Week in Review - April 16th

Happy Easter Folks!

I hope you've had a good one. That Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Eve and the days following treated you good and you've gotten the rest you were longing for and that you've eaten bunch of chocolates and eggs.
Since I'm not a christian easter to me is simply associated with time off and candy. And yeh.. next to the white snowy mountains and them never ending cross country hiking trips which I in fact still carry trauma from. This easter was rather tragic due to my infection but I got some time to recover and get ready for the new project I'm about to enter.
I was alone this whole week and it got me thinking that the people whom already feel lonely must feel worse in easter, all isolated and lonesome just like christmas. I wish I had a big house and could invite lots of people for a big party, then I do not mean friends but friends I don't yet know, the people who might feel extra lonely. Thats a goal at some point in my life. Be able to open up my home at christmas, easter and thanksgiving. 

Want an easter fun fact? Norwegians eat the double amount of eggs in easter than what we normally do. Actually 4,6 million eggs everyday and 30 million in total. 5 million people and we eat so much during a week... Insane? I don't eat eggs at all, so there must be some people out there that eats aaaa lot. 
Another thing I find funny is that basically Jesus "dies" on different dates every year. That should not make sense for deeply religious people? Should it?

Also notable to mention; It was Leonardo Da Vincis birthday yesterday, 15th of April. One of my all time idols because of his polymathic and creative personality. He was just a true genius, next to Nikola Tesla of course.
An additional fun fact to that, the Titanic sank that day too.. what a date. 

What did you do this easter ? 

Well, to the point, my weekly week in review, which I missed last Sunday due to my feverish body and mental state..

PS: If there is one thing you should do week it is to join in 22nd of April and march for science with the rest of the world! There will be a march in about every big city, I'm sure you care for the planet, the people you love and yourself, so then this is definitely worth marching for or at least give it a kind thought. I recently wrote a blogpost on this, check it out here if you like.


At NASAs press conference this Thursday they revealed the findings of that Saturns Moon has the ingredients necessary for a habitable environment, the organic chemicals—carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulfur—which are the basic building blocks of life. Perhaps this is our next stop after Mars?

We will be able to build rockets going in the speed of light or 99,9999 %, science shows, sadly it won't happen yet, we have to wait for AI to be supersmart to make it a reality. A professor has proposed a mathematical theory that could allow us to one day build a photon rocket that can reach at 99.999 percent of the speed of light. 

The space elevator(yes you heard me!)which you see below in this video is to be built by the Chinese company, Obayashi Corporation within 2050. Exciting! Perhaps every country will have one like this in a hundred of years, to have an easy way to enter space and also grow our food there. What do you think?



Canada just did a genius move, which I wish all countries did just right away.

Last week a non-profit Vector Institute launched designed to accelerate research and commercialization of AI and machine learning technology. The federal and provincial governments have pledged 150 million Canadian dollars (about $110 million), and a group of 31 corporate donors will also support the hub’s work over the next 10 years.


One single drop of blod can now detect several types of cancer. Accurate rate 71-96 %.




Here is a cool company, Waterseer.  This turbine allow you to condense water directly from thin air. Give this to everyone please and also a charity water drill. Watch the video below.



Have a look at how our kitchen and food habits will look like in 2025 and beyond. 
3D printing, robot chefs, foods form space and best of all nooo more killing innocent animals!



Electronic Jets may soon be an option.

Elon Musk just announced that a Semi Truck in the making and will be released this September He mentioned that a convertible roadster and a pickup truck that will be on market in just 18 to 24 months.

Musk also announced the released date of Tesla Model 3. It's 3rd of July folks! I guess load of Norwegians signed up already. We buy a lot because we get it cheaper than the actual prize. The government sponsor us. Beat that! So number 1 car to buy here.



Scientists Hacked a Cell’s DNA and Made a Biocomputer Out of It.
Our brains are often compared to computers, but in truth, the billions of cells in our bodies may be a better analogy.



Electrodes for Your Face Bring Your Emotions to Augmented and Virtual Reality
We want it to become as real as possible, and when it is, we won't be able to distinguish it, so now we got a step closer with mapping the face. This tracking makes it easier for users to express emotions and and interact with each other.



Revolutionary ? Yes indeed. These robots are sorting 200,000 packages, operating 24/7. Humans.. beat that!?



Google released a new AI, AutoDraw this week. What a relief! The tool uses machine learning to guess what you’re trying to draw and then gives you the option to replace your bad drawing with more polished ones. Now everyone can easily and quickly draw understandable drawings.
Good for powerpoint and visual explaining youtube videos.
Google also launched Areo in India this week which seems very handy.