Happy Sunday!

The sun is indeed shining brightly here in Oslo and the sky is clear blue. Even the birds are singing beautifully loud.

So onto what I wrote this for;

Im super fond of blockchain and I do believe in crypto and I particulary like Ethereum as you can build apps and plattforms upon it. Anyway, recently there were 6200 dollars in my crypto account which I was kinda happy about since I only invested 100 dollars(damn yeah, talkabout a helluva bargain!!). But now this morning when I checked, booom there is only 2200. How is this even possible😭 anyways. Its a long term investment Ill pray for it to be back. 

And then;

to the good news, If you havent invested yet, this is a good time for you. Just a heads up, if you’re having some money to spare, go do it. But consider it a long term investment. And do etherum.

Enjoy this sparkling morning :))