Goodbye 2016, You Weird and Difficult Year.

Drawing by Moi. Just to point out the exhaustion I felt.

Is it just me or was 2016 a big hassle for us all?

Well, 2016 is going down in the history books as a strange, confusing and troubled year.
I've come across a lot of people later this year, both good friends and new acquaintances that telling me that they've experienced difficulties this year, more than usual. On personal levels, relationships, jobs, anything.
Not only individuals have been facing difficulties, our civilization in general, industries and countries have been challenged. What topped it all was the unexpected win of Donald Trump in the U.S election. A climate sceptic and bully is now in one of the most important positions in the world. How is that even possible?

Also earlier this year came the Brexit vote shock, taking Britain out of the European Union. Again, whats happening? 

Ill mention a few other things.

  • The endless carnage in the Middle East and consequent refugee crisis has been all over the news for the whole year and now the, until now, disastrous climax in Aleppo.
  • Terror attacks from the ISIS have become more frequent in unpredictable places. TheNice attack, Brussels, Germany etc.
  • The worst ever mass shooting on American soil in Orlando.
  • The rich got richer. The Panama Papers leak pulled back the curtains on schemes by the wealthy to hide their funds in shell companies.
  • Diseases claimed more lives. The deadly Zika virus spread outwards from LatinAmerica and into the U.S.
  • There was also a growing evidence and warnings in 2016 that we are entering a post-antibiotic era where medicines will no longer work. And millions and millions of people will now die from what was once easy treatable diseases.
  • 2016 was also the hottest year on the planet for a very very long time.
  • It was also a difficult year in music with deaths of ionic artists like Prince Prince, George Michael, Leonard Cohen and David Bowie.

    Well, to also be realistic a lot of positive things have been happening too, bringing a lot of happiness to us all.
  • Future technology has taken the world with storm. AI (artificial intelligence) VR, nanotech, biotech etc. which will solve a lot of the things regarding health, wealth, productivity etc.
  • Science crossed into new frontiers. Doctors announced the birth of the first healthy three-parent baby created with DNA from three separate people. Elon Musk outlined his plan to populate Mars. We are one step closer to longevity, researcher have found out that its possible to reverse aging in mice. Also Mark Zuckerberg revealed that he is working towards a diseasless world, putting 3 billion dollars into research.
  • On practically every single measure, the globe today is much healthier, richer and happier than it was even half a century ago.
  • Veganism has become a trend in the western world.
  • And last but not least; The production of these amazing TV shows
    - Westworld
    - Game of Thrones
    - Skam

2016 showed us that we all need to step up.
Despite us living in the Age of Compassion, 2016 was a kick telling us that we're totally going in the wrong direction and we need to change. We all need to think new and look elsewhere for answers. Maybe it will spark creativity and some good will come out of this. I believe it will. 

And me on my end, personally, I could write a book about 2016.

(Feel free to skip this part if you like.) 

It was such a heavy year. Terrible. Full of surprises and loaded with negativity. Worst of all; it never, never ended.
2016 was such a hassle that I now believe in Zodiac foreseeing after reading about what it said about my 2016 path. At least the Chinese one. I came across that for snakes(Chinese astrology) 2016 had 1 out of 5 stars in overall luck and guess what, it couldn't be more accurate. Love life, wealth and health was all going down as low as ever. And it went on for so long that I was starting to believe that this might be the destiny of my life. My head got darker and darker and more and more foggy, my body posture just screamed exhaustion and I wasn't up for anything with anyone. Just leave me alone, folks. 
My stomach ached and all I wished for was to go to sleep and not wake up. Ever. Being close to and taking care of a severe mentally ill person demanded a lot, which was mainly what 2016 was consisting about.

Surprisingly, one day early December I went to bed with my laptop and a big smile totally took over, my wish had in a way come true. Facebook had declared me DEAD . For once the future looked bright.
I was smiling from ear to ear like: "oh wow maybe I actually am dead now? Maybe I just died? Facebook says it and Facebook IS society? Isn't it? No? Facebook knows everything and everyone. It has to be right. No? Please, let it be? So Maybe I'm not existing in the "real world" no more after all.
Hmm I still see the same things in my room and the bed and computer feel the same.. I wonder how that happened since I noticed nothing. But maybe all that stress with just living in this society and exist in a human way is taken away? Fuck I so do not hope this is a joke. I understood that it had to be some kind of flaw in the programming but seriously I was praying for it not be the case. Let me be dead. Just let me drift away. Help me out here, anyone, something. "
Well the next day I wasn't dead anymore. It was a flaw in the system. Even Mark Zuckerberg had been declared dead. "In memories of"... Damn it. Maybe I should turn religious asap so God will help me out on time next time then. Anyhow, I guess it's a reason I didn't drop dead then.

All of a sudden a shift happened in late December and I started believing that I could actually leave that struggle behind while entering 2017. My energy came back, my mind started to declutter and I actually felt pretty good about everything despite it being winter and all. I couldn't and still almost can't... believe it.

One amazing thing happened in 2016 that probably was the thing giving me the 1 star. So, for the sake of that star I should mention it. I got to know some amazing people. Best friends for life, truly magic and inspiring and intelligent people. So lucky, I now have faith in humanity again. Or I mean, in Norwegians. I can actually live here! I also have to mention that I got this cool project rolling with a few friends of mine that it seems like it actually starts taking shape in 2017.

While scrolling down on the Zodiac page a big relief stroke me - 2017 has 3 out of 5. Seriously a giant leap up the latter. Thanks Universe, or whatever is outside the universe or whatever it is existence comes from. Just wanna thank something.

And, guess what, early 2017 things have fallen in place. I see a path I want to walk in life. I see my goals for 2017 and for the next five and ten years. My life. It feels so... Good! A clear vision has appeared and it's like tons of kilos just fell of my back. So relieving. So I guess that it all just lead up to that.

Going through all this luckily didn't make me lose all of my sanity. I kept my gratitude glasses on as usual. And I actually think it was a beautiful year. Full of teachings and lessons. Full of caring, loving and helping a person in desperate need. I learned a lot about psychology and human behavior in general.  And let me say that, nothing makes me grow more than them deep valleys. Growth for me is purpose. I actually had a meaningful and giving year. Isn't it a meaning to be alive we all are looking for? Meaning makes life rich and filled with content? Well at least it to me. 
Best of all its from the lowest point it only can go upwards. Anyone with me? 2017!

Chapter of 2016 closed - Check

Chapter of 2017 opened and started approaching my goals - Check