Week in Review - 16th of July

The weather is good and it's summer. We all have time to breath and reboot. In one weird way I actually enjoy that all of Norway is doing it at the same time. Its like a big long country pause where no one expects anything for you for a month.
In other countries you don't see the same, people don't log of for a whole mont, the world goes on as usual.
Well, in tech and science things are happening at all times and this is whats been going on lately this week. My pick!


NASA Just Announced They Can't Afford to Get Humans to Mars Off World
NASA's next steps will depend on its funding, but now more than ever, the future of Mars colonization rests in the hands of commercial space companies. What I think is that going to space should be a team work of the whole world. It doesn't make sense that China is doing that and Russia is doing that. We should have a fund where everyone spit in money used to accomplish a common goal. It costs way too much money to do it properly on our own.. Or is it better with competition?


The Worlds First Fully Robot Kitchen: Yes please!
This is not a video that was published this week but it popped up again in my newsfeed and I figured out its too good not to be shared. You see, I really really dislike cooking, it's one of the worst things I can spend my time doing. I LOVE food but making it is not down my ally at all, I've always wished for the future getting a personal chef and apparently it doesn't seem so far away. Raw Cakes, Fresh juices and nutritious salads will bli served all day every day. YUM. My dream. Or just find me a man who can cook the food that I enjoy.


AI system puts words in Obamas mouth....
Future of Fake news is promising.........uh-uh.. 
Researchers have developed a new tool, powered by artificial intelligence, that can create realistic-looking videos of speech from any audio clip..
Some people believe what they read and what they see. So.. How will things turn out now when one can actually manipulate video to this point? How the FUCK will things turn out now? This is fake news taken to a whole new leve. Watching someone with authority that you trust saying something lots of people automatically believe it.
Read more here, and watch the video below.


Scientists Used CRISPR to Put a GIF Inside a Living Organism’s DNA
Emily Mullin |  MIT Technology Review
“They delivered the GIF into the living bacteria in the form of five frames: images of a galloping horse and rider, taken by English photographer Eadweard Muybridge…The researchers were then able to retrieve the data by sequencing the bacterial DNA. They reconstructed the movie with 90 percent accuracy by reading the pixel nucleotide code.”

"The promise of using DNA as storage means you could conceivably save every photo you’ve ever taken, your entire iTunes library, and all 839 episodes of Doctor Who in a tiny molecule invisible to the naked eye—with plenty of room to spare."

Pretty cool and important. In the coming years more and more data has to be stored and if we don't figure out another way to store it than we do now we'll end up in storage crisis and have no power or space to fit it all. So yup. lets start doing biotech asap.


This would just be so awesome. Will perhaps take a lot of time though.. But let start digging!


Yes please. Right now, thanks.