How To Perfectly Respond To An Insult

I love David Shrigley's artwork.

I love David Shrigley's artwork.

Seriously, I just heard this genius way of responding to an insult so I had to share it with you. So simple yet so flawless. I can’t recall the source but if I find it I’ll add it to the post later.

As we all know very well, people hurt each other all the time, either physical or verbal, where the latter is more common, either indirect or direct, online or offline. We see it in relationships, among friends, at work, school, or when just walking pass someone on the street even you might end up sending someone a rude look or receiving one, out of the blue. 

What we not always seem to remember, is that it has nothing to do with the offended person. It has exclusively everything to do with the person from where it comes. Those whom enjoy picking on others are people who's ignorant of or unwilling to accept the misery they themselves participate in within. Escaping their own suffering through pulling others down becomes the easy way out. (But really, guess what, it dosent work. It might give the person a sudden dopamine rush of happiness lasting for about 10-20 seconds, but then the mental state goes right back to where it were.)

I know that it might be hard to grasp when it happens and its difficult not get hurt.
Just stay objective and be prepared and it might turn out alright.
Here is the secret sauce I came across on how to respond,

Simply say,

"I'm perfectly willing to accept that." and move on.

Other possible ways to respond is

  • laugh dismissingly and give the person a funny look signaling like “what you just dit was really weird and I look at it as a big joke, poor you, I really feel sorry for you"
  • or pretend you didn’t hear it, and look or walk away (and laugh from the inside)

Absolutely do not attack back. It will probably just worsen the situation, cut even deeper, take a lot of energy and mental capacity and eat of your time. People who insult want attention, they want friction, so don’t give them what they want. Don't let them win.

To those of you who enjoy harassing others; it just digs your hole even deeper.
And also, having a bad day is no excuse for being rude and mean to others.

And yes, one last important thing:

"The one who stays silent agrees.