Week in Review - 18th of February

Image from Dagbladet.

Image from Dagbladet.


2018, the year Norway got some serious big hugs from Mr Snow. This winter has been beyond words incredibly white. Us Norwegians finally got what we've been craving and longing for for years. In weekdays people have wrapped up their stuff at work at 4pm to go end the day in white powder. If I shall put on the table one negative fact about this weather its that people with a car have been struggling each morning to get their cars out on the roads, luckily that ain't me. Some people even reported on the news cause spending 3 hours digging out their car. Haha. The one thing that's got me annoyed a bit is the constant change between rain and snow. One day we are snowing down, the next day rain hits and we are forced to walk around in slush, getting all wet and uncomfortable. Commuting is impossible.. I walk regardless of course.. Bc I'm the walker girl. The white walker.....................
To me its still a mystery how those Foodora cyclists dare to conquer the roads to deliver food. It's all about money.. I know, but I'm more like.. health first..

The flu and cold has been hitting hard this year as well and lots of people has been going dooown, this week it caught the cold but thats about it. I was well enough to go off to work everyday. I at my fair share of the flue in 2015 when I was down for 12 days. 9 days in constant fever and overall intense pain, I couldn't get out of my bed and nights was filled with sweat and hallusinations. Life because all about survival. I've had two such major instances in my life, the last time was about 18 years ago. Next time will hit me in a decade or two I guess. You know, afterwards its not too bad, those events are one of the few things I remember quite well, next to burning man and a some heavy years with my ex. Thats what makes life worth living, when you actually feel alive. You actually feel something. I'm not sure if thats something you would agree on, but thats just me. Alright, as usual I could go on writing but perhaps its time to check out a few things that happened this past week? Yeah..


But first, lets get happy! You see the video below? Thats my kind of living. I guess if you give it 250-300 years all buildings will be covered in green grass or simply be nature inspired and beneficial looking and constructed. Or do I have to much faith in humans? Perhaps its way too dreamy to think so good of people?
Very often (when I think optimistically) it just feels like I was born too too early, and I have no idea why something chose to get me to earth at this time when I so clearly would thrive later on.  Wouldn't you like to live with a fresh piece of grass above your head?


"We read this 800 page report on the state of longevity research so you don't have to." - Singularity Hub. 
"It is the takeaway of The Science of Longevity, the behemoth first volume of a four-part series offering a bird’s-eye view of the longevity industry in 2017. The report, a joint production of the Biogerontology Research FoundationDeep Knowledge Life Science, Aging Analytics Agency, and Longevity.International, synthesizes the growing array of academic and industry ventures related to aging, healthspan, and everything in between."


Boston Dynamics Robots are as life like as can be and it might creep you out. If you're one of the pessimistic viewers you'll most likely start thinking about the recent Black Mirror episode with the robots dogs running around killing people where escaping from them is literally impossible. Yikes.

This post I did never finish, but I figured out better to post at least some news of the week than nothing! :D Or what you say...!?