Katapult Future Fest Turned Oslo Magical


I rarely regret things, I can't remember last time I carried that feeling. But since Thursday 11:30 pm it's been there. Big time. And it's SUPER annoying. Because I certainly can not get the moment back.. For all of you regretters out there.. I don't wish for you to keep regretting. I know that a lot off people easily regret things. Perhaps because of fear of missing out on the good stuff. But WOW, not worth it. Ability to live in the present disappears completely.
So here is the thing, Thursday and Friday I attended the Katapult Future Festival. And boy it was great! Haven felt so good in ages. A tiny tony Burning Man entered my body and sensation hit my soul(just a fraction of it, but yet it was there) nearly two years since last time.  So something was up, and this was in OSLO. Not SF, not California, not Burning Man. Everyone wore burning manish crazy clothing that the founder of Couch Surfing was sowing in a corner. And in the evening there was a huge party in the amazingly big sauna, everyone including the speakers where dancing for hours sweating like pigs in bikinis and towels and I was dancing like I haven't done for months or years.. Since burning man and Daybreaker.. I had SUCH a good time. People from all over the world was there, mainly from SF and US though, but exactly the kind of people I like. The people who wants to change the world and make it to a better place .I left the party/katapult evening party WAY to early. Normally I don't care too much about the typical Norwegian partying (and seldom go out too party)  but on Thursday I had such a good time I didn't want to leave. I felt I was in San Francisco all over again.

Well. So to the point of my regret. I left the party early and I even regretted it the moment I sat my foot out of the door. Fuck. Why on earth did I even leave when? I left because I had to go to work 7 am the next day and I was sure there would be as much partying the next day. But. Turned out, people partied so hard that no one was up for a party later in the evening. Completely different atmosphere. How silly was IIIII!! I knew I was going to miss out so whyyy, it's a year to next time and I certainly wont be going to burning man in the meanwhile, No plans to go to SF either... Well.. I hope I can figure out a good way to enter that state of mind and connect with great people and just play around again in not too long. Who's up for that!??

Next year, Katapult Future Fest for Sure!!

If you are one of the people who often feel regret. Go for a choice and don't look back. Stop doubting just choose one and then it's all over and move on. Try to hypnotize yourself to that it wasn't any other choice. Done is done and believe in your choice. If you keep regretting you wont be living in the moment, and living in the past is the worst when you have the option to live in the present. Done is done. It was the right thing. Move on. If you spend your whole life regretting things, then of course something might be wrong. Maybe you are not chasing that dream of yours? Then start doing it. Do not let fear get in the way :)

Here are some photos from the day and videos to get your in the mood.