Eggsquisite Easter :))

Wish I could say so while adding a picture of my beautiful raw vegan chocolate egg . Well, I can't. This Easter has been a rather sad one, dominated by a heavy virus refusing to leave. I wish antibiotics could kill these types of organisms but turns out it can't. I simply have to wait for it to leave. The problem, it never does. It's been nagging around turning the fever on and off since 10th of March. Can you believe it? More than a month! Luckily according to blood tests it is leaving though, but slowly. My doctor says its been this crazy virus going around town this year putting many people down for weeks even months. I'm certain I got it from the hospital I worked at for a bit, you see I haven't been ill like this since I was down with lumonia at the age of 13-14. It's not fun. What do I have to do for you dear immune cells to help you fight this virus? And virus, what do I have to do to make you leave? You're not invited anymore. Or.. you are invited as long as you don't ruin my health. I'm starting this new job on Tuesday so I do have to get better. do you hear me? Please help.. I think I'll just lay in my bed, sleep and eat vegetables for the rest of the Easter Holiday. Watching photos from family and friends having fun at the mountains certainly doesn't help. But there is nothing I can do.  

Hope you guys are having a better Easter Celebration than me! 

Wish you all a happy one!