Would You Enjoy Living In A Metaverse?

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"A virtual-reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users." Wikipedia


Would you enjoy living in a metaverse? A life where you choose your reality at any time of the day? Where you are the designer of your own destiny? Where you're in complete control, yes, a life where you are the hero? A life where you have the power to make everything be like whatever you want it to be? And be whomever you want to be?
Through mixed reality tools it will feel real, you can go wherever you want whenever with whomever. Sounds like magic right? Well, futurists says it's a certain probability.
What would such a society be like? When the whole world gets connected to the cloud and come online in such a metaverse? Will it set humanity free? Will we no longer be trapped in our misery when we can fully express and be ourselves?
We will be able to escape our bodily limitations, yes, escape our biological jail.

Well, whatever makes life more exciting and feeds my curiosity I'm up for it. And If we are going to live for a looong, long time, even turn immortal it really has to happen. If not we might even die from boredom or commit suicide because of it. And we also need to get out in space, manipulate matter and crack all the codes of science then life is about to get really really exciting.

We can't prove that we aren't live in a metaverse already, can we? Perhaps we are and have always been just software? That this what we think is real isn't. That is all just simulation made by an advanced civilisations long time ago.
Well, we wont fint out before we get smart enough, will we?

Science is magic, magic is science.

What is real? And is real and reality actually a thing? If it's all just simulated isn't that just reality then? What defines reality must come up for debate sooner or later. What if all there is is a simulation? Or must there somewhere be something out there which is not then?

What are your thoughts? Would you enjoy living in a metaverse? Do you think it's all just a simulation, that we are all computerised? Curious to hear your thoughts!

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