Will a Head Transplant Work?

The worlds first head transplant will take place in December 2017 and will be performed by Sergio Canavero, a neurosurgeon, from Italy who has been looking forwards to this for three decades(!).
It will be conducted on a Russian terminally ill patient, Valery Spiridinov.
Well well. Hmm
This arises the question of consciousness. Consciousness is what actually makes us who we are and being aware of that we are. It's the final touch upon neurosignals of being you, and me. But, scientists have no clue of where it is placed, if it is only in the head, somewhere in the body, in all the atoms and cells of the body or outside the body or both. So transplanting a head is certainly a big risk. Will his consciousness be transferred? And is that possible at all, transcend the consciousness to another biological body? I'm way more positive of that this is possible when it comes to uploading to a machine... But a body? Without all the technology needed? Well.. That's the question. Can't wait to know the end result. We will find out December 2017.

The surgery will cost $11m dollars, take 36 hours and require the presence of 150 doctors and nurses. Woah.. Well, lets see how this goes. I'm actually have no opinion but I must say I'm a bit doubtful that he will wake up and be entirely himself. Can't wait to follow the process.

Here is a dog which has gone through something similar..

What do you think? Will it work?