Have You Decided What 2018 Will Mean To You?


There is so much talk about New Years Resolutions every year, and then later in January it turns out that most people failed already after a few weeks on what they planned for. Which would at least make me feel like a big fiasco for the rest of the year. At least not hope for things that's impossible for you to achieve. Simply, be realistic, be honest. Who am I, what can I handle? What does my mind allow me to finish through? How much willpower do I have? What kind of habits? Thinking pattern? Etc. Questions are essentials to figure out a few goals. Planning to work out 5 days a week if you do not work out at all until now, is a complete disaster. For sure that ain't gonna happen, perhaps for a few weeks, or even months, but then.. You'll slip and become a huge mistake to yourself and stay disappointed and the negative thoughts pulling you down will creep in on you. Not only that.. But people mostly talk about what concerns THEM. What they are going to do for themselves this year. I rarely hear anyone say, I'm gonna be more kind to others, smile to more people, I'm gonna hug people more, treat everyone with respect, be helpful and of service to others and such things. Of course we all live in our own bubble, but come on, we all know that this is not reality! Me! Me! Me.. Seriously? I live in Norway though, I believe the Me culture is stronger here than anywhere else, and in the western in general the ego culture is still in charge.

I can't wait to live in a world where people have larger than themselves new years resolutions, and not only for the new year but for life. Life philosophies, life goals, and resolutions that concerns others but themselves. Like, be more loving, help people who asks for help, have more coffee meetings with people asking for advice, give away the stuff I don't need to the poor. Etc..

I have goals for this year within the fields of my career, physical and mental wellbeing, social circle and relationships next to continue and if be even more kind, grateful, thankful, loving, helpful and respectful, curious and open towards others and situations that happens. And by others I do not mean only human beings, I mean, all living beings, nature, earth and the universe. We are all one and can not exist without each other. Well. Living beings, nature, earth and universe can exist without us, but for sure.. If none of these things wouldn't be around.. We wound't either(why are we so cruel when we know we're dependent on what we are destroying?). So you get what I mean? And by situations that happen, I mean that there is a gift in everything. Either negative or positive situations comes with a gift of instructions. Those instructions will guide you towards a better version of yourself mentally or physically or both which again will benefit everyone.

I said this to a random guy at work, or I said that I was going to continue and be even more kind, thankfull etch.. To that he simply said, "well that seems pretty religious to me with a negative loaded voice." Wait what? Being a good person you symbolise with being religious which you also not are and think of negatively? Oh my god, society what have we done to have a person grow up to behold such beliefs?
I responded that I am not a religious person (I dont know if I can call myself one at all? I believe in the universe and a higher intelligence but it's not related to any religion and I do not like the word spiritual either..) but to me its about being a good citizen, being a good person for others and for myself. Which all in all makes my life and others in my presence better. If I can make one person feel better near me that is magic. If I can change someones day or life that makes my heart so warm. I did not say the last sentence but anyways he said he was kind to others just to benefit himself, so that they wouldn't talk bad about him or so when he might be in need of something they would treat him kindly too. Here you go, the me culture again. Seriously. I can not wait until this kind of mental behaviour and consciousness switch.

All that aside, 2018 is gonna be GREAT. I have a really good feeling for 2018!

So, what is your new year resolution?