The first AI Art Director

Yep it has happened, yep it is a fact. AI is eating its way through all of our professions from lawyers(Ross) to account workers, factory workers, to surgeons and now, yep, already occupying a creative profession. Which people did not see coming. Or perhaps, didn't want to see coming? The first Robot was just hired as an Art Director. Yep an Ad company now has the word's first AI Creative Director. (Awesome right? At least I think so) The company's name is McCann Japan and the employer is Shum Matsuzaka who wanted to test his personal theory that an Artificial Intelligence could serve as the creative director of a television commercial.

People have been saying that an AI won't be able to do art. That no one can do art as humans do. Meaning it won't be good. Cause machines doesn't have feelings and compassion and art is all about expressing humanly sensations and experiences. Well, that has always left me a bit puzzled with the thoughts of well is that really entirely true? How come they are so staunchly certain of that? Even though an AI wont have feelings to begin with it doesn't mean it can't be creative, does it? And how do they know that an AI won't get feelings? Creativity isn't something that only belongs to humans is it? No, we see it in other animals as well, so they mean it only belongs to biological beings? I think its just another excuse, just another way of resistance of what the future beholds.
Resisting by believing we are the special ones, the kings of the world. That we, we are the holy creators(?). Well, here is one for you, humans estimated average IQ is 100. Do you know where AI will end up in a few decades? With an AI of 10.000+. So it will en up with trillions times trillions times trillions times ++++++++++ in IQ because of the moores law. We will never beat that? Will we? Are we really that special? If you say we are you are living in denial. You honestly say pretty clear that you can't cope with change. Well, it's a fact. So the arrival of the first AI Creative Director has come, and guess what, by the two of those commercials added in the article to distinct human made and AI made, the AI one is the one I remember, sadly I can't even remember what the other one was about. So, the dooms day of humans in creative professions is not as far away either..
The future is inevitable, we will be newbies all of us, for ever. AI is here to stay, and wipe out all of our professions related to productivity, creativity, production and efficiency.
Acceptance is the only way to continue on a good path.

Can you guess which one was made by the AI Art Director and which one was human made? 

It's the first one, later today, think which one you happen to remember, the one you remember will always be the best ad.