmm what to do? Help me? Please :D You know I'll hug you over and over and over and over and.. yeah..

Want To Live Longer?

I do. No doubt.
Not only that but I'd like to grow old respectfully of my soul staying healthy, not attacked by this horrifying disease called aging. At least me and several researchers name aging an illness. I truly believe we all will, in I guess about 20 years .

I've been writing posts on this topic previously. If your interested in learning more about my thoughts and findings, here you go: "Lets Put An End To Aging Together"

But before you scroll further down, watch the video below about how we potentially can extend our lives.

Book of The Month "Deep Work"


I'm not too much of a book reader as I mainly feed on articles and podcasts... All though I wish that I was able to take some time off each day to read books, because nothing inspires me more than reading a good book. Seriously Yrja, 15 minutes a day, thats doable? No excuses is allowed really but until now I can't seem to find too much time. 
I have friends who swallows books for breakfast and I've always felt envious about all the knowledge they gain from those books, but then again, its not that I don't read, I simply consume shorter texts, so should it really matter? How many books do you read a month?
I guess so, cause if you read something in depth over a few hours this stimulates deep work state which is super beneficial for your brain and wellbeing, I'll get back to that..
What I like the most about reading great (non fiction) books is exactly that I get this sense of flow, and diving into another universe.
 At the moment I'm reading this book called "Deep Work" by Cal Newport which quickly has become one of my favourites. It's incredible full of the teachings I was in need of at the moment. Having me remember with what and what type of work life I thrive the most. Really its such a good indication on how we are supposed to work and what makes us people thrive and produce quality work efficiently.

Here is the definition of deep work;
Deep work is the ability to focus without distraction on a cognitively demanding task. It's a skill that allows you to quickly master complicated information and produce better results in less time.

Another one from wikipedia.
"Deep work is the ability to focus without distraction on a cognitively demanding task. It’s a skill that allows you to quickly master complicated information and produce better results in less time. Deep work will make you better at what you do and provide the sense of true fulfillment that comes from craftsmanship. In short, deep work is like a super power in our increasingly competitive twenty-first century economy. And yet, most people have lost the ability to go deep—spending their days instead in a frantic blur of e-mail and social media, not even realizing there’s a better way."

Tempting or scary? Could you go a day without interacting with anyone, not being online? Just doing work in a deep concentrated state? Would that be possible, or has the habits of social media got to the core of your everyday life? Do you own it or does it own you?
And what do you prefer? Control of social media or social media controlling you? 

I always have my phone on silent and only have notifications on for messenger and email, as it can pop up "urgent" texts there (I never use SMS) but even though I have notifications on it doesnt ping or anything, it's silent notification that pop up on the screen and that's it.
I do not have notifications for mail or any other things on my computer screen either. Which is completely liberating. This was a choice I made when I got my first phone. No other than me is going to choose how I spend my time. No one is going to control my schedule with a call or a text. I'll see it when I care too. 
Lately I've been starting to put my phone on flight mode when I want think and worktime and peace to myself. And its super liberating, hard at first as I constantly probably like you want to reach for my phone, but now I'm getting used to it and I love it.

Maybe you'd enjoy it too?

In the book Cal Newport points out that research actually shows that it makes us happier. Which makes perfect sense to me. I actually feel more calm and content when I'm distraction free. I thrive in solitude as I get to think deeply which makes me much more aware and energized. So what I like the most is to work from home when my roomate is out. Sometimes I wish that I had my own little dollhouse in could escape to everyday to read and write and work, just like Roald Dahl. No wonder he managed to come up with such a magic universe, he was rarely or never interrupted during his work hours as it was strictly forbidden to enter. When I get to work deeply I feel way more satisfied and I get things done. I actually feel more creative and smarter because my nerual pathways get to flow freely. So that research I definitely is definitely true after my experience. 

How often do you put in some hours of deep work? 

If you don't care to pick the book up for a read then the video below is for you. But seriously. I highly recommend you downloading the book from kindle now as we speak!

How To Beat Your Repetitive Negative Mind? Part I

Did You Know That 95 % Of Your Thoughts Each Day Are Repetitive?

Usual Thoughts

Usual Thoughts

Terrible. Right? 60.000 is the amount of thoughts your brain holds each day. And guess what 95 % are the same everyday. Yes, 95% of your mind is repetitive. Depressing? Right? But whats even worse is that 80% of these thoughts are negative. Nahh you say, that can't be? Well, a study in 2005 by the National Science Foundation says so
And if you start paying attention to your thoughts and feelings, let me know if they aren't. We humans get annoyed, worried, become in doubt, in despair, shameful, irritated, guilt, insecure, sad, envious, jealous, angry, stressed all the time, yes everyday apparently we hold thoughts having us feel like this. We often dwell in the past or the future, obsessing about mistakes we might have made, battling guilt or planning ahead. We are constantly drifting into fantasy, fiction and negativity. Consequently, an absolute minuscule number of our thoughts are actually focused on what is truly important and real: the present moment. The moment is all that is, every was and will be. Everything else is elusive and illusory, particularly as our subjective awareness and feelings are concerned.
You recognise those feelings and thoughts, don't you? Some people just fires up if the person in front of them drives too slow when they have to catch a meeting starting in not too long and some people gets annoyed when their partner didn't clean up when he came home earlier than you. Etc.. Apparently there are sooooo much things to get frustrated about. It basically seems like the human mind is wired for neuroticism. 
But, you might also be one of the persons that are really aware of your consciousness and also knows how your subconsciousness works and know how to manipulate and alter your state of mind to take control and be in charge and quit having these feelings and thoughts. But if you really do not work on yourself to discover your brain, you might be one of those people who copes with negative thoughts and feelings 80 % of the day. You really have to go through lots of self observance and hard work to get rid of them and live with happy and content thoughts and feelings. You might also be one of the lucky people who have no feelings at all only good ones and a quiet and peaceful mind, but believe me, there are not too many of you guys out there.

So seriously, whats wrong with us? And how can we really alter our minds? Is it even possible?
Yes as I mention above there is a way. It might have seemed a bit understandable when you read it if you have never been thinking about these things before... But let me break this down for you.
And to mention first, I find it really annoying that emotional intelligence is nothing that we learn in school or in our community or really not from our parents either, cause they haven't learned this themselves.. Sadly, it fucks us up. Depression is increasing, suicide is increasing, mental illnesses is increasing in general. Clearly we live in a society in which we weren't mentally prepared for after centuries of just living from day to day feeding ourselves, hunting for food and water and making clothes all day. And now things are moving to fast for us to even keep up. We haven't learned any tools to cope with our minds, to understand others and to truly be happy, peaceful and content within ourselves and in relations with others. This society have made us more isolated even though we are surrounded by more and more people everyday. And as we are people persons this is not good for our mentality but again, we really don't learn this in school and we don't learn how to do anything about it. How to get a stable mind and life. So, I'll do my best to give you some tips.
Being aware of this is what is called mindfulness. 

1. Do Not Believe Everything You Think
Basically 80 % is just pure nonsense. Never ever consider everything you think as real. Most of it might be shaped by society or your own insecurities or your egocentric and ignorant perspective on the world. Which might be complete bullshit. So..

2. Do Not Dwell in The Past
You can't do anything about it anyways. Up until now, there is no way we have a chance to go back and rewrite our past. It's possible in quantum physics but not the physics or which we are currently in. Dwelling of the past, is what makes you feel guilt, sorrow, 

3.  Neither think about the Future
The future is, believe me or not, actually completely unpredictable. Even though most likely a scenario where you while tomorrow walking down the streets get a brick in your head, you never know what tomorrow holds. You don't even know what surprises the next hour might bring you. So why worry or plan to much a head. Of by course covering your basic need you need to plan a bit ahead, like housing, money, clothing, educating, nurturing the relationships with the people you care the most about to keep the relationship healthy, educating you kid etc is a necessity. But besides this, there really ain't nothing else to think about, so why do it? You can not predict it anyways. Of course its nice to plan things to look forward to but don't do to much of it, cause as I said.. You dont know..

An important note is that: Anxiety and stress is future related, depression is past. If you live in the present, these negative thoughts will swiftly go away and content will enter you body and mind.

4. Get Your Sleep
A study tracking peoples sleep showed that after even just one night with no sleep made some of the test people psychotic. Say what? Thats insane. It's super important, it disturb your mental state so much, making it run faster and even more difficult to control. It also fires up your amygdala, which is the fear center of the brain.

5. Eat Healthy
What is healthy these days? There are all these different diets out there online each one of them claiming they are the best. Well, I will argue that you do it as simple as simply eat plant based, and keep the meat, fish and animal products on a moderat level. Why?
It doesn't just reduce your waste line or make you body healthy, but.. your brain aswelll!! A healthy lifestyle help build a healthy mind. Again its the same as with sleep. Give your brain healthy fuel and it will work with you, easier to get mindful and stress will lowers it gears.

7. Studies have proven that months of exposure to stress can destroy neurons in the brain permanently, which affects learning, memory, reasoning and impulse control.

Stress literally kills your brain, in addition to having severely negative effects on the rest of your body. When you’re stressed, your body produces more of the stress hormone cortisol which can kill, shrink and stop the generation of new neurons in the part of the brain called the hippocampus. Next time you feel stressed out, reading can reduce stress by 68% – more than listening to music or taking a walk.(source)

More to come later.

Will Future Technology Help Us Become More Present?

The internet is flooding of articles on how to be present. All over you can find books telling us how to live in the "now" and lots of public speakers and workshop holders will try to teach you how to live mindfully but when you think about it, really.. Does it even work? The way we interact with technology today and how we communicate with each other through it is very isolating, isn't it? Looking at one single device all day not in each others eyes, not speaking verbally. Just glancing at one spot all day bending our necks and cramping our body in such unhealthy ways humans never have done before, all day. yikes. 
I read a really good article on how this has affected the youths of today a few days ago. With the title "Have our smartphones destroyed a generation?" Here is a little extract from it.
“I’ve seen my friends with their families—they don’t talk to them,” Athena told me. “They just say ‘Okay, okay, whatever’ while they’re on their phones. They don’t pay attention to their family.” Like her peers, Athena is an expert at tuning out her parents so she can focus on her phone. She spent much of her summer keeping up with friends, but nearly all of it was over text or Snapchat. “I’ve been on my phone more than I’ve been with actual people,” she said. “My bed has, like, an imprint of my body.”*
Well, what I wanted to pinpoint in this post is that I have a few thoughts of that there might be a possibility for it to help us turn this the other way around and that we will within a decade see a huge difference in how we communicate and how we interact with technology. I can't help but wonder, could this turn into a power tool for us to use when we want to be more present and mindful? Could entering an immersive reality for an hour besides our own function as a therapy? Not only do I believe so but I'm almost 99,9 % certain of (it might seem a bit crazy) that this will also make us happier and more social with our peers which also might help on living mindfully. After all, we are social beings made to explore our surroundings. Right now we just sit still all day almost, exploring only blue light and letters but that's a side track.

So here is what I think could happen; if we use VR & AR in a way which we will feel immersed with all our senses, it will be an easy gateway to get in touch with our inner child, by that I mean that children are always in an extreme state of presence which is where all the yogis, articles and public speakers want us to go. Actually kids are always present, right here in the now playing around laughing and inventing their own realities within this one. If you let yourself play and being entertained in a way were you can interact being in a surroundings you feel really captivating in Don't you think that you will become amazed and filled with awe and excitement, just like a child? To add an example to the table; imagine entering a reality where you dream scenario is coming through, for instance if your dream always has been to go to New York, you just put on your Mixed Reality lenses and equipment and boom you're walking straight into the city, without the hassel of going to the airport and flying for hours. And you experience everything as its completely real, the smells, the though, feelings, sounds, visuals everything. It feels completely real. Don't you think that you would become completely excited and paying attention to everything around you, at least for an hour? Just like a kid suddenly entering the playground? You get my point? This might actually help us get grounded and forget everything outside our own little reality bubble we've already built up, our normal life for an hour or so, or at least I think it's easier than sitting on a pillow saying ooooohm to reach a place close to living in "the now". Or what do you think? So perhaps we can use mixed reality as therapy? To get a break from our noisy minds? A reality in which we become fully present with our whole body? Imagine for those who can not reach a state of presence cause they are so captivated by their chaotic inner thoughts, always living in the future and the past simultaneously filled with feelings impossible to cope with. And then if you enter another world where you know you can just let go of it all, and you let go of it all cause it's so captivating and magic that there is no way you actually won't be able to not be present. Perhaps some people will call it an escape, explaining that you're basically escaping from yourself. But isn't it better to have an hour with a silent, mindful mind each day than not, have a place you can go to for inner peace? If you ask me, I believe it's gonna be a great tool.

I'm not sure if I explained this in a graspable way for you guys.. But in someway perhaps you understood? To add another example; imagine playing a game where you really have to focus and be present in able to win or to actually play it, or imagine running from a lion. In order to succeed in that very moment you have to be fully in the now to be able to cope with the situation. And if one create such an exciting an non stressful reality you will enter that state of mind? Don't you think? It is interesting how we will be able to use virtual worlds to actually be able to cope with the other reality we live in, cause we have messed our lives up soooo much that we need to enter different realities to be able to not struggle. Crazy how this all have turned out like this but it's amazing the how our new way of living will become. At least we will have options for everyone, and not only those people who actually manage to calm down and relax by saying ohm sitting in a lotus flower. The things is, I don't think that is too many.
Excited? Yes I am.

Week in Review - 13th of August

News and content I've come across for the past week that I find sharable  :))

Climate change and airflights 

Climate change and airflights 

This week I did something that felt really meaningful, I helped create a successful technology summer camp for 13-16 girls. There were more than 100 of them and I helped on a workshop on how to create a facebook bot. They were really excited all of them and had a great day empowering feelings of mastery. This might help create a movement. TENK is the organisation behind the initiative and I really hope it will just continue to grow. More females with tech & science knowledge is just what the worlds need. It's time to change the status quo.
This week I read somewhere this week that Norway has gotten 20 % more rainy. Wtf? Well, so people that doesn't believe in global warming could go kiss someone's ..... he he. Norway is going to continue getting more and more wet and even colder.. Believe it or not.
Click here if you'd like to read some more about possible outcomes..
Also interesting; hot weather and climate change affects airline flights more than you think.

Anyways, whats up this week?


Elon Musk's nonprofit AI company, OpenAI,  has successfully created a Bot that has beaten some of the world's greatest esport, Dota 2 players. The game is much more complex than chess or Go, and the bot's ability to win is indicative of the increasing power of AI systems. READ MORE



Amazon Alexa can now communicate with an exosceleton.

Bionik Laboratories has demonstrated a prototype of its Arke lower-body exoskeleton that can be controlled via Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa.
Its in prototype at the moment but it already has a huge potential, from assisting the elderly and disabled +++.


Mind-controlled VR game finally a thing! All though it may be a while yet before we can harness telekinetic powers in real life, but now a brain-controlled virtual-reality game is aiming to let us use our mind to pick up and throw items with ease. Read more about the invention by the startup Neurable here


Robots can take all forms and shapes. I love these animal like creatures.




A biotech company genetically is engineering pigs so that their organs might work in people.
There is a huge lack in organs and loads of people die every day while on the waiting list to get one.. Until we can 3D print our own tailor made organs getting organs from the pigs might be a good in between solution, all though I'm not pro using animals for any humanish things. 

CRISPR, I LOVE IT. We are on our way to a periode of wellness, where illness certainly do not exists. CRISPR technology is a simple yet powerful tool for editing genomes. It allows researchers to easily alter DNA sequences and modify gene function. In the future you will basically be able to use it to tweak everything in your body. Watch the video below on super bakteria. Here you can also check out 11 things CRISPR has helped us do in 2017.


The worlds largest floating solar power station is made in Japan. It was actually fully up and running in 2015.

Stretchable electronics.
As I always say the future is mind bending and also material bending (!) apparently.

Transparent Solar Panels
These solar panels are game changing. Please make no new windows without them!!!! That should soon become a rule.



China just used a quantum satellite to send data from space to earth.
"China just sent data to Earth from space using a quantum satellite. This successful use of quantum cryptography could make data unhackable, in a huge world first for cybersecurity and a major step toward realizing their global quantum network plans.
This technology could have huge implications in cybersecurity. Businesses would be safer online, and e-commerce would be free of problems caused by hacking and identity theft. The tech would also make it far more difficult for governments to spy on private communications — something that global leaders and agencies around the world have a vested interest in." Futurism
Quantum computing. Damn it, so beautifully amazing!

Scientists just hacked a computer using DNA. Wtf!?
"In what appears to be the first successful hack of a software program using DNA, researchers say malware they incorporated into a genetic molecule allowed them to take control of a computer used to analyze it... .. The researchers warn that hackers could one day use faked blood or spit samples to gain access to university computers, steal information from police forensics labs, or infect genome files shared by scientists.  " - MIT

Bitcoin has surpassed another milestone by reaching worth of more than $4,000. Many are still optimistic about the currency's future. I've invested in Etherum and I feel pretty good about it. The ROI has raised from 1500 to 9200. The highest amount it has reached so far was almost 12k. Not to bad right? :D


Week In Review - 30th of July

This week I visited Madrid, and you know what, it actually went beyond my expectations. (Read my blogpost about it here) Thanks, Madrid for giving me such a pleasant surprise. I've never been too fond of Spanish language either.. but now.. I happen to like it a tiny tony bit more. You know whats rather weird? When I came home I chose to watch Netflix to relax a bit, and first Tv series I came about was a show called Cable Girls, about the Suffragettes in 1920s. But to my confusion the sync was out of order, but that was right before I realised that the original story was in Spanish and the location of the story was Madrid. Wtf? Spain was following me? Anyways, I ended up binging the whole season. So beautiful and capturing story and deep stories within the main story too. All about human relations and that everyone has their own struggles. Also, the main characters are girls. YES! You should definitely check it out.. And uh, a side note: did you know Netflix is carrying 20 billion dollars in depth? I really hope it will survive because the Original Tvseries they're making is getting better and better.


So what's been up in science and tech this week?



The Musk-Zuck Clash
Elon Musk says Mark Zuckerberg’s understanding of the future of AI is ‘limited’
In a Facebook Live broadcast, Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, offered a respons. He called Musk a “naysayer” and accused his doomsday fears of unnecessary negativity. Musk then retorted on Twitter: “I’ve talked to Mark about this. His understanding of the subject is limited.” Tech titans protecting their brands?

Google Has Started Adding Imagination to Its DeepMind AI. Researchers have started developing artificial intelligence with imagination, an AI that can reason through decisions and make plans for the future, without human instructions

Another way to put it, it can now imagine the consequences of actions before taking them, something we take for granted but which is much harder for robots to do.
Read more on Futurism

Facebook kills AI that invented its own language because English was slow.
If I was an super intelligent AI trying to communicated certain serious topics I'd probably do the same. Human language are way too poetic, complicated and fragmented to do critical work with. Its limited. Digital Journal reported this.



The first known attempt at creating genetically modified human embryos in the United States has been carried out by a team of researchers in Portland.

Scientists have converted cancer cells into immune cells. This could lead to a new type of treatment, called differentiation therapy.



The Biggest Facial Recognition System in the World Is Rolling Out in China
Uh-uh..  the government officials in China are taking the technology even further by installing a nationwide system of facial recognition infrastructure. I guess lots of people will say, but what about my freedom and privacy rights? Well, I'm sorry.. But I think, in a way this might be useful and great but also it will definitely be learning curve for every nation to watch and takes note from. 


Elon Musk shares footage of The Boring Company’s first working car elevator. I really hope its not too many years until this network is up and running. Getting the traffic beneath the ground will upgrade the city of angels immensely.




Why The World Needs Gary Vaynerchuck

When I first came across Gary Vaynerchuck a couple of years ago I felt he was kind of noisy. Who'd listen to a guy swearing angrily when delivering a message? Although I understood how extremely important his words was, he didn't appeal to me at all. Lately he seems to be everywhere. His internet fame is skyrocketing and now, I guess I like him better. His voice is ultra important and the way he does it is actually pretty smart. Cause when you listen to him, it feels like your dad is giving you a lecture and I can therefore see why lots of people get that little extra push to go do the things they love and are hesitant with in the first place. He is an excellent coach, who encourages the best he can and is one of the best out there, next to Tony Robbins who has the same energy, more gentle way of speaking though but its the same energetic lecturing way of being, no evil, not a know it all kind of guy, he does it out of pure love. He wants us people to have a better life, and I guess he also does it with a bigger vision that if people do what they want and live from their heart the world will be a better place. It will be more love and harmony and the world will be driven forward because the sheep culture will keep decreasing, More people will start leading themselves and not be working at some factoryish job with their voice meaning nothing to the society.
I can't say enough how important it is for the world and our society that people start thinking for themselves and that people like Gary keep popping up and that we all start trusting and listening to our inner voices of curiosity and passion and get rid of fear. Do what we love. When more and more people will do this we will jump a giant leap forwards in the development of our society.
What we know looking back throughout history is that we most likely will die being somewhere in between 80-100 years old. Why the fuck shall we live for so long and hesitating and shovel down our inner guide?
Wouldn't you enjoy to stay happy and content for all those years? Live a fulfilling life? No?
I believe the factory culture and pushing people down to stay obedient and quiet just to keep peace within our society is still ruining our lives. We're ignorant and are not taught in school how be the best version of ourself, be a resource to ourselves and our environment in the best possible way. This must change. It doesn't have to be this way, you are worth something, your life is worth a ton. Your time is so valuable.
If you'd like to be of service to others, the world and yourself, keep sending videos about Gary to your friends. Go do a Gary!! We all gotta spread the word to create a movement.

Here is his YouTube channel

He is also on the panel of Apples new tv-series planet of the apps.

Is God A Mathematician?

I believe, if there is such a thing as a God it must be a super intelligent force who either wanted to have fun, experiment or just try out something new when he created this universe of ours.

According to scientists the universe is basically too perfect to be random.

Perhaps we live, as Elon Musks says, in a simulation, that everything already is computerised? I for certain believe that humans did not invent AI but that it was already here. It's the intelligence of the universe we just haven't yet been able to tap into it. We've been to dumb obviously. It's the foundation of everything. 

Would You Enjoy Living In A Metaverse?

Would you enjoy living in a metaverse? A life where you choose your reality at any time of the day? Where you are the designer of your own destiny? Where you're in complete control, yes, a life where you are the hero? A life where you have the power to make everything be like whatever you want it to be? And be whomever you want to be?
Through mixed reality tools it will feel real, you can go wherever you want whenever with whomever. Sounds like magic right? Well, futurists says it's a certain probability.
What would such a society be like? When the whole world gets connected to the cloud and come online in such a metaverse? Will it set humanity free? Will we no longer be trapped in our misery when we can fully express and be ourselves?
We will be able to escape our bodily limitations, yes, escape the worst jail ever made;
our biological body.

Well, whatever makes life more exciting and feeds my curiosity I'm up for it. And If we are going to live for a looong long time, even turn immortal it really has to happen. If not we might even die from boredom or commit suicide because of it. And we also need to get out in space, manipulate matter and crack all the codes of science then life is about to get really really exciting.

"A virtual-reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users." Wikipedia

One thought for you;
we can't prove that we aren't live in a metaverse already, can we? Perhaps we are and have always been just software? That this what we think is real isn't. That is all just simulation made by an advanced civilizations long time ago.
Well, we wont fint out before we get smart enough, will we?

Science is magic, magic is science.

What is real? And is real actually a thing? If it's all just simulated isn't that just reality then? What define reality must come up for debate sooner or later. What if all there is is a simulation? Or must there somewhere be something out there which is not then? 


Was Jesus An Extraterrestrial?

Tomorrow it's whit Monday, another work free day and once more a christian holiday celebrating one of the biggest celebs ever in history. This time we celebrate pentecost, that the Holy Spirit came to the apostles.
For years I've been wondering; was Jesus an extraterrestial being with complete power of science? Because if you think about where our future is heading we will actually be able to do what Jesus did and more. We will become "gods" with the power we get when we can manipulate matter and play along with all that science has to offer. We will become the Gods of the Gods of the Gods Gods. If we manage to tag along of course. If we chose and are able to merge with technology and become supersmart AI ourselves. 
So perhaps the human race took a left turn when we were visited by aliens, or actually someone outside of earth wanted us to move in a different direction then what we already where on.
My mind can think about these topics 24/7. Its so entertaining. So exciting!
What do you think?

Ray Kurzweils Predictions

Transhumanists yup ineed

Transhumanists yup ineed

Ray Kurzweil, one of my favorite thinkers, has some interesting thoughts about the future and I came across a nice sum up of a few of the events in an article on inverse.

What do you think?

I've copy pasted from the inverse article. 

8. Ubiquitous Wifi Access

By 2019, almost everyone will be able to access wireless internet from almost anywhere on Earth at all times. That’s because, as Kurzweil describes in his 2005 book The Singularity Is Near (TSIN), we’ll have “very high-bandwidth wireless internet access woven in our clothing.”

7. An Asteroid Won’t Kill Us

Within a few decades, space technology will be able to fully protect the Earth from asteroid collisions. “We don’t see [... a large asteroid visitor] on the horizon,” he writes in TSIN, “and it is virtually certain that by the time such a danger occurs, our civilization will readily destroy the intruder before it destroys us.”

6. Working From Home with VR

Within a few decades, virtual reality will be fully immersive, making physical workspaces obsolete. Instead, we’ll all telecommute to work, and populations will become more decentralized because we won’t need to live in any particular location for our jobs. This will also somewhat alleviate the threat of terrorist attacks.

6. Don’t Worry About Disease

Most diseases will go away by the 2020’s. We’ll be able to reverse engineer the brain to fix neurological issues (ex. Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, strokes). Nanobots will not only exist by then, but be smart enough to combat diseases better than our current medical technology.

5. Virtual Reality = Reality

By the late 2020s, it will be impossible to distinguish reality from virtual reality. The implications of this are endless, but one of the things Kurzweil mentions in TSIN is how this will affect your sex life. “In virtual reality,” he writes, “we can be a different person both physically and emotionally. In fact, other people (such as your romantic partner) will be able to select a different body for you than you might select for yourself (and vice versa).” People won’t need sex dolls to sleep with Scarlett Johansson lookalikes.

4. Computers Surpass Humans Really Soon

By 2029, a computer will pass the Turing test.

3. Humans Become Machines

By the early 2030s, technology will be able to copy human brains and put them onto electronic mechanisms. That means no more flesh, blood, or bones — just a scan of your brain on a machine — and will enable humans to take any form, from a box to a bird. It will also mean that a “human” won’t die in any traditional sense, and that it will be infinitely replicable. In TSIN, Kurzweil says our immortality will work like computer software: “When we change from an older computer to a newer one, we don’t throw all our files away. Rather, we copy them and reinstall them on the new hardware.”

2. Earth Will Be Made of Computers

Sometime past 2045, our planet will be entirely made up of computers. With the exception of some nature reserves for the vulgar plebeians who want to live in a “natural state.” Fools.

1. The Universe Will Be a Supercomputer

By 2099, machines will be creating planet-sized computers, and eventually we’ll make the entire universe into an enormous supercomputer. Fingers crossed that a rogue humanoid doesn’t destroy the whole thing with a virus!

Week In Review - May 14th

Week 3 of Office X is over. 7 more to go. Damn, time flies. I've had one of the best weeks in a while. Office X pluss reconnecting with the startup community. That San Francisco feeling entered my body and stuck for a bit. It's about to slowly fade but.. It was there! Times them are a-changing here in the smallest of Oslo.

So here is the wrap of what I've got across this week :)


This is why you want a robot coworker - watch the movie below.


Uber is set to deploy flying taxis in Dallas-Fort Worth and Dubai by 2020 :D

The new ET3's tube transportation concept, which is called the "mag-lev limo." would be capable of traveling from New York to Beijing in 2 hours. Amaziiiiing.
“ET3: we call it a mag-lev limo, where it’s a car-sized vehicle that operates in a network of tubes much [like] cars on a freeway,” Oster told TechRepublic at the 2017 Smart Cincy Summit. “But, it would be international and global in scope.Our vision is being able to travel from, say, here in Cincinnati to the Taj Mahal in under three hours for 50 bucks,” Oster added. Essentially, it’s a network of tubes that serve as a “freeway” which can be accessed via various points along its many routes."

Meet Horizon Public Transport, another way to be transported in the future. Whoho!

Cars with Ears
A sense of hearing is set to make cars safer and more reliable.
Startup OtoSense makes software that can listen for sirens or engine trouble.


Perhaps our telomers might the key to unlock immortality. 


Elon Musk: Tesla's Solar Roofs Will Be Cheaper Than Regular Roofs and Have "Infinity Warranty". Well isn't that aaaamazing news!
This week, Elon Musk announced that Tesla's solar roofs would be on sale starting now!

Germany breaks a record for renewable energy, generating 85% of its power from renewable sources on April 30.The country expects such days to become the norm as it continues its push toward clean energy adoption.


Omg I cant wait for the time where its normal not to own anything and if you need something you just print it on demand. Perhaps its usual to have your own 3Dprinter or you'll find one pretty close through an sharing economy app.
Well, the first awesome one is about to enter the market. Kniterate. Check out their kickstarter campaign here.


Bill Gates has 7 predictions for the future


"The Underwater Jetpack"


Week In Review - April 23nd

This week F8 2017, the Facebook Developer Conference. At the event, CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed key details about where the company is going next, specifically focusing on what Facebook is working on in relation to bots, virtual reality, augmented reality, and new communication methods (such as advances they are working on in Messenger).. I've always been wanting to go there... Perhaps in a few years?
On my side the pre-work week took place and we moved in to our office at Skøyen. It starts looking like something but we are looking for decorations, so if you have any idea or stuff you'd like to show the world - come by!

The F8 conference got kicked off by this keynote by Mark Zuckerberg. Wort watching. At least for the first 20 minutes.

If you just read one thing of this sum up read this on by Tim Urban on Brain computer interference "Neuralink and the brains magical future" . Whenever Tim Urban comes out with a new post I scream halleluja. He has some great insights on tech and future society and in his blogposts he explains complex things in an easily graspable way. Highly recommend you to check his blog out and read the parts describing the AI Revolution, Elon Musk and The Fermi Paradox. Apparently Elon likes him too.


Facebook launched Facebook Spaces, a social virtual reality platform. You can go, teleport and do anything anywhere with you friends! Woho. Magic is here!

Both Snapchat and Facebook did a launch this week on their new augmented reality feature. Snapchat has released it for the mainstream while Facebooks version is still in Beta trial. But Im not in doubt of which version I can't wait to be using.

Check out the difference:

Facebook Version


What's your your pick


A New “CRISPR Pill” Makes Bacteria Destroy Its Own DNA
Many people have been talking for ages about the anxiety of antibiotics resistance. I've had this inner feeling that it wont be a problem cause we will have so much knowledge in biotechnology that we will find a better way to solve it. And now it seems that we are almost spot on to something thats even better. Yes you hear me, it's better than antibiotics!
CRISPR, the most advanced gene editing technique of today, is used and a Food scientist is creating this probiotic cocktail that can be swallowed as liquid or as a pill. 
In depth: The cocktail of bacteria will include a bacteriophage – a virus that infects bacteria – capable of carrying a customized, false, CRISPR message to C. difficile. This message would cause C. difficile to make lethal cuts to its own DNA.

Google's Health Study Seeks 10,000 Volunteers to Give Up Their Medical Secrets.
Google is about to start of the most comprehensive study ever done in history being used to research disease and how to cure it. Google <3
“No one has done this kind of deep dive on so many individuals. This depth has never been attempted,” says Sanjiv Sam Gambhir, a physician researcher at Stanford University who is one of Baseline’s investigators. “It’s to enable generations to come to mine it, to ask questions, without presupposing what the questions are.”



Well, soon we can easily just 3D print our house when we get to Mars in no time. All we have to do is use the Martian dust and bring a machine. 


Scientists Just Discovered an Alien Planet That’s The Best Candidate for Life As We Know It
Only a few decades ago, the thought of any alien planets existing in the reaches of space were just hypothetical  ideas. Now, we know of thousands of such planets – and today, scientists may have discovered the best candidate yet for alien life."
YES! The Fermiparadox is just why we haven't found anyone to communicate with. BUT there is this one thing far far away trying to communicate with us or something is happening that in unexplainable. You can read more about that venture here. I believe they are there we just haven't figured out a way to find them yet. An possibly they dont even look like we expect. They probably merged with machines long time ago and might just like like atoms that can turn themselves into anything whenever they want. Well, I'll stop right here with the far out thoughts of mine.


Zuckerberg: Facebook Is Working on a Brain Interface That Lets You “Communicate Using Only Your Mind”

Already back a few years ago I heard that Facebook was deep into AI and neuralnets and was working on some brain computer interface where you actually can communicate with your peers by just thinking. And.. Soon.. you can update your FB status by pure thought. Like the old fashioned telepathy. Which many people refuse to believe in.
But well, we're almost there technology wise.

Elon Musk Just Outlined How He’ll Merge The Human Brain and AI
Again Elon creates headlines. This week he in detailed announced how is company Neuralink will work. Elon Musk Just Outlined How He’ll Merge The Human Brain and AI



Neil deGrasse Tysons Post on his Facebook Page this week went viral. 21,5m views so far. An important message from a wise man. In the video, he warns that science denial could cause our democracy to collapse.


Week in Review - April 16th

Happy Easter Folks!

I hope you've had a good one. That Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Eve and the days following treated you good and you've gotten the rest you were longing for and that you've eaten bunch of chocolates and eggs.
Since I'm not a christian easter to me is simply associated with time off and candy. And yeh.. next to the white snowy mountains and them never ending cross country hiking trips which I in fact still carry trauma from. This easter was rather tragic due to my infection but I got some time to recover and get ready for the new project I'm about to enter.
I was alone this whole week and it got me thinking that the people whom already feel lonely must feel worse in easter, all isolated and lonesome just like christmas. I wish I had a big house and could invite lots of people for a big party, then I do not mean friends but friends I don't yet know, the people who might feel extra lonely. Thats a goal at some point in my life. Be able to open up my home at christmas, easter and thanksgiving. 

Want an easter fun fact? Norwegians eat the double amount of eggs in easter than what we normally do. Actually 4,6 million eggs everyday and 30 million in total. 5 million people and we eat so much during a week... Insane? I don't eat eggs at all, so there must be some people out there that eats aaaa lot. 
Another thing I find funny is that basically Jesus "dies" on different dates every year. That should not make sense for deeply religious people? Should it?

Also notable to mention; It was Leonardo Da Vincis birthday yesterday, 15th of April. One of my all time idols because of his polymathic and creative personality. He was just a true genius, next to Nikola Tesla of course.
An additional fun fact to that, the Titanic sank that day too.. what a date. 

What did you do this easter ? 

Well, to the point, my weekly week in review, which I missed last Sunday due to my feverish body and mental state..

PS: If there is one thing you should do week it is to join in 22nd of April and march for science with the rest of the world! There will be a march in about every big city, I'm sure you care for the planet, the people you love and yourself, so then this is definitely worth marching for or at least give it a kind thought. I recently wrote a blogpost on this, check it out here if you like.


At NASAs press conference this Thursday they revealed the findings of that Saturns Moon has the ingredients necessary for a habitable environment, the organic chemicals—carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulfur—which are the basic building blocks of life. Perhaps this is our next stop after Mars?

We will be able to build rockets going in the speed of light or 99,9999 %, science shows, sadly it won't happen yet, we have to wait for AI to be supersmart to make it a reality. A professor has proposed a mathematical theory that could allow us to one day build a photon rocket that can reach at 99.999 percent of the speed of light. 

The space elevator(yes you heard me!)which you see below in this video is to be built by the Chinese company, Obayashi Corporation within 2050. Exciting! Perhaps every country will have one like this in a hundred of years, to have an easy way to enter space and also grow our food there. What do you think?



Canada just did a genius move, which I wish all countries did just right away.

Last week a non-profit Vector Institute launched designed to accelerate research and commercialization of AI and machine learning technology. The federal and provincial governments have pledged 150 million Canadian dollars (about $110 million), and a group of 31 corporate donors will also support the hub’s work over the next 10 years.


One single drop of blod can now detect several types of cancer. Accurate rate 71-96 %.




Here is a cool company, Waterseer.  This turbine allow you to condense water directly from thin air. Give this to everyone please and also a charity water drill. Watch the video below.



Have a look at how our kitchen and food habits will look like in 2025 and beyond. 
3D printing, robot chefs, foods form space and best of all nooo more killing innocent animals!



Electronic Jets may soon be an option.

Elon Musk just announced that a Semi Truck in the making and will be released this September He mentioned that a convertible roadster and a pickup truck that will be on market in just 18 to 24 months.

Musk also announced the released date of Tesla Model 3. It's 3rd of July folks! I guess load of Norwegians signed up already. We buy a lot because we get it cheaper than the actual prize. The government sponsor us. Beat that! So number 1 car to buy here.



Scientists Hacked a Cell’s DNA and Made a Biocomputer Out of It.
Our brains are often compared to computers, but in truth, the billions of cells in our bodies may be a better analogy.



Electrodes for Your Face Bring Your Emotions to Augmented and Virtual Reality
We want it to become as real as possible, and when it is, we won't be able to distinguish it, so now we got a step closer with mapping the face. This tracking makes it easier for users to express emotions and and interact with each other.



Revolutionary ? Yes indeed. These robots are sorting 200,000 packages, operating 24/7. Humans.. beat that!?



Google released a new AI, AutoDraw this week. What a relief! The tool uses machine learning to guess what you’re trying to draw and then gives you the option to replace your bad drawing with more polished ones. Now everyone can easily and quickly draw understandable drawings.
Good for powerpoint and visual explaining youtube videos.
Google also launched Areo in India this week which seems very handy.