Mass Media, Isn't It About Time For A Change In Perspective?

I’ve got a few questions for you:

When was the last time reading or watching the news made you smile? Or laugh out loud? 

Or how about this one, when was the last time you felt empowered as a human being, as your true self by watching and reading the content of the traditional, conservative mass media?

Or when was the last time you felt hope, belonging and safety when indulging these daily updates?

Or just this; when was the last time you actually felt good about your situation, your family, society and the world by tuning in to the news?

Can you recall it? And what was that, exactly?

Was the last time we were served hope, excitement and the feeling of unity across the globe when Neil Armstrong, Buzz and Michael Collins hit the moon with Apollo 11?

Is the mass media as it is of today, and has been for the last decade, simply all about triggering the amygdala?

Why is that? Is that sustainable in the long run? What does this serve us? What does it do to the wellbeing and activation of our community?

Is this why at this time in history the long established-media companies are shaken to it’s core, in total chaos and about to go down, because of this, that humanity can’t stand no longer to get our anxiety fired up? 

Is the classic way of journalism simply out-dated?

Is there no other way we could be served information, knowledge and news?

If you could decide, how would you like to have it delivered if it was supposed to bring along warm feelings as well?

Media is struggling and running out of money, how come they haven't yet tried to change their approach on perspective? Fear sell, yes indeed it has, but not anymore?

Do you pay for it?

No? I didn't think so.