Errare Humanum Est

To err is human. It's human to fail. But what does failing really mean anyways? To me, there is no such thing as failing. To me, failing is equivalent of learning experiences.  "I have not failed, I've just found 10.000 ways that don't work". This quote by Thomas Edison represent how we all should interpret the word failure. Learning. To succeed, you definitely have to "fail" on a small or large scale first. Remember, learning to walk takes a lot of falling down for humans. But we keep falling, hurting ourselves because our instinct says we have to make it. There is no other way. So why don't we apply this mindset to our daily life? It would free us from so much inner stress and the feeling of external pressure. We believe we have to be perfect from the very first time we do something new. It's impossible! How is that even possible? When you've never done it before? Everyone knows that you have to practice to get good at something. But why don't we focus more on the journey than on the end goals? There is something wrong with those cultures who do not appreciate, value and accept the failure and flaws of people and companies. This is how people and companies grow and develop. There is no way around that.
"The only time you fail is when you give up". I can agree on that quote.