A Lost Civilisation?

Who built the pyramids and how they were built is still a mystery to us. I actually happen to believe that it is as simple as; an advanced civilisation either from earth or some other place did this piece of labour and all the other inexplicable monuments on earth.

Of course this might seem like a super controversial thought to many..And I have absolutely no evidence and I'm not 100 % certain of my belief being true at all but it seem a bitt odd that the Egyptians with super primitive tools manage to accomplish such mathematical perfection. Doesn't it? When we don't even know today how to reconstruct or build this complex buildings how come we managed in such ancient times? Graham Hancock share my thoughts, call him a fraud but at least give him a chance. Be my guest to learn more about this! I really really would like to hear your opinion!

What's your take? Have you really been digging deep enough into this so that your belief actually has any substance?

You can watch this video to learn more on how it's built..