What Is Truth?

How do you really know that you are right when you are 100 % certain of having the correct conclusion and answer to something? 

Which fact do you base your windup on? A study? One? Two? 10? 100? And, who did this research? And where? Who supported this study economically?

Or perhaps it was an article? How do you know that the journalist behind the article delivers the truth? And that they have read all the material ever existing from several angles and perspectives? What if the writer is paid by a company to make this statement, would you know? How? Or what if he just had a bad day and did a lazy and poor job? Or what if he simply wanted to force upon the masses his subjective opinion to influence the collective mindset?

Can you really trust everything you hear on the radio, podcast, from a teacher, read in the media, watch on Instagram or Facebook or in a book? Ever?

Is there something you really can be sure of? Left and right? Do you know if left and right is the same in all the cultures in the whole wide world or is it only in your daily visual reality? What if it was the opposite in japan? Who'd be right then? Would you?

Another example, what if you study the western medicine, you go to a university in London to become a doctor and you learn about how the body works, ie the kidney. You might develope a great confidence on that this is how the body functions, for all human beings. But did you ever consider that this might not be the case if you put a human being on planet mars? or venus? Would the kidney function the same way at mars or in another galaxy? With a different gravity and pressure and energy scale?

Yes you might be "right" from what the books and articles YOU have consumed by studying it because you've memorized it all but really, how many books and articles have you been able to accumulate on this topic in your short period of time on earth? Did you manage to feed yourself all the sources that there is? And what does the Eastern medicine say?

The point is.. when truth varies from person to person, from culture to culture, from planet to planet, from galaxy to galaxy.. 

...  how do you know what truth is?


Is there such a thing?