When You Have A House But No One's Home

Have you ever had that feeling of your brain being empty? That your head is just an endless fog? That thinking almost isn’t any option? That you try to think but, its nothing there, no words, no logic, no thoughts, no visuals, just pure nothingness?
Let me tell you, its not a comfortable self boosting feeling. It rather starts touching the button of self doubt and self worth. Yes we all go through various fases in our head, but I think having a well-functionfing brain is crucial for well being, a brain which works like its drugged down and also with dementia might be one of the worst states and what am I without my thoughts? Identity; gone, feeling of self; gone. Self-destructed, yes. You have a house but no one is home. 
Going to work in this state is rather difficult, am I of value? Do I even have anything to add to the table? 

I guess we all go through weird times in our lives where we not feel as ourselves. It's certainly not fun but I guess its an interesting experience to have, necessary perhaps. And I know a worse state of mind is a self-destructing one with negative patterns, high speed mental craziness. A mind that tortures you for every action you do! When you can not relax, and you feel so stressed that you can even feel your cells being stressed too. That is worse. When your mind become a prison. A prison you can not escape.

Grace. Gratitude.

What helps in these kinds of states is to push yourself to do stuff even though you don't want to. Read, write, solve math problems, talk to people, something just to force you to think hard.
It might be difficult to begin with, but believe me, it will help you moving forwards.